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At last, a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus case that offers all around front, back and sides protection and still allows full use of the phone. The Olixar FlexiCover in crystal clear is the most functional and protective gel case yet.

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As described clear back and front perfect fit.fast delivery would highly recommend
Offers good all round protection.
Wanted something that would protect my phone while attached to a tripod mount. Works really well, the sensitivity of the screen is affected a tiny bit but not a real problem. I have decided to also purchase the camera lens protector from Olixar as this is the part of the phone that the case does not cover.
It does what it says
The case is a good fit. It does very slightly alter the sharpness of the screen, but not excessively.
People have complained about touch sensitivity, but as there is no need for a screen protector (i.e. I removed it ) touch seems to work just fine.
Overall, I like it and I'm glad I bought it.
Nice idea
Got this as liked the idea of all round protection without the bulk,it does it's job well and looks nice,I work in construction so need a good case I use this but when at work I use a shock sock as well to stop dust getting in the ports.but a nice casenforneveryday use
Worked well for me
I was a little worried about purchasing when I saw some of the previous reviews. But having taken a punt I'm glad I did, as the case guards well without a complex install and adding loads of bulk to my S9 Plus.

I use my phone at work and with building sites being so dusty I wanted to ensure my whole phone stay protected. Yes the touch sensitivity isn't quite as good as it is without the case on, but I found it still very usable. What I love about the case is that I can really quickly clip the front cover on and off, ideal for when I'm at work and then taken off when I'm at home in a less dusty environment.

For £12 it fits my needs perfectly and was much easier than buying and trying to fit a screen protector!
good protection and very slim
Bought this case after having something similar with my previous phone and I still love it. Really simple to fit and once together it provides really good protection for my entire phone.

I'd recommend it, although one thing to consider is that sensitivity will be slightly affected, but nothing you can live with.
Dreadful... Dont buy
- Doesnt fit brilliantly
- Sensor doesnt work with it on
- Not very touch sensitive, you have to push quite hard on
the screen
- Iris sensor does not work with it on
- Proximity sensor does not work with it on

Only positive is that it does give reasonable all round protection.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Aisha

Sorry to hear you are not happy with this case. Can you please check that the case is perfectly installed, as this could block the iris and proximity sensor. For touch sensitivity, there is actually an option within the S9 settings to enable a feature they actually call 'Touch Sensitivity', which improves greatly screen responsiveness due to any screen protectors applied etc.

Hope this helps.
Requires developing
The concept is a good idea, however, the case renders the facial and iris recognition useless.
Also, the fingerprint scanner is not easy to access with the case on.
The front screen is affected by the case, so sensitivity is greatly reduced.
Been using for 3 weeks.
The case is good for protection but the screen has lots of little holes a bit like pores which ruin the s9 screen quality. When making or receiving calls the case covers the proximity sensor so the display stays off when on a call until you remove front case cover. Very frustrating.

I will be replacing this.
Good protection however substantially reduces sensitivity of touch screen.
Great for protecting the mobile however the touchscreen is frustratingly inhibited by the cover. I don't think I will be able to use it because you need to push the screen quite hard to use it.

Overall very disapointed.
MobileFun Reply

Please see our blog regarding sensitivity: https://www.mobilefun.co.uk/blog/2018/03/how-to-make-galaxy-s9-screen-protectors-work-better/
Good fit but for me impractical
This is on paper a novel idea and is really well made and a good fit , but it doesn`t really work that well.Inside it is textured to prevent it sticking to the phone but it only succeeds in making it a little cloudy and hides too much of such a good looking phone.
I was curious and gave it a go but i won`t be using it.
Excellent quality
Fits perfect. Has curved edges same as phone. All ports line up perfectly

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