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Reviews for Martin Fields Screen Protector - HTC Desire

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
The ultimate screen protector with best scratch resistance, durability and enhanced clarity.
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Discontinued  - not available for purchase

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The ultimate screen protector with best scratch resistance, durability and enhanced clarity.
 4.5 stars from 94 customers

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Definitely Recommended
Our office have just had new HTC desires and we were instructed to get screen protectors. I saw how poor other peoples cheap ones were with edges not sticking etc. I decided to read all the reviews.

This protector is expensive - no getting away from it BUT it really does do exactly what it says. You wouldn't know my phone had a protectro on it, it was so simple to put on, I have no bubbles without any complicated technique to do it. I am so impressed, the screen feels just the same as before. I would definitely buy this again although I get the feeling that it will really last well.

Overall, very highly recommended, give it a go!
Best screnn protector yet.
This has been the best screen protector I have found on the market to date. No issues with air bubbles under the protector and the touch screen works perfectly.
Screen saver
The product works well,but it is too expensive for what it is.
This protector is so easy to air bubbles and no gaps around the screen. Once it is in place it is very easy to clean and the screen is no less responsive.
Should protect the screen well
A little fiddly to put on, needs patience.
Excellent product
Easy to put on, looks good and phone screen feels like a new phone without a protector. This is definitely the best screen protector I've used
Excellent product
2nd time I've ordered this (changed phone). More expensive than most, but really good clarity and easy to apply, so worth the extra money.
best screen protector
Bought this as a different make I bought previously bubbled and peeled and looked a mess, this is easy to put on, no bubbles, looks great. Would buy martin fields next time no question.
Did the job
Did the job - much better than others I have tried or used for Kindles etc. Worth the extra price.
HTC Desire Martin Fields Screen Protector
The easiest screen protector to apply I have ever used. Very good quality, would not buy any other now.
was told it was the best.....
..... and it is. Feels a very quality product and you can tell this when it comes to applying it. Because of the quality of the plastic it doesn't flop too quickly over your screen trapping pockets of air. Take it slowly and it is like having a second skin. No visual distortion, the colour rendition of the screen is perfect.
Martin Fields Scree Protector
Excelent product - easy to install - one tiny pinprick on the side that I couldn't get out - but really good - dont notice it at all

go for it
martinfields screen protector for htc desire
ordered Wednesday afternoom, received 11.00 Thursday great service.
Already on my phone and so easy to apply and workd fien on the Touchscreen and I have had my phone 5 months.
ok a little surface drag and adhesion but that is fine and ok to type to .
Can 100% receommend this for your Desire and the great service from mobilefun.
Seems OK, Time will tell!
I bought one of these a couple of weeks ago.
It turned up on time (Royal Mail 1st Class, arrived Saturday AM).
It fits my HTC Desire's screen fine, with only a 1mm gap (or so!) on all sides, and it hasn't slipped or needed re-positioning at all so far.
Doesn't seem to have affected touch-screen sensitivity and control at all, but bear in mind this is my first touch screen 'phone!
This only gets 4 stars from me as I don't give full marks without a comparison :-)
Great product
I've used cheaper screen savers previously, and have now used the Martin Fields product on both HTC Desire & iPhone 3GS. The difference in price is well worth paying, for the ease of application, avoidance or removal of air bubbles, accuracy of trimming, and for the tips on application (like how to get a bit of muck of the adhesive side without leaving your finger prints all over it).
Fantastic - exactly what I needed
Couldn't make up my mind which screen protector to go for, and so I thought I'd try this one mainly because of the reviews people had posted. I was not disappointed. It was all fitted in less than a minute and you can hardly tell the phone has a protector on it. It covered all of my HTC Desire screen, and it is still as responsive as it was before I applied the cover, so all in all, I am very happy with the choice I made. I would definitely buy Martin Fields screen protectors again for any other equipment I have just mainly because of the ease of fitting. Would definitely recommend.
proper job
I bought this as a present and the recipient was very pleased with it saying it was 'the proper job'
Very expensive but worth it
A was concerned about how much more this one was compared to the others available. But it is well worth it. Easy to apply without any air pockets. Been on a week so far and the edges are still firmly stuck on
A "must buy" for your Desire
Having tried cheaper screen protectors which never looked right to me or lasted very well, I was reluctant to pay quite a lot extra for this one but I was not disappointed. Fit according to the instructions and you will find it is sturdy, bubble free and invisible and so far has given excellent protection.
Martin Fields Screen Protector
Does what it says on the tin.
Easy to fit with no bubbles and doesn't change the look or effectiveness of the touchscreen.
However, it does slightly change the feel of the screen, giving it a slightly higher friction coefficient than the plain screen.
all that glitters is not gold
Applied when phone was factory fresh. HTC screen protector came off and put this on. It lifted on one corner within a week even after cleaning area with isoproyl alcohol. Protector is now ready to be binned after only 7 months. not impressed with the product at all. not very scratch resistant. will be going for cheap options next time as they lasted twice as long on my blackberry
Great screen protector
Ordered this screen protector for my new HTC desire. Was the easiest screen protector I have ever applied - went on first time with no air bubbles. Also seems to make screen clearer
HTC desire Martin Fields Screen Protector
Brilliant screen protector easy to apply five gold stars from me
Ideal screen protector
I bought this after having searched through the site thoroughly and looked at previous owners and what they had to say. This in itself was helpful and I decided to buy this solely on their recommendations.

The kit arrived very quickly considering I placed the order very early one morning and in good nick. I'm not one of those who reads the info and made a couple of mistakes trying to fit the thing. Knowing that I would have taken the time to wait and read.

Fortunately the protector itself is a quality product and forgiving. Despite having to lift the thing off a couple of times, then turn it the correct way round, it proved a very good fit.

The credit card idea of smoothing the bubbles outdidn't work for me too well personally, and using a soft piece of fine cloth was better - my credit card was a little too sharp at the edges.

All in all; you won't go wrong if you read the instructions and take your time. It's on now and I wouldn't know it - which is all you can ask - and it's protecting the screen, something which wish I'd done on a Pocket PC I had several years ago.

Well recommended.
Great product
Fits onto screen easily and does a good job of protecting it from scratches.
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