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Spigen Stealth Universal Dashboard Car Holder Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The Stealth universal car holder allows you to dock your phone in a comfortable and stylish dashboard holder. Ideal for viewing your satellite navigations apps as well as viewing incoming notifications safely while you drive.
Price: $27.99
The Stealth universal car holder allows you to dock your phone in a comfortable and stylish dashboard holder. Ideal for viewing your satellite navigations apps as well as viewing incoming notifications safely while you drive.
 4.2 stars from 63 customers

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Great product. Fast delivery
Competitively priced. Well reviewed and great customer service.
Great product!
I like that it doesn't attach to air vent. Sits on center of dash board.
Doesn't block view of road.
I would recommend any time.
Ist Class item
Compact, easy to fix on dashboard and does not obstruct driving view of the road. Mobile phone fits quickly and stays secure.
Easy to use
This has been easy to use for my phone and also my gps while travelling
Holds phone tightly
Seems well designed except the spring action is very strong. This means that the phone won't move but its a bit tricky opening the jaw sufficiently wide as it has a strong grip pressure. In levering against this pressure it has lost adhesion from the dash.
Great phone holder!
This is the best phone holder I have used up to now - sticks firmly to the dashboard, the phone is easily placed/removed with one hand and is securely locked in the holder! The option for 2 viewing angles is also very useful.

If your phone supports landscape mode for the apps you use this phone holder is a great choice!
Very Sturdy
This is a great product and very sturdy. I have purchased many phone stands in the past and I don't think that I will need to purchase any more.
Does not stick to dash
Cleaned dash put on did not stick at all went and got some Velcro and now works perfectly and looks great
Holds well
I’ve been looking for a while now and tried other holders but this one really does hold to the surface well and I really do recommend this one.
It simply works.
This item is so simple and it works, it holds my phone firm on the dash. I’ve had previous phone holders with lots of knobs and joints, they all disappoint eventually. So far, so good.
The simplest solution is often the best!
Quite possibly the last phone mount/holder I'll ever buy!

Being a fan of flip cases and having them on my phones for the past 5+ years, I've had to forego the car mount/holder because until now, none are readily compatible with flip cases plus I don't want to permanently fix a mount to my cars dash. So while I've been on the lookout, I've pretty much gone without in that time.

The Spigen Stealth mounts directly onto my dash (textured surface which is also slightly curved) via a nano-adhesive surface which leaves no residue and is surprisingly sturdy. It holds the phone perfectly in its genuine Samsung Clear View case, folded back and kept out of the way without putting any unnecessary pressure on the flip case hinge preventing damage from long-term use.

The only catch is the phone has to be mounted in landscape mode, while this might be a problem for some, it's perfect for me as the phone is easily able to cope (plus I've setup a specific homescreen for the car that operates in landscape mode containing large icons of the few things I need while driving).
Excellent Product
It works ok, the adhesive pad is not strong enough but it sticks back and is usable,
May not look classy be works
This is the second one I have brought of these dashboard holders. They work well if you want to hold your phone horizontally. The main bonus is they stick to curved dashboards well. When the sticky pad stops working a quick wash under running water and its as good as new. Also works well with a small Tom Tom Sat Nav
If you use it with phone centred it can put pressure on phone switches. You have to clamp your phone off centre.
I think the description was to simplest ox
Terrible product
The item does not stick to the dash. I have a plastic dash and it is terrible, an absolute waste of money. I would advise against buying this product.
Pretty good phone holder
I was seeking a phone holder which could sit directly in front of me, on the dashboard instrument arch. This holder does that well, keeping the phone very stable once in place.

The only issue is that the seemingly very sticky pad under the holder doesn't quite keep the phone holder in place when putting the phone in (not so much a problem when removing it). I need to hold the bottom of the unit down to stop it from lifting off the dash as I fit the phone (would be less of an issue with a smaller phone, as you need to lift the grip less).

