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Reviews for SD Smart Stand Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 - Black

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with a case that doubles as a multi-angle stand, letting you watch movies, surf the web and more in comfort.
Price: $15.49
Discontinued  - not available for purchase

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Protect your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with a case that doubles as a multi-angle stand, letting you watch movies, surf the web and more in comfort.
 4.2 stars from 16 customers

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Great Case
This case is worthy of 5 stars as the pop out stand allows the user to use the device in portrait and landscape mode.

No issues with the stand coming out on it's own.

All ports, buttons are easy to access along with the stylus.

Very well made case that i would highly recommend.
Great Case
This case is worthy of 5 stars as the pop out stand allows the user to use the device in portrait and landscape mode.

No issues with the stand coming out on it's own.

All ports, buttons are easy to access along with the stylus.

Very well made case that i would highly recommend.
SD case with kickstand
I've now used this case for 4 months, so feel it's good time to write a balanced review.

Good points
- case fits excellently, and has not changed shape over the 4 months of use
- it provides all round protection against drop both front and back- your phone is truly protect.
- the kickstand is totally amazing. A flexible metal material that when pressed bends into a semi circle which allows you to place the phone in portrait or landscape. Great viewing angle when watching movies.

Bad (and the reason for my review)

I rarely drop my phones as I'm very careful person. However, the case has been moulded using a very durable plastic which even after falls barely shows any signs of drops. The issue I'm having is the case is VERY SLIPPERY. I've dropped it so many times with this case I'm now searching for an alternative case witch has a rubberised feel to it. While using the phone in busy areas I now use the click stand as an extra handle to slot between my fingers while holding the case. This makes it far more less likely to slip out of my hands. But to do this every time you handle the phone is not practical. If it had a rubber coating to the edges I'd give it 5 stars without question. I'm also concerned that the impact of continual drops while have a bearing on the phone in the long run especially as the case has very little absorbing qualities built into the case - its very rigid and hard.
The good, bad, and the ugly
I love the stand, I use it all the time. Provides good protection. Covers volume and power button, but you can still press them fairly easily, no big complaints there... the ugly part is how this thing looks after a couple months. You get used to it and it doesn't really bother you too much. I would say the versatility of the kick stand outweighs the ugly. So if a kickstand is important to you, this is the best one I've found. I'm sure if I really cared, I could find a way to clean. it...
SD Smart Stand Case for Galaxy Note 2 - White
Pretty good case. Would NOT get the white again. Material collects and shows dirt BAD. Haven't found a way to clean it off yet. Tried several cleaners, no luck. Case covers the power and volume buttons. VERY difficult to press them now. Love the "slap bracelet" stand. Why I bought it. I'd give it a better rating if I could clean it and turn it on and off easier.
Exactly what I paid for
PRO: Strong Solid case that covers all corners. Material feels strong yet flexible thus making it suitable for absorbing shock. Extremely convenient kickstand at the back of the case as well is a bonus.

CON: When placing the phone flat on its back on a table, it no longer will be "flat" which is sometimes annoying when you wanna type or do something on your phone while leaving it on a table.
Also, while the kickstand is a very convenient and clever feature
i am concerned about the material (whether it be some sort of adhesive of some kind) that is connecting it to the case. It looks weak but i am just assuming due to its looks. however it does feel quite solid.

Overall, a very good case considering the price as well as it's protective and convenient features.
Good idea, poor product
The idea is great. Use memory metal to include a slim stand in a slim case. Unfortunately the product is flawed. It starts with the Cheep plastic used for the bumper. Is flexes and moves to much. The buttons arent cut out so the phone volume changes in your pocket or when holding or worse re starts the phone. The idea is that its a slim case so maybe I can live with the flex and cheep feel. But then there is the stand issue. It lives closed in a hump on the back. This means if you place the phone flat on a surface like a desk, it rocks and wobbles. Bad. Futher to this after a week the stand kept poping out in my pocket and while holding. To top it off the stand now wont close and I have to remove the phone to close it. This becomes tiresome after the 10th time every hour.. Better still while tring to close the stand it has now broke off.

Such a shame as all I want is a simple slim stand case. This is not it.
very good money for value .

pros : hard good quality case , the stand is great and , although is not from the same material has the rest of the case is still pretty good .

cons: when you put it under a table , the phone doesn´t remain flat as it should.But we can all live with that
Excellent case
After getting a new SG Note2 for Crimbo, I was desperate to geta case for it before going back to work. This case just seemed to be the obvious choice from the list on the site. Good customer reviews and the video showed the product perfectly. When it arrived, very easy to fit with perfectly aligned holes/vents for access to all the camera/mic/S Pen. When placed on the phone, feels solid though when it arrives, its rubbery. Although this is a big phone, it doesn't increase the size noticably and still fits in a jean pocket. The stand works well, both in portrait and landscape modes and it's suprising how much I now use it. I really can't imagine not having it now. The lip around the edge of the screen is reassuringly there, but isn't too encroaching on the finger swipe. All in all, especially for the price, this is a brilliant product and I would recommend it to anyone that isn't interested in carrying a filofax around.
Great case, does is job.
The car is great, fits well and appears to be good quality so I'm certain it will last a good while. The flip out strip at the back is a metal band encased in rubber, its very sturdy and gives a great viewing angle either landscape or portrait so all in all a very functional and reasonably priced case.

Only let down was the delivery time, despite showing as instock on the website it took over three weeks to arrive with no update our explanation as to why it was taking sooo long. Pretty poor Mobile Fun!
buy it
great case, phone feels protected without any hinderance to usage, but the kick stand is genius. perfect in landscape for watching video and also good in portrait for monitoring emails etc while sat on a desk/table. well worth the price, buy it! far less pretentious than the flappy leather look cases that look so strange hanging around when the phone is to your ear
Every Phone Needs A Kick Stand
Thoroughly happy with case. It fits perfect with all cut outs in place for full phone functionality.

One thing you could pick up on, is the volume rocker & Standby Power Button. Although there are cover buttons available, they could be alot better.

However the sturdy build is very durable & a sense of great protection is felt when your phone is inside.

The case material feels very smooth & strong adding abit of bulk but it is kept to a minimum considering there is a very reliable kickstand attached.

And the Climax, the kickstand is great I haven't yet found a surface it hasn't worked well on. It has popped out once on me in my bag over the past month I've had case. It doesn't work well short ways as its a touch to low, but who would really require it to where its great for long ways positioning. Popping in and out with ease its very robust in place and doesn't fall easily.

Also just to add it states you have to open the case (I assume that means remove case) to charge phone. Well it charges perfectly for me in case whether Plug on in car via Car Mount its been a perfect companion.

5 Stars
Genius case
Perfect, why anyone would buy this big phone for? To make use of large screen, right? This is where this case gets 5 stars, i found myself using the stand all the time. This case is very handy and not bulky at all, I have been pleasantly surprised. Thankd

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