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MagnaBall Centrifugal Fidget Spinner Tricks Toy

Whether you're an executive looking for an amusing distraction or want to keep the kids happy, this high quality magnetic centrifugal ball spinner in a high quality chromed steel finish is ideal for tricks, entertainment and relaxing.
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Why Buy?

  • Master complex tricks beyond other fidget spinners - Have fun and experiment
  • High quality magnetic orbital spinner design
  • Smooth chromed steel finish
  • Proven to aid anxiety, stress and other issues
  • Sturdy, compact build, perfect for travel
  • Comes in a metallic presentation gift tin
  • Excellent gift idea

Master complex tricks beyond other fidget spinners - Have fun and experiment

Most spinners are great fun but as good as they can be, they're ultimately quite limited in what you can do with them. With the MagnaBall, there is far more scope for tricks. There are several different ways in which you can spin, manipulate the ball bearings and manoeuvre it in your hand. It also makes it a more unpredictable and satisfying fidget toy experience and you can experiment to your hearts content.

MagnaBall Centrifugal Fidget Spinner Tricks Toy

High quality magnetic orbital spinner design

Featuring a magnetic orbital ball spinner design that is perfectly balanced, this fidget spinner is ideal to keep you spinning for years to come. Centrifugal force and magnetism combine to create a very satisfying and challenging figet toy experience that is different to most others on the market.

MagnaBall Centrifugal Fidget Spinner Toy

Smooth chromed steel finish

With high quality super-smooth you can rely on this spinner to spin for ages. The beautifully aligned parts allow for super-slick cyclic action that will amaze your friends, family or colleagues. Allow for a few days or weeks of use for optimum speed. They're good to go, yes, but they'll only get better with time and practice. With this beautifully engineered surface, less friction is created, which is ideal for this type of gadget.

MagnaBall Centrifugal Fidget Spinner Toy

Proven to aid anxiety, stress and other issues

Not just a hot new craze, these fidget spinners are known to help with anxiety, focusing, autism, quitting bad habits and relieving stress.

MagnaBall Centrifugal Fidget Spinner Toy

Sturdy, compact build, perfect for travel

Bring your MagnaBall to a friend's house and share in the fun, or pack this nifty gadget into a suitcase or backpack for a trip. The super-sturdy build quality means damage in transit is extremely unlikely, while packing into a bag, pocket or your luggage is easy and safe.

MagnaBall Centrifugal Fidget Spinner Toy

Comes in a metallic presentation gift tin

This awesome gadget comes with a superb metallic presentation gift tin for easy access and storage. This is the perfect way to carry your spinner when on the move and makes it even more impressive if you're gifting this to somebody.

Excellent gift idea

Need a great gift idea for friends or family member? This gadget is perfect as a present for someone you love and an ideal option for all ages and persuasions. It doesn't require power and is insanely addictive.

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