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StandFast Folding Universal Smartphone Stand Reviews

A perfect pocket-sized folding stand for your smartphone. Now you can go anywhere and have your smartphone positioned at any angle you wish, right where you need it. Then, when you're good to go, so is the Standfast - in seconds!
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 3.2 stars from 101 customers

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brilliant =sits firmly on the stand - many thanks.
Nothing the description on the web page was very clear and precise.
The Phone Stand
I would have wanted to know if it actually worked; and it actually works. Honestly I didn't expect it to... Just adjust it so it's balanced over the base and it is reasonably stable. I didn't give it a 5 star rating because it is stable only when stationary, not while handling it. It has its purpose, I like it.
I received this smartphone stand and was very happy with how quick I received it and it is such a awesome little item to have
This is advertised as charger for a Note 8. Firstly it is a pain to line up the phone into the docking port. Secondly, once you manage that, the charge takes at least 5 times longer than the Samsung wall charger.
Don't wast your time and money.
Easy and Portable
It took a little bit to position, but this minimalist stand does the job admirably with my Note 8, even while it is in its case. When not in use, it folds into a convenient pocket size that can be carried anywhere.
Great item
It won't stick with a covered phone (Olixar clipper belt clip) and does not stick to rubber.
No holes for volume buttons
I bought this cover for an LGK8. However there are no cut outs for the volume switches . As aconsequence the pressure applied to the switches makes them either turn the volume to full or to off by their own accord. I can miss calls because I don't know the ring volume has turned off. The buttons also activate the camera when in standby mode. I have to delete those random photos every couple of days. Product needs to either include cutouts for volume buttons or that section be made from a different material so the cover doesn't press on the buttons.
Useless product
I got this as add-on cost me some money, but it is useless.
Useful product
thank you again for the great service , will look forward to future purchases.
Save your money
Doesn't hold your phone, works great the first time. Then unable to hold the phone after that
Excellent product
I am very pleased with the product & service in delivering >
No qualms, does exactly what it says.
Ok stand
Works okay, not sure how long the sticky part will last. Can be annoying to to use casually; lining up the sticky back to a smooth base.
dont use it
I don't use the stand as it wouldn't stick to my phone cover and after a few minutes looked as if it was going to fall off so don't want to risk my new phone falling and being damaged.
Iphone8 is not out yet, so I have not used the stand yet.
Excellent service enjoying the purchase
I am more than happy with the service after some delivery concerns which all have been rectified. Excellent service.
Totally useless and went straight in the bin.
non functional
The device is outweighed by the iphone and not very sturdy, the sticky part cannot hold the phone and thus was disposed of today as it had no function.
I like it
I am trying to figure out how to place this in my car. I am hoping I will be able to;My Dashboard is not compatible; I am trying to figure out a way to use it
useful product
It is a useful product for the big phones.
great product, would buy again if neede
Great phone cover. As described and more.
Best Phone Holder Ever
Holds phone at any angle, portrait or landscape. When phone vibrates, it's noticable, yet quiet which is perfect for at desk at work. The "sticky" part that holds the phone in place works great and does not leave any residue or anything on the phone. It also folds nicely, and got a well in my pocket so I can use it anywhere. I will probably get a couple more.
Once I firguer how it works I love ,I put it next to my computer and work n my I phone is right there.
Well it's like I said in my short review it's perfect for my needs ,with my computer n my phone next to me ,and the price was great.
I use the stand regularly and it does its job
On using the stand the first day, the phone kept falling off and I advised MobileZap about this. The response was quick asking for some more details. By that time, the next day, the phone stuck to the stand and I advised them of this. The support then given is second to none. I use the stand regularly and it does its job.
Not good
Lost its stickiness pretty quickly and then was useless.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Patrick

If you use sticky tape to renew the suction, it should be fine again. Hope this helps.
Perfect for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
This neat little gadget arrived today ... just perfect !
Won't fit headphones! Very chunky
The quality and rigidity of the case is good, but realistically it has some major drawbacks - you can't put most headphone connectors in it, because the case is so chunky that they just won't fit in that far!. The Volume button has bad feedback, so it has a habit of either getting pressed accidentally, or when pressed, you don't know it has been.

