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Olixar Universal 8X Smartphone Camera Zoom Reviews

Enhance your smartphone photography with this portable 8x Zoom lens accessory featuring an easy quick-connect universal clip and a F1.1 aperture. Capture objects in the distance with ease with the Olixar 8x Camera Lens.
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 3.3 stars from 39 customers

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Don't buy this, it can't focus no matter what you try. Complete waste of money.
Ideal gift
I purchased this as a gift for a relative who likes using her phone to take photos. It was an unusual gift and delighted the recipient. The price was very good and the delivery was fast and efficient.
I would recommend this .
Really useful addition to phone.
Bought one for Christmas for my grandaughter as she is such a creative little photographer on her second hand phone!
Easy to use and good depth of filed
The device is easy to use and has a good depth of field BUT you need to focus on the object to photo with the unit OFF the camera using your eye. Then attach the unit to the camera and it will be focused fine for that target.
Clarity is good, compact, protective gears
Just recieved the product. First of all, the clarity and manual focus is good which is the major objective. However, the only downside is full frame images won't work with this, meaning the pictures come within a circle.
handy bit of kit
This is a good accessory for my phone. As there is some depth of filed to the image. Best to focus with the eye when not attached to the camera. When happy with the focus, pop on the camera and click away. Great
A fun gadget
As far as gadgets go you can have a little fun with these. But don't expect to clip it on and take a blink and you miss it photo. Pretty fiddly.

Cons - hard to line up. Constantly get message on Huawei P10 that nothing should be over the lens when taking a photo (interesting, because Huawei have their own version of this type of product).

Pros - if you've got time to laze about in the park or on the river and set your shots up etc you will have a bit fun with this gadget.

Giving it a 3 but could be a 4 - depends on expectations.
Completely useless
Item does not fit plain on the lense so you only get a blury picture. Still trying to find the right link to return the item but I only found the form that needs a return-code to return it.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Ronald

Sorry to hear you are not happy with this camera lens. Please visit our help section for information on how to return an item.
Not that good
Sadly very dissappointed. Very fiddly to get camera lens over eye of phone camera. Then it's awkward to adjist the lenses focus. Also makes phone awkward to hold.
Fun starter product
I'm by no means a professional photographer, but my regular camera broke, so I wanted to experiment with a zoom lens for my phone. This is easy and super fun to use. It's a little tricky to get the placement right so that the lens doesn't obstruct the viewfinder, but once I got the hang of that, it's just a matter of taking pics like normal, but I'm zoomed in just as I would be on a regular camera. It makes me want to experiment with other versions too. If you don't need much and don't have much to spend, this is perfect.
Bought it for my granddaughter who loves photography. She has used the device and things it's great
Good follow up. You get what they say
Took I while to receive. But the follow up was great!
Not impressed
I find it clumsy to use and not very secure which makes it very hard to focus. It is hard to aline it with the camera lens , so by the time you have it ready the subject has moved on or is out of range. Will not be using it nor purchasing any similar products. Waste of money.
Good zoom
This is a good product for increasing the zoom on a smartphone. However it is difficult to position the zoom over the lens of the camera and it twists when adjusting the focus. So it's quite a fiddly device. If positioned correctly it takes a good zoomed photo.
not good
not as good as u say it is rubbish really
MobileFun Reply

Sorry to hear you are not happy with this zoom lens. Can you please contact our Customer Services team so we can find out exactly what the issue is so we can assist you.
This product is perfect
This product is perfect and I might buy another very soon
Not Impressed
Sorry just not impressed - found it hard to focus it certainly is not clip and zoom.. I would not recommend - not sure if its my phone but found it very very hard to focus
Lense to Small for Google Pixel
Bought this and not very happy the lense is too small for my phone and stops the phone from focusing can see the outside of the lense on all sides and clip is not strong enough to hold whilst trying to adjust focus.
A good product
A good product, just not for my regular phone, Lumia 535
Great product but not for my phone
I bought the Clip and Zoom to go on my Samsung Note 2. I have a cover on the phone and with the lens attached I don't get full frame (light comes in flash aperture). Without the cover I do and it is excellent. But I am not going to take cover off phone every time I want to take a photo to put lens on so not useful for me at all.
The product arrived within specified time and in good condition.
I am still in doubt if buying this product was a wise decision.
If I were able to fix it correctly on mobile phone then it would probably be a useful product.
Good Quality - Unfortunately Didn't Fit
Good quality item but unfortunately the lens on the zoom is slammer than the lens on my phone, so leaves a circular shadow line around the edges and gives a fish-eye type view through the Zoom.
It's small, powerfull, robust, well made, simple to use
Nice unit, often thought about something like this, it's small, powerfull, robust, well made, simple to use, the clip is firmly fixed when applied to phone lens area. When in use the focus is easy to use just like a pair of binoculars. Would by another one when needed.
This lens saves carrying a camera about with you anywere
This lens saves carrying a camera about with you anywere
A great gadget for my phone when I don't have my camera with me.
That it fits my phone.
I am pleasantly delighted with the product. When I use it others very quickly notice and ask about the product. Comments such as "Wha a good idea" are common. I look forward to using it and realising it's potential.
Well I got this item because I watch ice hockey and wanted to get some good zoomed in photos.its a good accessorie but it is just for fun and don't no if it's just my phone but it doesn't stay in play and it's quite hard to hold it steady.
Not worth purchasing
Very disappointed with this item (others in order excellent). Does not focus despite fiddling with the focus dial and pics taken not as good as those taken without it! It's OK for kids to have some fun with!
Looking Good!
I have not as yet used the Universal 8X Smartphone Camera Zoom but from my testing it on my phone it looks as if it will be great in capturing pictures that are too far away for the normal camera lens. I am looking forward to our upcoming holiday when it will be invaluable!
Not worth the time or purchase. Would not recommend.
See the unseen
Nice piece of kit
Lightweight and easy to use
Lightweight and easy to use

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