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StandFast Folding Universal Smartphone Stand

A perfect pocket-sized folding stand for your smartphone. Now you can go anywhere and have your smartphone positioned at any angle you wish, right where you need it. Then, when you're good to go, so is the Standfast - in seconds!
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Why Buy?

  • Ultra-lightweight, pocket-sized folding stand
  • Quick folding operation for a fast stand
  • Brilliant for watching media and typing
  • Fully case compatible

Ultra-lightweight, pocket-sized folding stand

This portable, lightweight folding stand is perfect for holding smartphones wherever you are. It consists of three circular components with hinged brackets, so you can ensure the perfect fit and angle for your device. This will support your smartphone in both landscape and portrait orientations so you can vary between activities. Due to the fact the stand folds down flat into a 60mm diameter disc, it is extremely portable and travel friendly and can be placed into any pocket, purse or bag for easy travel convenience. Where you go and where your smartphone goes, so this stand will go too.

StandFast Folding Universal Smartphone Stand

Quick folding operation for a fast stand

Featuring an innovative folding design, the StandFast can be effortlessly transformed from its flat, portable form to a handy smartphone stand in seconds. Unfolding is beautiful in its simplicity - just pull the suction disc up until you have the required angle, then attach to the rear of your device. All you need to do then is adjust to suit.

StandFast Folding Universal Smartphone Stand

The portable design is perfect for commuting, allowing you to quickly pack away when needed and easily set up when ready. But even if you're not somebody on the move, this stand is ideal and, like the word Standfast, is the definition of sturdy and unyielding.

Brilliant for watching media and typing

The StandFast Universal Smartphone Stand is perfect for watching movies, reading eBooks, following recipes, surfing the web, conducting presentations, viewing photos or anything else you can think of. After a simple adjustment, you can alter the angle of how your smartphone is held so it is more comfortable for typing. This makes it perfect for using at home, in the office or on public transport. It's a superbly functional accessory that is affordable and great value for money. It will even work comfortably with smaller tablets too!

StandFast Folding Universal Smartphone Stand

Fully case compatible

With the StandFast Universal Stand, you don't need to remove your device from its case to use this fantastically useful stand, no matter how big or bulky it is! It will work just as well in its case, saving valuable time without you having to compromise on protection.

StandFast Folding Universal Smartphone Stand

Key Details

UPC 5055401721790
Color Black, Silver

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