Adds a lot of weight to your phone.
Phone stand that wont vibrate the table
I've had this phone holder for a 4 weeks now and it works great. I work in a quiet office environment and vibrating phones annoy me. I had been looking for 1 that held the phone off the table, so if it did vibrate the table wouldn't increase the vibrations.
Simply does the job
I need to be very mobile in my work, & need to be across multiple devices, combining laptop, tablet, smartphone and sometimes a desktop. I've looked at lots of fancy, expensive, exotic stands for my phone, and have tried a few, but this modestly priced stand beats them all - easy to use, easy to carry, nicely sets the phone in my ad-hoc work spaces. I had to adjust the allen screws on first use (one a tad loose, the other way too tight), but that's not a major issue for me.
Nifty little gadget
would recommend these guys, fast delivery.
iPhone 6+ too heavy, falls over
Tried to use with my iPhone , product too lightweight and doesn't hold phone, it just falls over. Sticky ok, just iPhone 6+ too heavy
Neat and compact
This does what it claims to do, it's very compact,don't know how long the suction will last though ! For the price it's good value
Great little stand that is very convenient to carry and holds my phone steady as a rock. Worth the purchase price
Not Great
I found the holder too flimsy and not up to supporting my Galaxy Note 5, even with a thin case. I would get the phone balanced, then 2 minutes later it would topple to the desk...alternating between the whole holder toppling, or the sticky surface releasing the phone and just dropping it. Ultimately the only way it would hold the phone was horizontally, and if I wanted it like that, I'd just set it on the desk. Not worth the purchase.
Cool Item
Does an excellent job of supporting my LG G3 in portrait or landscape mode. The only item that would be nice is if the base was rubber coated so it wouldn't slide around while using the touch screen
Compact stand
Its a compact stand, but would appreciate if instructions on how to use it could be provided.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Sheree

Please contact our Customer Services team and we will do everything we can to help.
Just got this, delivery excellent, several days earlier than expected. Item itself is great. Placed it onto a frog pad on the dashboard and my iPhone is virtually immovable whilst driving, yet easily removed or adjusted when necessary. Stand removes completely so no visible signs of a mobile anywhere in the car. Terrific design, and excellent value for money. Only possible improvement would be an integral frog pad on the base, but as I have several already this was not a problem for me.
Too big and bulky to be permanently attached to your phone. If there was a product which was detachable from phone would be better.
Sits on my desk and people comment on it
Had to go to YouTube to learn how to use it but once I could it is great. Sits on my desk and people comment on it.
It's only just ok, phone likes to fall off more than stay in place
Could have been cheaper
Works good. Good stability even thou it's very light. Screws are tight and standard hex-type for later tightening. Could have been cheaper as it is only a piece of plastic with a small pad of micro-suction rubber on it. Also it could have had some protection pad to stick to it for protection when stored in my bag (one that would fit inside the circular recess on the back of the middle part when the stand is in use).
Design tips are free :)
Too light
The base is too light causing the phone to skid around when using the touch screen. Can be fixed with a big dollop of blu-tack The friction on the hinges is also too light causing the stand to collapse when used.
topples over
Needs a heavy base
Nice product but won't last forever
Well balanced stand. Neat, tidy design. You mount phone by attaching it to a sticky pad on the stand. This will pick up dirt/dust over time & will lose adhesion over time. Reasonable price.
Useful and well built
When I ordered this (as a cut price add-on to my other purchases) I didn't really expect much given the price. However, it is really well built, quite solid material, and does a fantastic job as a desk stand. It is a product I would re-purchase in it's own right.

One minor point is that it would be extra super goodif the top "grippy" circle folded into the second circle for travel, which it doesn't due to hinging. This is only a minor design flaw and the product is robust, very useful and portable in it's current state. I would recommend this to others (especially for the discount price).
Wouldn't recommend this stand!
Each time I remove phone from stand, the sticky pad that keeps the phone in place on the stand, comes apart from the stand and STICKS to the phone! So annoying!
Grips well but under weight
The adhesive material is truly amazing. It holds on very firmly, even with the case on and leaves no tackiness.
However, the stand is underweight, meaning that if you have a bigger phone or phablet and plug in a charger the extra clearance needed under the phone, overbalances the stand and it tips over. If you are considering this holder for a larger phone You will need to stick It to your desk or what I did in the end was buy a couple of circular large metal washers and glued them underneath to give the holder more weight. But if you don’t need to use a charger or have a smaller phone it’s great.
StandFast Folding Universal Smartphone Stand
StandFast Folding Universal Smartphone Stand, would have been a great product if the round grey stand support was made of a heavier material for more stability, or if it had such a micro - suction pad under..
folding stand
great product but don't think the sticky pad is going to last long - would not leave stand attached continuously to get around this problem
Happy customer
Very easy to navigate website, ordered and received purchases within 2 weeks and products as described.
Very happy customer. Would recommend highly.
Works well
I like this. It is useful and handy and it does what it says it will. Very pleased.
StandFast Folding Universal Smartphone Stand
it worked great for the first few days. the piece that sticks to the phone is a piece of crap. it's not a suction cup. it is adhesive that only last a few days.
Convenient, holds phone at proper angle for viewing and writing, which is what I am doing right now.
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