To be fair, it's a big ask to expect a sticker to be both removable and hold to the dash perfectly. It's a minor inconvenience to have to use two hands rather than one to set the phone in place.
Great but could be better.
The phone sits very securely inside and as its small doesn't wobble when driving. I've given it four stars and not five because the the sticking pad didn't seem to be strong enough to stay on the dashboard when putting the phone inside.
so far so good
Has a solid grip on the phone. Will see how the glue holds on the dash. Solid product should last forever.
Great Product
Product works exactly as describe.
The mount works like a charm.
Simple and small mount that works fine.
No good
I bought this on the strength of an internet review. It turned out to be most un satisfactory. It wobbled a lot and would not stick to the dash due to dimples in the material. I gave it away and bought a suction device that fixes to the glass. Would not recommend.
Not that good
I understood that the sticky pad would hold it on any dash. Well it doesn't. The thing moved and wobbled a bit so I stopped using it. Not a good buy. I think the suction cap windscreen models are the best.
good quality, despite pretty slow delivery but still on time
Really disappointed, even if the stand is quite good looking it doesn't do the job on my dashboard. It doesn't hold properly, slides everytime I try to attach my phone. And one the phone is in it keeps moving on the dash when taking turns.
I tried to clean thoroughly my dash and followed the instructions but can't make it work.
I wouldn't recommend it at all
MobileFun Reply
Hi Math

Sorry to hear you have had problems with this item. Depending on the shape and texture of your car's dashboard, any car holder may have issues. Can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can investigate further.
Full Marks
This is a really useful bit of kit. By far the best in car phone holder I've used. It took me less than one minute to fit it to my dashboard. Is very easy to operate and takes my Xperia complete with armoured case easily. Unobtrusive when not in use. It will only take a mobile in landscape mode, but that doesn't present any problem for me.

Recommended !
Excellent piece of kit
This does exactly what it says it does. Fitted easily on my dash in less than one minute. Firmly holds my Sony Xperia complete with armoured case. Very easy to use and looks OK on the dash. This will only hold your phone in landscape position.

Full marks for this product.
Not a very good product
Spigen Stealth Universal Dashboard car holder is not a produce, I wasted my money buying and it would stick on the dashboard. I followed all instructions as directed but car just can not/ would stick to the dash. I am having to go and a different one. Not Happy all.
MobileFun Reply
Hi John

Sorry to hear you are not happy with this item. Please contact our Customer Services team so we can assist.
Perfect, easy to use
Very fast delivery, product is perfect... Easy to install, very easy to mount phone, no vibration, no issues.
Very satisfied with the product so far
Easy to install, quite sturdy, high resistance against heat so far (installed on the dash).
Great product, easy to use, nice design.
Great product, easy to use, nice design.
Doesn't stick
It looks really good but just won't stick to the dashboard. I'm going to send the car holder back because of this reason.
Phone holder
Whether the product would stick to all dashboard surfaces. This product does not stick to Vauxhall zafira tourer dashboard at all so product is useless
My third hand
As my new vehicle does not have a sat nav I find myself needing to use my iPhone for navigation when required. Unfortunately no where within sight is there a position on the dashboard that will allow me to sit the phone comfortably without it falling over. I have seen and used a number of different windscreen attachments but find them obstructive. This brilliant design allows me to comfortably place my phone in any position I have chosen and ensures the phone remains in place at all times. Great modern design and looks like its part of the vehicle.
I have two of these holders now, one in the Ute and one in the sedan, brilliant!
I have two of these holders now, one in the Ute and one in the sedan, brilliant!
simple but effective
I have a big phone a htc one max which I like to use as a sat nav and after looking at a lot of devices I settled on this, and im glad I did. this is such a simple design that its a wonder nobody has thought of it before, robust it holds my max with hardly any vibration, I was a little bit worried about using something with a sticky pad on it on my brand new dash but it hasn't come away yet and will probably be on there for the life of the car. you can only use it in the horizontal format of my phone which suits me. its not cheap but the best never is, if it would snap shut when the phone is not in it that would be a bonus but still 5 stars
the best holder ever
simplest and most sturdy holder yet so easy, no vibration at all and dead simple to clip in and out
Performs as good as it looks
I've had around 5 different phone holders over the years and I have to say this is the simplest and best to date.
Very useful
I would recommend this product all the time, it's just so easy to use
Loved it
It works what else can I say ?
Smart idea and v simple no stupid thing on the window
I love it
I would never give it 5 stars as perfection is really difficult to achieve
Fit perfectly
Fit perfectly even your smartphone with casing.Hope this product can withstand from the heat once you glued it at your dashboard..
Awesom stuff so far
Awesom stuff so far and hope this item are able to withstand the heat from the sun once put it on the dashboard..

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