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Equip your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with military grade protection and superb functionality with the ultra-rugged Bolt case in steel and black from Zizo. Coming complete with a tempered glass screen protector, handy belt clip and integrated kickstand.
Price: $21.49
Equip your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with military grade protection and superb functionality with the ultra-rugged Bolt case in steel and black from Zizo. Coming complete with a tempered glass screen protector, handy belt clip and integrated kickstand.
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Tough Stuff
I chose this for hubbie's phone
Prompt delivery
Liked the belt clip/stand
Loved the tough look of it
Love love love the laniard!
I'm bummed I didn't order another one for my own phone - but in a girlie colour lol
Love it
Really good also looks good on phone
Very fast and efficient
Cannot Fault this company... great service and customer service replies asap.
The products are fantastic and at great affordable prices.
We have purchased the Samsung note 8 case & belt clip and even paid extra for the speedy delivery & very happy it arrived in time, as quoted.
Thankyou and looking forward to doing buisness with you again once we update our phones.
I had a problem with mu delivery, to New Zealand, contacted Mobile Fun. they sent another case and it arrived promtly.Thanks
Great product
It is a greate case and all but the protecting screen started to crack after 5 days. Wold i recommend it. Yes for the casiing and No for the screen
Not impressive but won't let you down
Top marks for phone protection. Very strong, good ridges and absorbs impacts. The buttons are also well made and responsive.

However, the kickstand is very brittle and broke after a month. The belt clip attachment is not user-friendly and pretty much a waste. The screen protector was cracking after a week or so without any impact and definitely reduced screen responsiveness.
Good product & reliable service from MobileZap
The case is very good and delivered as advertised.
MobileZap is very reliable & easy to deal with. Price is reasonable.
I love it !!!
This product is perfect. I work in a concrteting factory and as this case fully protects the phone it couldnt be more perfect. Plus the glass screen protection that ot comes with is a added bonus as the cover that goes over the screen makes sure tht it will never get damaged. If i ever break this case i will be getting another 1 straight away
Good product
The case is very good value for money. It is a great alternative to an expensive otterbox. I put the screen protector on and it went on easy but the left side of the screen didn't seem to be recognising that it was being touched. I had to remove it, not sure if it was something I did wrong but I was disappointed with this.
Love it
That it came as a three piece.
Awesome product
Nothing really.
Saved my phone in the 1st week.
Bought this product to protect my note 8 - I dropped my phone previously and wasn't happy with the protection my previous cover offered, as a mark was left on the edge of the phone from the fall. Within a week of purchasing this cover I dropped my phone onto tarmac as I got out of a car. This cracked the tempered glass cover, but left no mark on the note 8...so job well done as far as I'm concerned. The plastic cover is tough, not a mark on it. I just need to reorder another glass cover...which is a small price to pay. Does exactly what it says on the tin...nice one.
Well protected
Very good product and very much what I expected. I'm very happy with it.
Some small issues:
-the kick stand it a bit stiff for locking but I'm sure will even out.
- the lanyard does not inspire confidence either in security or quality.
- The screen protector dampens the touch sensitivity.

Overall great value.
Great product
The zizo case is very sturdy well made and mobile fun are great all came on time I will use this site again
Solid protection with this case
This case is brilliant. It is so strong that my phone is well protected.
Even though I couldn't get the phone in blue. I could get the case in blue and you cant tell what colour the phone is.
I prefer a case with a belt clip but I have broken so many by catching it on my car seat. Its a pity someone doesn't invent a case with a belt clip that becomes detached and has a short lead that the case can hang on.
Never Dropped A Phone So Much
I've had mobile phones for years... last 18 years or so. I've never dropped a phone so often as I have since using this case. And I've never cracked a screen but have managed to crack the toughened glass screen protector several times with this case.
Yes it is a solid case but you have to have the front off the case to use the screen or the camera. Then you're left to juggle with the cover and the phone. I now need to decide whether to replace the screen protector (hopefully I can get it off with no damage to phone) and carry on with this case or get a new screen protector and a flip case.
It's all good
very good product
After having my mobile phone damaged. I found this product to be exactly what I required reqiued for my Note 8. I would recommend this product to.anyone that is at risk of dropping their phone.
GREAT Note 8 case.I've bought few of them and that one is one of the best.Really perfectly mada.Fit 100% Note 8.I am not using screen cover protector for now cause I've the other one and even with not attached to this cover its fit so well.Amazing look so far.
Broke in under 5 min
this case was done in under 5 minutes. The clip that grabs onto a belt broke on the first squeeze...not inpressed...I guess that is what 30 plus dollars is now a days :((
MobileFun Reply
Hi Adam

