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Reviews for Olixar Multi Pairing Wireless Headset Dongle For PlayStation 4 & 5 Series

The PlayStation 4/5 Bluetooth Headset Dongle from Olixar allows you to use multiple Bluetooth headphones with your PS4/5. Simply plug your USB dongle into your PS4/5's USB port and the 3.5mm jack into your controller to enjoy clear wireless audio.
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The PlayStation 4/5 Bluetooth Headset Dongle from Olixar allows you to use multiple Bluetooth headphones with your PS4/5. Simply plug your USB dongle into your PS4/5's USB port and the 3.5mm jack into your controller to enjoy clear wireless audio.
 3.9 stars from 59 customers

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Very good! Does what it says.
It definitely works well with my AirPods, I found there are no interruptions when using, but it seems you have to go through the set up process all over again when you want to use AirPods. The audio quality of my AirPods haven't decreased, it still sounds good, and the microphone doesn’t have any issues with the dongle either. There are only 2 pieces of equipment which makes it very easy to set up. Definitely worth buying if you want to game with AirPods!
Not compatible with all headsets for Ps4
Was under the impression this was compatible with all headsets for ps4 but doesn't seem to work with Turtlebeach. ????
Excellent value
Exactly as described
Excellent product
This product works very well with my Beat Pro wireless headphones Very please with this product Thank you
Great for AirPods with PS4
Great device to connect AirPods to PS4 would be better if didn’t have to reconnect every time.
Works great
It works great. It does take me a few times to connect my earphones but besides that it’s perfect.
Great little bit of Kit!
Excellent for my Samsung Ear Buds to connect to my PS4. Now saves having to constantly wear a large headset with mic! Would definitely recommend
East to connect good sound
Found the product east to connect when there is not other Bluetooth connectors around and I don’t know why people are saying the sound quality is bad I think it’s perfect
It works but may be tough to setup
It took me at least 5-8 tries to get the pairing to work. It improved after the first one though. Plenty of good YouTube tutorials to help guide.
Great Product, Poor Service
I have Airpods Pro and PS4 pro and it works, you do have to pair every time you want to play if you have connected your airpods to another device, this only takes seconds and once your in a routine of doing it its fine but initially very annoying.

Once connected its great, can hear people around me when playing COD Warzone and just as important no cables.

You have to read the instruction carefully to get it configured correctly.

I even had it working on my works laptop using Teams communicator.

Warning: If you can buy this product from another supplier I would recommend doing so as Mobilefun customer service is shocking, 4 weeks it took to arrive, Mobile fun wanted me to pay £5 to ship a replacement item but I refused, original finally arrived and I stopped the complaint via PayPal.
Works with my AirPods
I wanted to use my Airpods as my mic with my PS4 and it does. I believe the PS5 has a headphone jack as well so it should hopefully work with that. Delivery was fast. Worth paying for to get the right item.
10 star
Love it can’t hear everything in my mic
Best gaming Bluetooth adapter
I bought the new AirPods Pro and really wanted to be able to game in them especially because they are such an expensive headset. I bought several of these kinds of adapters of amazon but they would never work with the microphone. These work for all aspects of gaming audio including the mic. You can hear I’m 360 audio and it’s very clear. I recommended it to several of my friends
Love it
I use Them All The time when i watch Netflix, i really love it,
I found out about this dongle through Youtube and ordered it right away. The instructions are simple and it worked perfectly with my Sony wh-1000xm2 wireless headphones!
Works ok
Temperamental, sometimes it connects to my AirPods sometimes it doesn’t. Can be frustrating at times
Perfect wireless solution for PS4
Basically I wanted to connect my AirPods so my puppy would stop eating my headphone leads causing multiple deaths on Warzone. Quick google search came up with these. Quick delivery time and simple plug in and pair and your away. Unfortunately my deaths are still high but the puppy has moved from headphone leads to controller. Result ????????
My opinion
Um to be honest it was good for the airpods it's just the mic that's not good it really bad and then it sounds bad
This is exactly what is needed
Mobile Fun, you just completed the set up that should if initially have been there from the start on PS4. I am extremely greatful and happy. This item gave me the ability to use my earphones that are not naturally supported. The device paired to us the Jabra 65t Elite. The instructions are to the point, simple, and dummy proof. The device connected with 0 issues.
The microphone is reactive and crisp, I had to turn it down.

I'm honestly so happy with this item that I plan on buying 2 more soon. One as a back up and another as a gift.
Waiting for it still
I wish I could possibly review this item, but I ordered it over a month ago and it has not arrived, probably due to pandemic. I have high hopes for this regardless as the one my friend uses one and has reported no issues.
Works fine, i can use my airpods for my playstation now???? and if you cant use your airpods or anything else, you definitely didnt read the box on how to connect them.
Works Sometimes
This dongle is at best a stop gap item until I figure out a better way of getting bluetooth sound to a set of newer headphones.
Purchased to use with a Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas4 with Ace Combat 7, but only tested when playing GranTurismo Sport, I have found the following issues to occur on a regular basis:
1. pairing. the need to pair at the beginning of gameplay is a regular requirement, whereas it "should" only be required ONCE.
2. sound. the actual sound delay is minimal and quite acceptable... however, when the sound cuts out for periods of time, it becomes quite annoying. this is actually random, as I can go an entire session without this occurring, yet on other occasions it can happen at least 2 or 3 times on any given race lap. (headphones are charged and there is direct line of sight to the dongle).
Brilliant solution to PS4 audio
Works really easily with my wireless headphones. Super simple to setup.
Does the job and there's no lag!!!
Mic is also great!
Not good
Way to complicated to connect with devices
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