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Reviews for Olixar Full Cover Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Screen Protector 2-in-1 Pack

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Keep your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge's screen in pristine condition with this Olixar scratch-resistant edge-to-edge TPU screen protector 2-in-1 pack. Ultra responsive and easy to apply, these protectors are the ideal way to keep your display looking brand new
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Discontinued  - not available for purchase

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Keep your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge's screen in pristine condition with this Olixar scratch-resistant edge-to-edge TPU screen protector 2-in-1 pack. Ultra responsive and easy to apply, these protectors are the ideal way to keep your display looking brand new
 3.5 stars from 82 customers

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Review of screen protector
Nothing i needed to know
Does the job
Clear instructions with video guide ,easily applied to the phone .
Love this website .
Best ever
I've tried one or 2 on the edge screw but this one just fused to it straight away, no lifting at the edges!
A little hard to get on, but great when it's lined up correctly
Description to a tee. Fitted perfectly to my phone.
Great, as long as you watch the instructional video
I have bought this previously and wasn't too impressed (it lasted a while but had a few bubbles and the sides of the screen came off relatively easily)... The second time, after watching a video which included the guide stickers, it's made my cracked screen look almost like new, and fits perfectly. There are no issues with the touch screen not working properly (and no bubbles!)
This screen protector is really very good compared to a previous. The phone reacts very well with the cover in place and it covers the curved edge.
The s7 edge video wasnt easily accessible so followed another which was fine but just could have explained the last application element a little better.
Excellent value!
Excellent product.
I bought this after looking at the reviews. An excellent product, even though it took me a while to fit. It was worth the time and I would definitely recommend it.
Wouldnt buy again
This was almost impossible to mount on screen i couldnt get rid of air bubbles n it didnt wrap around the "edge" part well. That said im not the most patient of people but i definitely wouldnt get again. Screen cleaners were very good though
Good Price but not easy to install on your phone
this is a good price and i can see why you get 2 in 1 cause it not easy to install on your phone, the installation video is useless and makes it look easier than it really is, the screen protector doesnt fit around the whole screen, wont be buying theses again
good product
good screen protector , most of all there is a video ,how to apply ,this make it lot easier ,dont need professional to do it
Lovely product but don't use with a case
I love these screen protectors. They feel great, protect the screen brilliantly and are easy to apply.
The downside is (and i guess this is an issue with curved edge phones rather than a fault of the screen protector itself) is if you want to use it with a case as well. If you do, you will likely find the screen protector lifts at the corners and on the top and bottom edges.
I may try to cut it down a little so it doesn't catch on the case. Hopefully that will help.
Overall this product is great and i would recommend it but is let down when being used on curved edge cased phones.
pleased quick arrival great quality
impressed with the quality for the cost.
Good products. Happy
Does the job
This screen protector fits perfectly. The only down-side is, the Edge models because of their design do not compliment the screen protector with a case.
I found my screen protector occasionally lifts from the corners, this is because of the case.
Very good product
U get what u buy. It's a very good product
Well made.. However
I bought this product for a friend, who recently got the s7 edge.
At first, packaging was clear and not cluttered to read anything, instructions were easy to follow. Here's where the "however" comes into light.. Placing the protector straight to the phone was difficult (but that is not the fault of the protector, this is the issue of the phone and the home button).. Once applied, the tabs on which to pull back and remove, were 'stiff' and hard to grasp peeling. I don't like to take the protector off the phone as it leave ample opportunities for small specs of dust and marks, for instant fingerprints, and so, i removed and replaced.. second time around, it was fine.. This is either a problem caused my myself, or a small fault of the company, however i wanted to address this issue in case this happens to anyone in the future.
screen protector
The product is good and so far there's no and thing about it.. The only thing I would say is that the home screen button hole at the bottom of the screen should be abit bigger.
Screen protectors are rubbish
I have ordered from mobile fun before and there products are good and a good company. but these screen protectors are rubbish they do not stick on the edges due to them being curved .
Absolutely Shocking
Not only was this screen protector an absolute nightmare to put on, when it was finally on it was useless. When trying to remove bubbles the screen protector just tore and left unfixable marks. And even to put all of this aside when actually using it leaves massive smudges and fingerprints everywhere. Even more than if there was no screen protector. Will never be buying from this brand ever again.
Screen protector does not stick to the edges
After reading the reviews I thought I'd give this a go, the screen protector does not stick to the edges,centre yes but not edges on the samsung edge as they are rounded.wasted money ,
products from this company are normally very good this wasn't one of them
waste of money
Edge does not stick properly because of curve. Easily come of time to time.
Hit and Miss
The Olixar screen protectors are a little hit and miss, they are nice and easy to put on and (I recommend that you watch the application video on you tube for that) and the touch sensitivity is good but as always it depends on the case as to whether they stay on or not. I bought 2 1 for my S8 and 1 for my S7 edge. The S7 edge worked fine with my spigen case but the S8 which is in a rinke case did not, the case pushed it out. They are good screen protectors as long as you have a case that works with them.
Nothing is starightforward
This protector is good value and easy to fit but will not wrap round the edges of a Samsung EDGE 7 - although you can wrap it round, it refuses to stay wrapped and the edges curl back; my solution has been to reduce the width in order for it to cover the flat part of the screen.
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