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Olixar Leather-Style RFID Blocking Card Holder & Wallet - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Protect your most valuable cards with this RFID-blocking wallet and card holder from Olixar. This stylish leather-effect wallet is capable of holding between 5 and 7 cards, and features a document pocket for cash, important papers and much more besides.
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Protect your most valuable cards with this RFID-blocking wallet and card holder from Olixar. This stylish leather-effect wallet is capable of holding between 5 and 7 cards, and features a document pocket for cash, important papers and much more besides.
 4.6 stars from 48 customers

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rFID Blocking Wallet
As always this product was exactly as stated in Mobile Fun’s description. Excellent wallet for the money.
Safe and good looking
It is a lovely looking wallet that feels smooth and is not overly large and chunky so fits in my pocket without being too big . I also enjoyed the fact that it has the built in security which keeps my cards safe while looking attractive
Time will tell
That the component parts feel a little light weight but usage will tell. If a person has limited finger dexterity operating the lever and getting cards further in the stack out to use would be a problem. Good idea saves space, but what happens if the leaver jams or fails, locked in cards or a cascade of loose cards in pocket, handbag or floor?
Bought as a present
Not used so unable to review
Good Product
excellent in expensive product
hope it works
seems to be well made, a bit stiff putting the card iin
Great product
This wallet is just what I wanted, strong, good looking and the ease of retrieving your cards.
Neat & nifty, jolly good.
not much, fairly obvious!
So happy with the wallet
I just love the wallet , very nice and strong
just great
enough room for everyday needs and not at all bulky or intrusive
Not as useful as I was lead to beleive
I would have liked to know how many cards it held. In my opinion it could have had two card holders.
Very good design
A good quality product,very easy to find the card I need. I am pleased with this service
Does the job
I bought this wallet because I was fed up with fumbling trying to get my cards out of their sleeves in my wallet.
The pop up action does away with the need to have cards in a sleeve and metal “pocket” protects them from rfi.
Does what it says
This wallet is big enough to hold both UK (132mm) & US (156mm) bank notes with room to spare (I measured the space as up to 160mm). The RFID holder can take up to about 6 cards (depending on their thickness). The mechanism for ejecting the cards from the holder is simple but effective. Friction from sponge rubber pads keep the cards in the folder.
There is only one other pocket in the opposite flap, so this wallet holds fewer cards & other things, than my previous similar-sized wallet - albeit more securely.
Good quality
Good quality wallet. It only holds six credit/debit cards.
There is a room for notes. Does not have a zip.
Just fine
If it prevents scammers etc it is excellent. I like the ability to flick the cards up, a great deal better than trying to get the cards back into the sleeve type
The perfect wallet
Perfect size for your pocket, the card pocket stops them from being damaged and is easy to extract cards when needed, very good product.
An excellnt wallet
It is more bulky than a standard wallet. It would have been helpful if tr capacity, in the holding pf plastic cards, could have been stated before hand. It has now been paired with a pouch which straps onto my belt
Excellent product
Very happy with this product
I was unsure as to the quality of the outer leather & security of lhe card holder, But to my surprise it reached beyond my expectation so I am very happy.
Great little wallet
I had previously got the small RFID wallet for cards but it was awkward to put notes i.e. money in but this one is better as it has a protected bit for cards and space for notes etc.
Excellent wallet
Difficult to comment on the RFID capability but as I always keep my wallet in my back pocket the metal card holder prevents the cards from being bent and cracked. Like the card dispenser. Works well
Card Protection
Hi, I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a good quality product to protect their Bank/Credit Cards..this is the second wallet purchase within a 2 mnths period & was bought for the Wife whilst on Holiday in Malta 1 week ago to protect her Cards from The scammers who are targeting unaware people.. The holder consists of both card & a genuine leather section for carrying cash.. Well thought out design & is second to none for the intended purpose .... Love the Product......Many Thanks....Rand J

Great Item
The card holder is very helpful in making me feel safer carry my cards around.
Better than expected
I bought previously an RFID wallet to protect my cards, whilst it did this well had a problem with cash always falling out of my wallet. Bought this leather style RFID blocking wallet and eurika- great for cash and keeping my cards safe- neat not too big and secure a pleasure to use
Looks good works perfectly
The description of the item was spot on nd it makes me feel more secure when out and about
Excellent value for money
A stylish and practical way to protect your cards. Had an RFID protector which had nowhere to store my notes so this gives you the best of both. A well made and practical wallet and a simple trigger to release your stored cards. Such a simple idea and wish I had bought one of these years ago!
RFID Wallet
Excellent product and worth every penny. Great quality and would definitely recommend.
not bad at all
just wish it had a see through compartment for my card i use the most.
It works!
As a present I can't comment but as I have bought on the recommendations of others.
Have found this to be excellent
Can’t fault this wallet, its good quality and does the job. I wasn’t bothered much about the RFID blocking - just wanted easy access to my cards in a wallet they wouldn’t fall out of. Would recommend and buy again.
Good purchase
Great and safe
Perfect for carrying around
Excellent! Very happy
I've been looking for a decent RFID card holder and didn't know about being able to purchase a leather wallet! I've been using the metal card holders which I've been through two and a plastic/ metal one that only lasted 2 weeks!!
RFI wallet
The item is exactly as stated by the vendor & of good quality, the card section is the most important part of my purchase which holds the Bank cards perfectly & securely...not a wallet person ..
I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a good quality RFI protection case + wallet In order to protect their
Cards in view of data details theft of credit card scam which prevails at present.....Thanks
Great wallet!
Just the right size for all bank notes with extra places, as described and the addition of a card ejection device makes this wallet even better!
Nice and Compact
Bought this for my husband - wasn't sure he'd use it as he's not a fan of wallets - but hey - he's using it, so that's a positive!!
Very good
I bought these wallets for Xmas presents and I think they will appreciate them due to the security
Excellant device
Bought this for my wife who has changed to a small handbag which will not take a purse.
She is over the moon with it easy to use and compact
Compact & effective
This is a very compact innovative wallet with an effective shield to protect important cards which are so vulnerable these days.
The mechanism to store the cards is very cool.
I really like this wallet.
Great Wallet
This is now my daily in use wallet, very versatile and the RFID blocker keeps the cards safe from rogue scanners
Excellent product
Other colours would be a good option
Seems to fit the bill, very neat card ejection device
Looks presentable enough, good that it takes notes as well as cards. The card ejection device seems to work very well. Time will tell how durable it is. I bought the Acardion aluminium case, within 3 months the inside had disintegrated. It was also difficult to fit notes into it.

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