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Reviews for Olixar Sentinel Samsung Galaxy S20 Case And Glass Screen Protector

Flexible rugged casing with a premium matte finish non-slip carbon fibre and brushed metal design, the Olixar Sentinel case in black keeps your Samsung Galaxy S20 protected from 360 degrees with the added bonus of a tempered glass screen protector.
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Flexible rugged casing with a premium matte finish non-slip carbon fibre and brushed metal design, the Olixar Sentinel case in black keeps your Samsung Galaxy S20 protected from 360 degrees with the added bonus of a tempered glass screen protector.
 3.9 stars from 16 customers

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Update to previous review—fingerprint login now working
As others have mentioned, I found I couldn't use fingerprint login after applying the screen protector.
However, after reading someone else's post I tried re-registering my fingerprints with the screen affixed, and although it was a little more tricky than normally, with patience I got it to work OK.
(star rating increased—great value for money!)
Not perfect, but great value for money
1. I noted other reviewers' comments about the screen protector impairing the fingerprint scanner's operation, and reducing the sensitivity of the screen edges.
2. I decided to save money, knowing these facts.
3. The item arrived the next day (as usual with Mobile Fun orders!).
4. Both the phone case & the screen protector fitted fine, and were pretty easy to fit (follow the instructions carefully!)
5. I increased the screen sensitivity (Settings>Display>Touch ssensitivity) which solved the edge problem, but the fingerprint peoblem remains.
6. I'm happy with this—face recognition works well usually to unlock the phone; it's slightly annoying to have to insert password manually for some apps (banking, etc) rather than use fingerprint, but I can live with it.
Overall, considering it's significantly cheaper than the next one up, I'm happy with the value for money equation.
Good product and professional service
I purchased Galaxy S20 Case And Glass Screen Protector from mobilefun and I'm very pleased with the quality of this product. Case and sreen protector fits my phone perfectly. Unfortunatly my fingerprint lock doesn't work but i would say it is S20 design issue as evey thicker glass protector will affect sensitivity of the phone screen. Delivery was very quick.
Never arrived despite rest of order being received
Would hope it might have arrived in package considering the packing list says it was shipped. The other items arrived onthe shipment. The s20 case has not. Other 2 items arrived and are good quallity
Glass Screen Protector problematic
The case was OK, but the glass screen protector was really bad. The fingerprint reader wouldn't work through it. Also touching the edge of the screen was very problematic. e.g. the a key on the keyboard. I didn't get through a day before taking it off. I thought maybe I had installed it incorrectly, but I reviewed the instructions and I had done everything correctly, and it looked like a flawless install.
S20 screen protector and cover
At last a product that actually said and does what it says on the tin ,it's excellent very pleased, although it was delayed in the post, I can live with that ????
A great phone cover. But that fussed on the screen protector.
That you can't use your finger print with the screen protector.
Great cover
The finish is great, and the comfort is great. I am very happy with my purchase. I would have liked to know that the finger print sensor in the screen protector is fully visible.
After, i installed the glass screen, I then realised the hole left for finger print sensing was way too small and I couldn't use it. Subsequently I have had to abandon it and its another money down the drain
Perfect combination
The protective case and screen protector are a perfect combination. Did buy the two separately from different and more expensive brands but the screen kept popping off. Really pleased with Olixar Sentinel.
Just say'n!)
I'm not sure of these smart phones. What I mean is they are much smarter than i.) Basically I use my phone for music, some YouTube an of course text along with phone calls. I can say that I do enjoy my phone.) I would recommend this phone to anyone.)
Amazing case
wish the photos were a little more clear on the website. I took a guess when I chose this one. But otherwise the product arrived in good time and condition and I absolutely love how it looks on my phone.
Overall I'd say the product is average to be honest.
Case fits but is loose on the sides which is annoying.
Screen protector is pretty strong but has a black line around the edge so you end up losing some of the screen.

Tighter fit and no black lines would have been 5*.
Looks good!
Works but not without issues
The case and screen cover were super easy to install, but the screen introduces a layer of difficulty while using the phone. Screen sensitivity, especially around the edges, is greatly reduced making the force you need to use on the screen much more than other screen protectors.

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