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Xqisit Micro USB Car Charger

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Keep your mobile devices fully charged with this 1200mA micro USB car charger by Xqisit. Included is a USB port for charging a second device simultaneously.
  • Mobile Fun ID 34593
  • Brand Xqisit
  • Xqisit
Discontinued  - not available for purchase We are sorry, but this item is no longer available for sale. Please make sure you explore our impressive range on Mobile Fun to find an alternative that will suit your requirements. You can also contact our Customer Services team for help in finding a suitable item.


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Why Buy?

  • Works with any micro USB supported device
  • Charge another USB device simultaneously
  • Small, discreet and easily transportable
  • LED illumination signals charge status

Xqisit Micro USB Car Charger


1200mA capacity for quick recharging of smartphones

Designed to replenish smartphone batteries quickly and efficiently, the Xqisit Micro USB Car Charger transfers an impressive total of 1200mA which can keep most smartphones topped up with battery power even during short journeys.

Works with any micro USB supported device

Xqisit micro USB car charger will replenish the battery on any micro USB supported device, so its perfect if you change your phones frequently. Not only that but if you have other devices in the car, such as a sat nav, car kit or bluetooth headset, it'll easily charge those as well.

Xqisit Micro USB Car Charger

Charge another USB device simultaneously 

The small and discreet USB car charging adapter is the perfect accessory for charging your phone in the car. Additionally, it also features a USB port for connection of a second device, allowing for simultaneous charging of two devices.

Small, discreet and easily transportable

The small and discreet design means that its easy to swap it between cars and it's easily stored away for when you need to use it.

LED illumination signals charge status

Once plugged into your car's electrical outlet an connected to your phone the Xqisit Micro USB Car Charger will glow blue to signal that the your phone is being charged. When you phone's battery is fully charged the charger will glow red so that you know when your phone is ready to go.


Naztech Stealth 1000mAh Micro USB Car Charger with Extra USB Port** Recharge time (hr) = mAh / mA

“hours” equal “battery size in milliampere-hour” divided by “charger output power in milliamperes”. Therefore a standard Galaxy S2 battery (1650mAh) recharge time with this charger can be worked out as such: 1650/1200 = 1.38 hrs


Technical Specification:

  • Capacity: 1200mA
  • Input voltage: 12 to 24V DC
  • Output: 5-5.5V (2 x 1A)
  • Cord Length: 9.5'
  • Cord Guage: 3.5mm
  • Charge Protection: Yes

Key Details

Part No 522525X
UPC 4029948400457

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