Sorry to hear you had problems with this case. This is very unusual, maybe there was a fault to begin with, can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can look into this for you.
Fantastic product
Excellent product and protects my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 very well puts a little bit more weight and bulk to my phone but I don't care about that so long as the phone is protected if it's dropped. I like the idea that I can carry the phone on my belt and it's very secure also comes with a glass screen protector
Quality Case
I've been using this case for a couple of weeks now with Whitestone dome glass screen protector. Both work in harmony and phone looks great. I would recommend this case.
Not Great
When wearing the unit on the hip the top of the belt clip digs into your side
great Product
This product is 1ST Rate
it actually hus a screen protector That stays on. the case hus a cool feature has a flip out shand which is great for watching videos
Well worth getting as this phone is costly to replace
This case seems very robust and I can see how it will provide great protection to the phone. The ports are easily accessible and being able to place the phone face in is an advantage when out in the workplace. I'm used to full cover cases and expected the sensitivity to be reduced but all in all a small compromise.
Superb product.
Really good build quality, easy to fit to phone, very well designed and fits properly. Snap on belt clip assembly is very easy to remove and refit and is secure when in place. I would defiantly buy this product again if I needed to.
Bought the Zizo bolt heavy duty cover for my Note 8 and it's brilliant! All features are extremely well designed and executed. If your thinking of a heavy duty case for your phone don't go past Zizo, quality and style won't disappoint!
Great protection and look
I got this case for the belt clip but was wrapped when I got hold of it, it has a great look and feel. I was a bit worried about the phones screen being exposed on the belt clip holder at work but it looks great and trying not to touch the screen when removeing it from the holder took practise. The case also came with a free screen protector and the flip out stand is handy for watching movies etc great price too
Met all my requirements. Remember that the phone is "large" to start with, so adding a case adds bulk. I've been impressed with all the features of this case - but then I haven't had it all that long yet to confirm its durability. Biggest bonus was to get the features of the other popular cases for much less cost.
strong and good features
Verry good
A strong, good looking case for a quite expensive phone
I was looking for reliable protection for my galaxy note 8 and the zizo bolt case did not disappoint. It was ordered from, packaged by and strategically dispatched by the lovely people at mobile fun, then delivered by quite an ugly postman straight into the hands of a quite gorgeous me. All was done promptly and professionally. Thank You Mobile Fun.
Long Delivery Time But Worth The Wait
It stated that delivery time would take a few weeks, but it went a few weeks over that. This is the most rugged case I have owned with such a slim outline, much better than an otter box which is too bulky. The fit is right on and I recommend this case and would order it again for my next phone.
MobileFun Reply

Apologies for the any delay, we do our very best to receive the items and then ship them to our customers as quickly as possible.
Does the job well
Already dropped my phone a couple of times and the case has done well. Nice and slim. Feels pretty good in your hand. No intention of ever using the massive belt clip part.
A reasonable case but not quite as expected
I have protected my past two Samsung phones with Griffin Survivor cases and wanted something equally secure for my new Note 8. After all, nearly £900 on a phone, you want to make sure it's safe. Sadly, I couldn't find one with the same level of coverage but the Zizo Bolt looked close. The initial photos of it suggested a decent level of protection for th screen, but what I got was a relatively poorly fitting glass screen protector rather than an all-encompassing cover that seemed to be depicted at the time.

What I also got was a full-size clip on cover with a belt clip..This does a fabulous job of covering the screen and the cover can be used on both the front and rear faces of the case, clipping securely in place on both sides.

The disadvantage of the clip is that when on the back, it covers the camera, fingerprint sensor and heart monitor. If you rely on the biometric sensors on the back to protect your phone, this is a bit of a problem, but in practice, it's no great hardship.

Clearly, having spent so much on the phone, I have not drop-tested the case and have no intention of trying it. I have my doubts over the level of protection on offer with this case. While it feels solid, it is very slim and, despite having dual layers, I have my reservations.

There's a small kickstand on the back to support the phone for desktop use and access to the ports is easy. It's fair to say that having a case on the phone actually makes it easier to use the phone; better to hold, simpler to find the bio
Biometric sensor and easier to find the stylus too, but the case is a tad too thick around the stylus making it a bit tricky to remove it.

If I could find an all encompassing case, I would ditch this in favour of it. In the absence of such a case, I am happy with the Bolt subject to the points I have made here.

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