Olixar Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Screen Protector 2-in-1 Pack Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Keep your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 screen in pristine condition with this Olixar scratch-resistant screen protector 2-in-1 pack.

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Great product
Comes with screen cleaning kit
Don't buy it, it doesn't fit the screen
Don't buy it, it doesn't cover all note 8 screen.
The screen edges will not be covered with this screen protector
Not well thought out
These screen protectors have to be applied from the bottom up and the top separated part has to be done last. To bad they don't tell you.

The hard backing of part 2 makes it so that this screen protector has wings on both sides of the curved screen until removed, so you cannot place it straight.

It is nice to see the supplied cleaning materials but maybe they should have spent more money on the adhesive. These screen protectors do not have enough adhesive and small bubbles appear in areas where there is not enough.

There is also a visible line where the top sections meet as there isn't adhesive along the line.

Overall pretty disappointed.
Easy to apply and works well this is the second time I have bought these love them as you also get two in a pack which is great value.
i struggled to fit this and was not very happy with it when completed. i therefore went for a different make which i am now happy with.
Great screen protectors, easy application and don't stuff up the touch sensitivity. One big worry was that it would interfere with the s pen but it's not that noticeable. Recommend over glass covers with the curved screen phones.
Good Quality Product, Highly Recommend
Good Quality Product, Highly Recommend
The sides of the protector are not square so will not line up on my phone.
Not fullly covered
I purchased this item
I thought it was fully covering my note 8 screen including edges but it does not

Not Recommended
Overall very good
The good: it is case friendly. It doesn't impede the flow of the S Pen at all. It is relatively easy to install if you watch the instructions. I didn't realize what the perforated/lined top area was for.

I initially thought you could just tear it off if you didn't want it over the sensors. As a result my first install was clumsy and I had to reposition it which resulted in a less than excellent install.

It should last for a long time and do what it is designed to do: Protect your screen from scratches. The bubbles do fade out if you have any left behind unless you have dust under the screen.

The not so good: I don't like the perforated line on the screen saver. I wish it ended where the top bezel ended instead of being on the screen itself. Also with the screen protector on, it is not as crystal clear or sharp on the screen. It is tolerable but not optimal.
Does the job.
The protector covers the screen fairly with case use and doesn't impact screen sensitivity.

However, the orange peel effect is present which is quite disappointing considering the display on the device.

Overall, this is good for temporary coverage until one can find one that they like more or for an individual who doesn't care.
Awesome service, awesome product!
Awesome service, awesome product!
Not suitable
These screen protectors did not stay on for long, the Note 8 being an infinity screen, it kept peeling off from the sides, specially when using the Edge function on this model.
not recommended
two screen protectors included
easy to apply

I wish i could include a picture.
A visible line runs horizontally at the top after applying it.
Edges dont stick, small bubbles start to form after a few minutes around the edges.
it looks horrible when the display is off. You can see small scratch marks that you apparently get while removing the bubbles during application .
I expected better sensitivity for a plastic screen protector.
It took three weeks to be delivered. Though to be fair, it had to be shipped from the uk to new zealand.

steer clear from olixar screen profectors.
I thought I liked it
At first it seemed great. The installation was easy to follow and my SPen still functioned for me to draw. Over time I noticed it caused the sides of my screen not to function, the home spot on my phone wouldn't respond and it just did not agree with my phone. Not to mention it wasn't as tall or as wide as my actual screen. It sat on top rather than formed too the phone.

I tried the second one recently paired with a nice case from Olixar and it still was the same witth the added irritant of lint and other dust getting in the space left by the screen and case not meeting. Had to take both off. Felt like a waste of money.
Was easy to smooth out bubbles, now the screen protector is unnoticeable
Was easy to smooth out bubbles, now the screen protector is unnoticeable
Excellent service and kept me well informed!
Good job

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