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Parrot MINIKIT Neo 2 HD Bluetooth Hands-free Kit Reviews

Hold handsfree phone calls on the move with the voice controlled and compact Parrot MINIKIT Neo 2 HD with HD voice quality, music streaming support and free companion smartphone app for even greater control.
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 4.4 stars from 33 customers

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Excellent purchase
Simple, straight forward instructions; the Parrot MINIKIT worked perfectly, straight out of the box. Easy to use, excellent sound quality, totally hands free. The best I have had.
Disappointed; inconsistent auto activation
PROs: Small size. Fits sun visor easily and firmly. Easy to use buttons. Easy to use menus and telephony functions.
CONs: (1) Often (say 50% or more) it doesn't activate or pair to phone when entering the car. Then the phone rings, but NEO2 doesn't answer. By the time I manually activate NEO2, the call is lost.
(2) The magic words feature ('MiniKit, call John') means the NEO2 is ALWAYS activate and listening. This leads to hearing words, radio noises, etc falsely interpreted as 'MiniKit'; and the power draw drains the battery to 0% within 2 days. I've turned that feature OFF.
(3) With little phone use, I get 1 week max before recharging is necessary.
(4) The speaker is loud enough, but sometimes fuzzy. Not sure why as repositioning it makes no difference.
OVERALL: I wanted a 'set and forget' hands free kit, but with having to manually activate it upon car entry and recharge each week, for the price I'm disappointed.
More than expected
Brought this for my husband, I he's loving it, so much easier in his van, we were considering investing in a radio with Bluetooth glad we didn't
Only downside for me he's constantly calling me !!!
Brilliant thanks
How good is the product also how easy is it to configure with phone
Love it!
Easy and simple to use. No fuss set up. Voices come out clean and really clear and loud.
Fantastic little unit. Easy to use, just set up and away you go. Clarity is very clear, it is very easily paired with my telephone. Don't have to deviate my eyes from road as the unit tells me everything - who is calling, do I want to accept, etc. Highly recommend.
barely worth a star
i bought 1 each for my big and little vans. i have tried to use 1 in the little van with such very disappointingly mixed results i have not bothered to take the other 1
out of the box
it regularly fails to connect to my phone, when it does,it often makes me and the caller sound like a dalek, it does not answer the call when told to 3 times sometimes. when pressing the green button and it asks who i want to call it calls somebody completely different ie call "Kirk" it says calling "Tim home" or something equally ridiculous. i didnt realise that my accent and diction was that bad.
Occasionally it works very well and is great but unfortunately not often enough. it is not reliable or good enough for use all day every day, overall i wish i had bought something / anything else
Works well with iPhone
I had the originally parrot mini kit for a Blackberry Passport. When I changed to an IPhone 7 it would not sync properly. On advice from Mobil fun I purchased the latest version neo2 which works well with iPhone. It also comes with an app. Two things, the first is the parrot tells you how much battery charge is left. This worked for the first week now it always says 100% charged and so does the app even if you know you have been using it for a few days so it cannot be 100%. Also it says battery low sometimes randomly even if it's just been charged. And lastly it occasionally jumps into discreet mood randomly in the middle of a phone call even though it has not been touched? Otherwise most of the time it works very well as did my last parrot.
The product was recommended to us and we purchased 10 for our staff
The product was recommended to us and we purchased 10 for our staff. Easy to download app and works straight away.
Clips on to visor.
Parrot unit is impressive
I have been very impressed with the Parrot Minikit Hands Free unit. The audio is excellent and callers say the audio is high quality at their end as well. The unit was easily fitted to the car.
The original unit I received failed after a few months. MobileZap replaced the faulty unit with a brand new one immediately. I have been delighted with all my dealings with MobileZap.
Great Product!
Easy to use and good sound quality. I like the deep sleep function which puts the unit in sleep mode when you leave the car and re-connects when you get back in. Would definitely recommend!
top every time ones more
super job - perfect - happy clients - i will do it once more
Totally awesome tool! Very handy and smart!
Very impressive
I am very satisfied with this bluetooth hands free device. It arrived one day after I ordered it, very impressive service, and although the enclosed instructions are not very clear, it is quite easy to fathom out and discover the many features of this excellent device. I am informed that the audio clarity on the receivers phone or device is very good, very clear and the clarity of audio on the actual Parrot in my car is very acceptable given that the speaker is very small.
Overall I am very satisfied, very impressed.
Small, discrete. Great sound and very easy to use
This size of this item belies its impressive sound and great battery life. It even will tell you where your car is parked if you forget! Simple to set up. It replaced a Bluetooth Carkit installed and integrated with the radio which stopped working. With this beauty I'll never go back to that.
Great design, great sound quality
Easy to set up. Clips really well on to sun visor. Good features including voice calling and locate parked car.
Parrot MINIKIT Neo 2 HD Bluetooth Hands-free Kit
Very good. :)
Call quality good, media not so much
I bought the Parrot as my existing Bluetooth receiver sound was poor through my car stereo when paired with my phone. The Parrot is easy to use and the call quality is good; however, it cannot be connected to your car stereo so it's not what I wanted. It does play music but at limited volume, although the sound is clear.
Best Handsfree Car Kit I'ver had
An amazing device. More than just a portable In Car Handsfree. Am using it in the home; on my desk at work too. Good speaker quality, and brilliant for use with Google Maps whilst driving/navigating. Will be buying more Parrot products...
very smart, sets itself up and works - truely plug and play
Works perfectly
Have linked two phones to this , work and personal, and both connect within seconds of opening the car door. The clarity is great and I cannot fault this system. Clips easily to the visor putting it in a perfect position for use.
Very good
The product is very good, works fine and has a good quality of sound; when used in conjunction with the specific application it is very effective, battery though drains fast (this is the reason for a 4 start only)
OK Product
I purchased this device for an older vehicle that I have. The device is adequate, but the speaker rattles a little at times and the battery needs to be recharged about once a week with moderate use. The unit must be removed from the visor to charge it, otherwise you have wires hanging in your view. Also, the speaker volume is not as loud as it should be. The product is OK, but do not expect too much.
Exactly what I wanted.
Not for Nokia Lumia Owners
We have an older model Parrott in our work van and it works very well with my Nokia Lumia 930 phone and other staff phones... Apple, Android etc.
I purchased this one for my personal car only to discover that it is not compatible with the Nokia Lumia 930. Wondering why they would have an older model that works with nearly everything and then introduce a new model that is not compatible with a late model phone.
I tried my wife's Samsung 5 on it and it worked perfectly so obviously no quality problem with the Parrott, just lack of attention by the software designers to ensure compatibility with all current smartphone models.
good product, excelant service
easy to set up / easy to use.
Love This Device
This device works really well - I used the Voice Tags function to personalise my primary contacts and it detects them even though my car is an older one that is quite noisy internally. It really takes the hassle out of in-car calling.
Excellent product.
I was looking for a simple to use, hands free bluetooth system for my car, this fits the bill perfectly. It's well made, easy to set-up, and does all I expected. Sound quality is good, very clear for both sides in a conversation. Voice control is ok, it works well enough. Battery life is excellent, both in talk and stand-by mode. All in all it's worth the money.
This little gem of a device has worked really well
This little gem of a device has worked really well in my car for some time, my friend was so impressed he said he would get one but I have purchased another Parrot nano as an Xmas gift!!
Pure Hands Free
This is the second Parrot unit bought and by far the best. It is easy to set up and voice and speaker quality is excellent. No complaints only praise.

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