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Reviews for Twin Pack Olixar 3-in-1 Executive Emergency Pen Refills - Black

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Get 2 ink refills for your Olixar 3-in-1 Executive Emergency Pen with this twin pack of official Olixar Executive Emergency Pen refills.
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Discontinued  - not available for purchase

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Get 2 ink refills for your Olixar 3-in-1 Executive Emergency Pen with this twin pack of official Olixar Executive Emergency Pen refills.
 4.3 stars from 35 customers

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Very disappointing
I've been really pleased with the other Olixar products I've bought from Mobile Fun, but this one is very disappointing. The rubber cap on the stylus simply didn't fit properly, with about 3mm depth of baggy rubber full of air, so every screen contact needed a prolonged squish to be effective. I tried removing and replacing the rubber tip but, although I was very careful, it tore. The HexiStylus replacement tips don't fit, so my Executive Stylus is now just a pen!
A great price for a great item!
Hi! I purchased the Olixar Emergency Pen two weeks ago. This item features a screwable stylet for your screen devices that acts as a cap for the pen. The pen color is black so perfectly adapted for signing documents. And then at the end of the pen, you have the small screwable part that release the tungsten spike which allow the breaking of a glass in case of emergency.

The pen is great, it doesn't smears or anything, it's not heavy at all. I tried breaking a piece of glass with it, it just destroyed it! Without any problem thanks to the powerful spring built in it!

It's a perfectly useful and stylish item to always carry just in case, hopefully no one has to use it!

5/5 perfect investment!
It works on an iPhone 7 Plus, iPad Pro 2017 model and Microsoft Surface Pro...haven’t tried it yet as a drawing pen on the Apple Magic Trackpad 2 - But I’m told it should work
Great product!
Usual product and cheap price
Great Product
So far it works well; writes beautifully, stylus works fine and window breaker, breaks glass :)
Essential in Modern World
Such a device as this in the modern world is essential. With the security built into modern cars there may be an emergency which requires breaking out through the windscreen or side windows.
How useful will this be?
The stylus works well but the pen does not write smoothly. It's quite weighty and I'm not sure if I'll ever use the " break emergency glass" feature.
Great Product
Amazing product from a great supplier, always delivered on time.
Great idea, if the pen worked.
I'm sorry Mobile Fun, but this item has let you down. The idea is great but the pen didn't write at all. Because I was so impressed with the rest of it I have fitted a refill that works.
MobileFun Reply
Sorry to hear about this. Please contact our Customer Services team so we can send you some more ink.
Oh dear,oh dear, oh dear.
Well I wasn't disappointed. I think I've beaten all the reviewers. I managed a capital letter before the ink ran out. The rest of the'pen' is great, but come on mobile fun, if you're going to sell a 'pen',make sure it does what it says on the tin. Otherwise it's just a stick.
MobileFun Reply

Sorry to hear that the ink has ran out already! Please contact our Customer Services team and we will be happy to send you some.
Excellent product
The pen can actually save life if you think about it, laterally it's a must have gadget.☺️, very happy with mine.
Excellent as described....
Bought it for my 12-year old son, he loves it.
My 12-year old son loves this pen and carries it with him always. Luckily, he hasn't had to use it for it its "emergency" feature.
nice idea
Pen is interesting and a good idea to carry on your person but the cap on the writing tip is a little hard to get off
Isnt strong enough to shatter any real glass
It aint powerful enough.... So not really a point, also the stylus is weak and fell apart. Unbox therapy was incredibly biased....
MobileFun Reply
Hi Louis

Sorry to hear you are not happy with this item. Can you please contact our Customer Services team for assistance.
Excellent As described it
The iteam as described I like it thanks for this production!
It was a gift. I think its a very good.
Awesome pen very sturdy
I got a pen for my pastor and one for myself. I'm impressed very nice pen sturdy/heavy, feels great in the hand and is useful so stylus and pen. I broke a glad bottle for fun and it worked well.
Good looking pen, but the ink only worked once and it is impossible to find a refill
Good looking pen, but the ink only worked once and it is impossible to find a refill.

I have tried breaking a few different glass items but only a handful broke, the rest only had a indent from where the tip hit.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Chris

Sorry to hear you ran out of ink so quickly. You can find refills on our website if you search for product ID 62737. Hope this helps.
Great feel
I ordered 2 of these pens, they showed up very quickly, have nice packaging and are fun heavy duty nice looking pens. One of them didn't write at all but they promptly sent a replacement free. I live how sturdy the pen feels, the stylous works perfectly, and I broke a bottle for fun which I'm sure the kids will never forget. Great purchase great support, I'd recommend to anyone.
Very Durable
The pen is really durable and has a nice feel to it. Heavier than most pens, obviously. The cap that protects the sharp end is easily removable and can easily be put back on. The metal "rod" that you pull back has a strong amount of tension.
I haven't used it on a car window, I hope I won't have to but I can see how it would be useful just in case. I keep it in the car, that way I don't lose it.
The price for this item is great, it was the biggest incentive for me to even buy the item. The sharp end is quite pointy and has a durable strong end. The pen itself writes smoothly and has a good feel to it.
Highly recommend the product, but keep in mind this is only from my experience and I haven't used it on a car window.
Extremely nice
I really like the product I received. It has a good weight to it and does as it says it does. It writes beautifully and the stylus is a nice elegant touch. I don't see much if any issue with the product, and would say my money was well spent.
Nice for the price
I doubt I will ever have a need to break a window with my pen, but it's a nifty novelty. The pen looks nice, has a good heft for an inexpensive writing tool, and if you use a tablet, the stylus is a nice touch. The ink cartridge that comes with the pen is not very good. This can easily be remedied with a replacement. The one criticism I have is that to get to the pen, you must unscrew the stylus tip. Upon doing so, there is no place to "screw on" the cap so that it doesn't end up lost (at least I haven't figured it out). So you're stuck with setting the cap/stylus on your desk or putting in your pocket. A little design flaw in my opinion. I'll use the pen, but it will not be my "goto" pen at the office. All-in-all, still a good value (it seems) for the price.
Fully Functional
What is there to say about a pen that allows you to sign your name and break out of your car should you be trapped in a body of water?
Excellent quality
Love the pen, everything works just as is supposed to , only problem is the ink ran out after I wrote 3 words , other than that it's a great product
MobileFun Reply
Hi Joao

Sorry to hear you are having issues. Can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can look into this for you.
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