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Plantronics Voyager Legend Bluetooth Headset Reviews

The Voyager Legend Bluetooth headset from Plantronics is crammed full of brilliant features such as smart sensor technology, smart call routing, precision audio and call announcements
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 4.6 stars from 30 customers

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Best Bluetooth Headset
Second one of these I have bought, use one in the office and one in the car. Excellent performance
Brilliant, 7 hours talk time
No road noise when driving
Bluetooth connection faultless
Voice recognition works well for ignoring or awnsering calls.
Highly recommend
this item came in the time frame indicated and was exactly as I expected.
It dose just what it says on the tin
This early piece works well although it dose not seem to understand the verbal commands that I make maybe it's me I must review the instruction booklet.. but it's comfortable to ware which was very important for me...and it streams not just the calls...I listen to my DAB radio app through mine and it works well
Brilliant bit of kit. Pricey. But reliable
Brilliant bit of kit. Pricey. But reliable
Great at first, then gets sick.
I have had 3 of these (must be nuts) and they have all exhibited the same fault. It is great at first, but after a few months using an iPhone the outgoing sound starts to fade after a few minutes on a call. As it works when beginning a call, the microphone must be ok. Maybe it's the phone, so I tried it on a Galaxy S3 mini, same fault. People have had this with Blackberrys too, so it seems to go with the headset. I wouldn't have another as it is deceiving that it works when new, but quickly develops the problem, which I suspect is software related. I'll try a 5200 next time.
Great product of course as i expected and worked perfectly
After dealing with the Australian office, i have received outstanding service including delivery quick and efficient.

Originally i had some issues with the wrong item being delivered but once customer service took it on board, it all went amazingly well.

Great product of course as i expected and worked perfectly. Will buy from Mobile ZAP again!
Fantastic Headset
This item is exactly what it promised. It linked to my mobile and landline phones easily and works perfectly with both.Quality and performance is near perfect. It also copes easily with transferring to and from the car which has a bluetooth connection. I would recommend this to anybody.
Good and Bad points
Have this headset now for a few weeks.
Very good quality clear and easy to use.
This headset would be best suited to drivers the main fault I had with it was the fact that there is nothing to keep it in your ear, it just flaps about.If you stoop it falls off due to the weight of it.
I find if I wear a woolly hat it keeps it in place.It will only be a matter of time before I loose it.
best Ive had
The best blue tooth headset I've ever used being a self employed courier I need to be able to take calls easily and safely, very clear no back ground noise can answer calls or decline with out touching the head set very good value for money
Good Product
Previously i used the cheap bluetooth units on the market. After reading the reviews i was a bit sceptic however i had nothing to worry about. This is a great product.
The best headset
Bought the platronics headset as I drive HGV for a living. Have had quite a few but boy this one is the best by far . Answering by voice commands to clarity of voices coming thro headset are the best I have had.
Lightweight headset makes it so comfy to wear and 7 hours talk time are just 2 of the amazing features. Well worth the money.
Great service by mobile fun on this Logitech headset
This Logitech Bluetooth headset is a very good headset I've been enjoying using it to make and receive cell calls the only problem I had is when the headsets was shipped to me it was shipped with no US charging adapter. mobile fun went above and beyond what was needed to get the proper adapter so I could use it in the US without having to return the headset itself which I was extremely happy with and was working very good. mobilefun has been very good an I've had no complaints about them or the Logitech Bluetooth headset and with the outstanding service for mobile fun and the outstanding usability of the Logitech Bluetooth headset this makes it A worthwhile and wise investment yet I'm sure you will enjoy for a long time to come. thank you very much Bab's!
Very happy with it
Very happy with it
Seems okay most of the time
seems okay most of the time, but quite often cuts in and out, like there is a loose wire or something
Very happy
I am a farmer. So far my headset has been exposed to dust, mud, rain and paint, and I have used it in strong wind and in the noisy ute. I am very pleased with its performance, and although I find it a little tricky to fit (I also wear glasses), once it's in my ear it is comfortable and secure.
Brilliant Headset
The best headset yet . Very comfortable to wear and easy to use . The quality of sound is amazing and there is virtually no background noise . It really does do all it claims .
Amazing Headset
I bought the headset for my husband who is a professional driver and needs a reliable headset . We are both amazed he with the ease of use and me with the quality of sound that I receive when he calls me . There is no feedback and background noise is virtually gone even when he is driving with his window open .i would certainly recommend it .
Great bluetooth earpiece
Stunning reception, comfortable, long battery life etc brilliant..... let down by really poor charging cradle which is a real nuisance - small, fiddly and poor contacts - where's that elastic band...!

Shame, otherwise excellent product.
best quality product
I used this headsets in past and very happy with the quality sound and very good connection
Excellent value and quality
I bought this headset for my husband as he is a professionak driver but sometimes needs to phone the office on the go. He has got through many headsets and says he likes the Jabra headsets but I akways found them very uncomfortable and gard to hear him. The plantronics is lightweight, comfortable and crystal clear . Very easy to set up and use. Well worth the extra bit of money just to have such a clear conversation.
This headset is clear, easy to set up and very comfortable to wear. It has transformed my work day, as I use it when desk based to free up my hands to take notes whilst on a call. No more cricked necks for me !
i have always used jabra bluetooths for phones before but to be honest i find their reliability in question but this is perfect. holds the charge well, at my rate of use it lasts for a few days before re-charging and it tells you how much battery time is left which is good. if the caller is in your phones contacts it tells you who is calling and you can answer or decline with voice control, no need to press any buttons. my work means that i often answer the calls in a noisy environment but nobody has yet mentioned that they can't hear me, fantastic!!
Quality device
This is my first BT headset so I cant compare with any others.
All the reviews pointed to this being the best one.
Bought it and happy!

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