Official Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus LED Cover Case - Black Reviews

Protect your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus from harm with the intuitive LED offical case from Samsung in Black.
  • Mobile Fun ID 70681

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 4 stars from 9 customers

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Perfect fit, and very solid... nice case
Super Fun
This is my "going out" case, it's so fun! You click it on your phone and a Samsung app pops up and let's you customise and play. Super cute and useful! Love the camera timer and call icons. I'm sure this is the beginning and there will be a lot more features in the future🔮😊❤️
Good gimic, but feels like more protection is needed
This case does look quite cool, its a rubber feel and is easy to put on but without feeling like it will come off.

However, it's this is just personal choice, but with the value of the phone I felt that the lack front of phone coverage meant I didn't feel comfortable so have since replaced.
Very excellent product..
Stylish but that's about it
I purchased this as I've previously used the led cover cases and loved them but sadly this case did not meet my expectations. I was under the impression the led features would only turn on when receiving a notification however it seems they remain on permanently until you turn them off this obviously causes dramatic battery loss. It also offers no protection against accidental drops.

Yes it's a super glossy stylish case with a thin profile and cool light effects but it drains your battery and lights up until you turn it off in the settlings it's not worth the high price tag.
I pre ordered the s10 plus and wanted a nice cover as the s10 wasn't on release I couldn't see what the cover looked like. Pictures on the website helped and the case came super quick. Definitely recommend
COver at the best
Good fits, and definitely distinct

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