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This Official Samsung Clear View Cover in Black is the perfect way to keep your Galaxy S10 smartphone protected whilst keeping yourself updated with your notifications thanks to the clear view front cover.
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Good case
Original Samsung case to utilise the time and date features, so far has looked great. It will be interesting to see how long it keeps the shiny look when it has been used for a while.
An impressive phone case
I would have liked to have known that the case would be recognised by the phone, it took me quite by surprise when the phone sent me a message saying thanks for installing the case and that I could now get some free schemes for the lock and home screens. I was also surprised that the item came all the way from the UK.
Great Item
Excellent genuine Samsung product. Does exactly what it should do.
Slightly disappointed
The case is very shiny and quite slippery. The letters showing through are quite fuzzy and not too easy to see. The case shows every mark and is already showing some scratches. On a positive note, I like the slimness of the case. Over all, I consider the case expensive for what it is...
Stylish and practical
Worth spending the extra money over cheaper options.
Beautiful and practical
Great company, would defo use again!
The cover is great and ordering and receiving the product was very easy. Would definitely recommend the cover as you don't need to keep the cover open to receive calls like regular covers. Would definitely order from mobile fun again.
Excellent Service
Very helpful Customer Service
Excellent service
Great customer service, quick delivery and good value for money
Great case fits well and looks great.
Does it fit the phone well and does it wear well.
Wanted to know if it looked good-and it does! Does it protect my phone-it does! Was it worth paying that little bit extra?- think it was!
Solid case, looks sleek on my galaxy s10
Excellent service and product
I can highly recommend this phone case. Previously had one for a Samsung 7edge and was so pleased it I was confident to have the new case for my Samsung 10 it looks really good and has been admired on many occasions. Easy to fit phone into and stays in place keeping it safe.
these are excellent cases which last the testnofvtime
I've been using this kind of case since I first switched to Samsung phones with the Galaxy 7, three years ago. When I upgraded to the new S10 recently, my old phone and case were still in perfect condition, neither had a scratch or mark of any kind. So I'm sticking to this version and won't bother with cheaper copies. The case matches the colour and the beautiful sheen on the body of the phone perfectly.
Happy with purchase of Samsung Galaxy S10 Clear View Case
I was very happy with my purchase of Samsung Galaxy S10 Clear View Case from MobileZap. It was very easy to order and the delivery time exceeded my expectaion. The product is as good as I thought it would be.
Great Case
This is a fab case. Fits the phone perfectly and looks very slick too. Most importantly, it doesn't add bulk to the phone, so it fits nicely in pockets etc!! Great quality, with a premium feel. Very pleased....
Exactly as ordered for a great price
Came quickly. Exactly what I ordered and for a very competitive price when I bought it. No complaints
Great Buy!
I wasn't sure about about getting this case for my new Samsung Galaxy S10 phone. For one, although it was said to be the official Samsung phone case, it was much cheaper than the same case on Samsung's website. It fits and looks great, as well as providing much needed protection.
excellent cover
perfect cover for the s10, and delivered on time
Arrived on time. Love the colour matching case, shame they are so expensive.
Had the s6 with matching genuine clear view case only paid £10.
Just need dome screen protector now.
Samsung need to fetch accessorie prices down. Great service thank you
Excellent product
The case is great, sturdy and a good colour match. The only downside is that I can't "stand" the phone so I think perhaps I got the wrong one!
Very good phone cover
Does what it says on the tin and doesn't feel flimsy, yet isn't bulky. Love seeing the notifications through the front panel and the green is a nice green! Plus you can control the volume on the side buttons without having to open the cover. Just a little pricey, but worth it for the phone, it's a decent cover and would buy again.
A little over priced
It's a phone case you can see thru, true.
It offers protection to your phone when you drop it. I did and it surived, 3 times. Fits well as you would expect.
Not sure how long the hinged front will last over timr tho. Too early to say right now.
Fits perfect. Gives complete protection of the phone. Love it, well worth the money.
excellent service. fast delivery. really happy with the purchase
Great product, Great service
Fantastic case. Fits really well and still let's you see notifications with it closed. Speedy delivery service too.
Great product
S10 fits exactly. Should protect the phone at all times.

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