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Official Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Leather Cover Case - Navy Reviews

This Official Samsung Leather Cover in Navy is the perfect way to keep your Galaxy S10 Plus smartphone protected whilst keeping yourself updated with your notifications.
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 4.4 stars from 3 customers

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Beautiful, but will it withstand a drop?
I am really impressed with this case. Very similar to the Apple leather cases however the leather Apple uses is thicker then the Samsung branded leather case. I am a bit worried how well the phone will do with a drop to the hard ground. The leather is thin and it doesn't give me the impression it can hold up well in a drop disaster. The case is gorgeous and professional looking.
It is a lovely colour and protects back of phone while enabling a better grip.
Beautiful Fit. Minimal Protection
Was after an official Samsung leather case for a while and held out until I got the new S10+. This case is what you'd expect for the cost, well made, beautiful finish and a perfect fit. The case is open at the bottom so doesn't provide full edge protection and there is very little height in the corners protruding the screen meaning that putting it screen down on a table doesn't give you much offset from small bits of dirt on the surface. It does offset the cameras nicely though and provides much-needed grip to the case. I think this will improve with age. Like many leather products, it's a little too plasticky and shiny when you first take it out. Would recommend for anyone who after a slick well fitting case. However, if you have an active lifestyle you may want to get something different or treat this as a case for smart events.

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