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Reviews for Olixar HexStyli 6-in-1 Stylus Pen - Silver

The Olixar HexStyli 6-in-1 stylus pen is the ultimate accessory for tablet and smartphone users - with a ball point pen, stylus tip, ruler, spirit level and two screwdriver heads all built into it!
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The Olixar HexStyli 6-in-1 stylus pen is the ultimate accessory for tablet and smartphone users - with a ball point pen, stylus tip, ruler, spirit level and two screwdriver heads all built into it!
 4.8 stars from 547 customers

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Excellent product
This is my second order of this item. My first order. Of these proved so popular that my wife helped herself to it and refuses to give it back. Oh well, I didn’t tell her I had made this second order
Good Buy
Ideal size and does exactly what i needed, bought refills as well
Very good idea
Nothing extra as I seen a friend with one
The multitalented pen
Just as a pen it's nice enough, good quality metal. The extra functions on top of this make it an excellent purchase.
Great product! I was really nicely surprised when I first time use it - soft writing.
Multifunctional, great quality
Love this Olixar pen. It's perfect gift as it's packaged well and the pen is in great quality. The fact that it's multifunctional is amazing.
Not just a pen!
Love this. The stylus point is my favourite as it feels really nice to use and has a squishy touch on the screen. The fact that it is a screwdriver too is pretty handy. The packaging was really well presented and there's a little manual included. The pen itself is comfortable to write with and has a criss-cross textured grip towards the tip which looks fancy.
Lovin' It
For a multi-tool pen I am loving this item. The pen writes very well & overall has a sturdy structure. The screwdriver is both straight & phillips which was a good surprise. My only slight issue is with the stylus end - it works well with ant tablet/touch screen device but sometimes skips when writing/drawing with. Other than that it's an all round good buy!
Great for designers/engineers!
Brilliant Multi-Tool to have
This is a great little tool to have. I have tried all 6 features of this pen and was not let down, the ruler and level are very accurate. I keep it on my desk as my go-to now. Love the fact the pen itself has refillable ink cartridges available!
Great stylus pen
Very nice stylus and great that you can change the tips when worn.
The pen is very good too and a handy rule and spirit level and screwdriver included.
From Order to delivery it was very very good
It seems to be a very good item and works very well. It looks OK on the desk too.
Amazing gift for your loved one
Love the 6-in-1 function, makes a great gift for dad.
Great pen...
with all the extras.
Keep an eye on the rubber tip. It likes to pop off when your not looking. Other than that it worked better than I thought it would.
A better description of the size would have been nice. And of course a heads up that the rubber tip may come off easily.
Great Gift
Fun gift for the person who has everything. Nice for Father's Day.
Very stylish. Feels well made and of good quality.
Pen is fluid and nice to write with.
Amazing products, amazing customer service! Thank you!
So stylish
I had the silver version along time ago and the black version is great and looks so much better! Its easy to use and hold. The ruler is always handy with my little ones homework.

Great Pen
Great pen and small utility tool.
Excellent item
Nothing it does everything it said on the packet
I am really pleased with it
Great Product!
Very pleased with my purchase, would definitely buy from this company again.
Performs Exactly As Required
This does the job very well and is good value for money.
Excellent , but it cannot replace s-pen.
Does not replace spen.
Very Useful
I have a black one as well. Say no more!
Bought mainly for stylus which is ok
I bought this pen mainly for the stylus to use on my phone. It works ok, but the penline it makes it quite thick and not particularly agile. The screwdriver heads, scale and level are good for nerds like me, but I can't say I've actually used them for anything. The bubble level is too small to be reliable. All up, it's hard to see the value for this pen at the price.
The product was fully explained and we have purchased this item fro you before and just wanted an updated item. Extremely happy with the purchase
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