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Olixar Android Press Button Reviews

A super quick shortcut key for Android smartphones and tablets. When inserted into the headphone port, presets you configure can be triggered in an instant to activate your favourite apps and functions.
  • Mobile Fun ID 48049

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 2.7 stars from 19 customers

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Item did not work
Inserting disables the internal mic making this useless for my use case
Seems well built, recommended app not available for the pixel but found another which works really well (button remapper)

While this allows diversion of audio through the speaker I can't find a way to bypass the headset mic so unable to use this button for Google assistant
Doesnt work
Simply just did'nt work the way it said it would. The different shortcuts do not work.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Nich

Sorry to hear you are having problems. Please contact our Customer Services team so we can assist.
good... but
The Olixar Klick thingy is a really good idea... one major problem though... unless you're using bluetooth to stream you music and phone calls, you have to pull it out. It might be fixed by an app upgrade in the future, but for right now... that's super annoying.

otherwise, its a great idea. I need it to just close the headphone slot so metal chips and dirt don't get in it (nature of my job). The click shortcuts are a great idea... but you are completely limited as to what you can open up. If you want to open facebook, or your sms app, or what have you... more than likely you are unable. BUT that being said, you can use it to turn on your flashlight which is a really useful tool to have so quick.

seems like it's good quality, and the pushbutton feels like a quality build, so thats a good thing!

Overall, for what I wanted, it sort of falls short on android 7 and the current app. It just needs to allow the phone to bypass the headphone slot and use the speakers... but as for right now... it doesn't unfortunately.
worked, but.....
So the device worked as described, but I didn't know plugging this into my headphone jack would trick my phone into thinking I had headphone in. I took a few calls and thought my phone was messed up because I couldn't hear the caller. I finally figured out my phone thought I had headphones in. I liked the idea of quick access to the flashlight and camera via clicking the device, but couldn't figure out any method to continue receiving calls with this device plugged in.
Well, it really works! I had no idea before I ordered it as to what might arrive. It seemed alien to me that a simple headphone plug with a small push button on its end could be programmed from an app to open 3 different other apps by just pushing it once, twice or for a longer single time! Definitely recommend it and the usual excellent service from MobileFun to deliver it promptly within 2 days.
Bottom pressing easy to use
Easy to use especially as I'm disabled and my fingers don't do what I want them to all I have to is press the bottom easy to set up.
App recommended is terrible, renders product unusable
Unfortunately, whilst the press button itself is well manufactured and incredibly easy to install, the recommended app does not work! It was not possible to assign the programmable 'clicks' as suggested, making it useless. As the app is non-English language, this makes troubleshooting difficult.

Also, you need to be very careful on type of case, but this is a minor issue against the fact that you won't be able to use the button in any case!

Overall, stick to the phone functions, as whilst this is supposed to help, it does everything but.
MobileFun Reply

As well as the app the Android Push Button recommends, there are a bunch of other apps that are compatible that will accomplish similar tasks so don't feel you have to restrict yourself to that one app.

As far as I can tell, although in the Googl
This product could be a great asset, when using a mobile phone in cold conditions. We particularly wanted to use it to activate the camera on a mobile phone.

When trying to download the apps to use this device, Norton Mobile Protection, indicates a risk, which has made me unsure if to download the software or not.
MobileFun Reply
Hi Stephen

If you look at the manual, Olixar recommend an app for you to download. We have tested this ourselves and find it works absolutely fine.

Hope this helps.
Apps a button press away
This button is a great way of instantly launching any three of your favourite apps. I can't get the (fourth) long press to work correctly on my phone but for the three apps I use most, it's very handy. I could only find an app in Chinese, so that may not have helped.
Don't do what I first did and have a single press turn on the flash/torch because I found I'd activated it in my pocket and the battery was running low. I should have ticked the option box so that app only opened if the phone is unlocked.
I currently use one press to open my home automation package, two presses for the camera and three for the flashlight. It's great - buy one!

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