Spigen GLAS.tR Nano Liquid Universal Screen Protection Kit

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Spigen GLAS.tR screen protection kit uses a nano-hydrophobic coating technology to create an invisible layer that protects the coated surfaces of your phones and tablets from dirt, oil, dust, and superficial scratching. Enjoy crystal clarity at all times.
  • Mobile Fun ID 67146
  • Brand Spigen
  • Spigen
Discontinued  - not available for purchase We are sorry, but this item is no longer available for sale. Please make sure you explore our impressive range on Mobile Fun to find an alternative that will suit your requirements. You can also contact our Customer Services team for help in finding a suitable item.


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Why Buy?

  • Universal compatibility with virtually any device
  • Incredibly thin protection
  • A layer of hydrophobic protection
  • Enjoy crystal clear display
  • Easy application

Crystalusion Liquid Glass Screen Protection

Compatible with all electronic devices

Spigen GLAS.tR Nano Liquid Screen Protector comes in a liquid form and features a nano-hydrophobic coating technology meaning it can be applied to any surface, all of which results in excellent coverage. The liquid application adds a secondary invisible layer to your device's scree, thus reinforcing its protection against debris, dust, germs and superficial scratching. This includes most, if not all mobile phones, tablets, camera's screen and many more!

Spigen GLAS.tR Nano Liquid Universal Glass Screen Protector

Incredibly thin protection

Spigen GLAS.tR Liquid Screen Protector adds an incredibly thin (nano) layer to your device's screen, which is 1000 times thinner than a human's hair. This will not only preserve and even improve the clarity of your device's display, but also maintain the responsiveness of its touch display. 

Spigen GLAS.tR Nano Liquid Universal Glass Screen Protector

A layer of hydrophobic protection

Once the device's screen is coated with the Spigen GLAS.tR Nano Liquid, you will benefit a hydrophobic protection whilst using your device. Your phone, tablet or any other device will be able to repel and clear dirt and oil leaving the display clean and crystal clear at all times. On top of this, the treated surface becomes way easier to clean and generally look after, which is perfect for those who love as little maintenance as possible.

Crystalusion Liquid Glass Screen Protection


Enjoy crystal clear display

Spigen GLAS.tR Nano Liquid screen protector reduces the debris, smudging, oil deposits and fingerprints marks, allowing you to enjoy a crisp and clear display of your device at all times. You can now enjoy the beauty of your high resolution display without any distortion or discoloration.

Crystalusion Liquid Glass Screen Protection

PLEASE NOTE: The best performance is achieved after several hours has elapsed, we recommend that you coat your device immediately before a period where your device is unlikely to be handled. The coating does not make your device water or scratch-proof.

Key Details

Part No 000GL21813
UPC 8809522197333
Color Clear

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