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Reviews for Love Mei Powerful Huawei P30 Protective Case - Black

Protect your Huawei P30 with one of the toughest and most protective cases on the market, ideal for helping to prevent possible damage from water and dust, this is the black Love Mei Powerful Protective Case.
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Protect your Huawei P30 with one of the toughest and most protective cases on the market, ideal for helping to prevent possible damage from water and dust, this is the black Love Mei Powerful Protective Case.
 4.2 stars from 48 customers

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Best purchase ever
I love the new case n will only buy these one for the rest of my life.
I have suggested them too all my friends.
Brilliant product
I'm so happy with my purchase and will be purchasing from this site again. I love my case thank you so much.
Excellent phone case
This is the best phone cae I have ever had, it makes your phone look a little big but it protects it so well. I'm forever dropping my phone or knocking it at work, this case like armour, it can take a real hammering. I would recommend it to anyone with a p20 pro
good quality case, very protective. only thing is the weight. The edge can be a bit thinner.
an open case picture to be able to see the frame structure.
Unbelievable strength.
I drive semi artic trucks and I drove over my phone this morning, obviously by accident, but the truck was hooked up to a loaded trailer too. So the truck drove over my phone and my phone is still in mint condition, unbelievable.
The case is damaged but that's why I'm here, to get a new case.
Excellent product and unbelievable strength.
It saved my phone 100%.
Too heavy to be practical. Almost unusable.
Service was good. However after a trial fit I have retired this to the drawer. There is no doubt it will protect your phone. It weighs 260 grams however. The phone weighs only 190... Combine this is almost half a kilo or 1lb in old money. It should come with a pair of suspenders for your trousers to keep them up as when you put it in your pocket you can feel a gravitational tug. Looks very well made but is too heavy to be practically considered.
Far too big great protection but it's like carrying a tablet!
I've purchased a different one
Class case
Nice case. Very secure
Justifies the price
Great case
Superb strong case. Great all round protection of the phone
Didn't know it had a built in screen protector which is fantastic
Easy to remove the screws with the special tool. Allen key also provided
Bit pricey for a case but totally worth it for the protection it gives
Ordered Fri. Was delivered Tuesday for £1 something.
Wrong case
It looks like a great case, but I ordered a p30pro case and this one (p30) arrived insread.
Great product
Exactly as described and quick delivery
Very good
I wasn't waiting long for the item it is really good and protects my phonr
great phone cover, totally recommend it, teak tuff.
all the info i needed was available, cheers.
Excellent product and customer service
Due to working on a farm this phonecase has proved to be very useful as I am always dropping it when out and about. ???? My phone is completely undamaged. I do tighten the screws in the back now and agian just to make sure they are always secure which I find useful. ???? Also the customer service team are very nice and helpful.
It's the best case I've ever had. I am really talented and I can break everything but this case makes my phone so solid I can't break it. And it looks really nice. It's big, but I like it! Quick delivery, very professional
Very disappointed
Very dissatisfied with this product. I purchased it as it was meant to be strong, durable and dust proof.. It isn't dust proof at all. When I removed cover to clean dust the phone on the inside which is delicate was all smashed. So it didn't protect the phone itself either. Expensive product for this to have happened.
Very strong case
The case is strong and needs to be screwed together. It is quite heavy and large, but overall I am happy with it.
Excellent case.
I had already purchased this case for my own phone and this is my second purchase for my partners phone! It's very protective and even protected my phone when I dropped it into water.
This is an amazing case. Very protective in all ways, as someone who's pretty clumsy this case has already saved my brand new phone form several big falls so far. Very bulky, it feel like a tank in my hand????
Doesn't work as described, broke on day 1
Case doesn't work as described, broke early on and was ignored my mobile fun CS.
Well Made Case
Well worth waiting for, this is the best phone case I have ever had.
Strong case
Its a heavy case that is screwed on. This makes it a very safe case. Mush better than most. It does mean it is bulky. But defo not a deal breaker. I prefer to have a strong bulky case that will do its job when dropped.
Protective but heavy
Definitely a very protective case but be aware it is very very heavy. When I got the parcel in the mail I was surprised lifting it from the letterbox!
Had one for Sony z5 an now huawei p30 both strong solid and protective
Big, heavy but I bought it for that reason
If you want a case to protect your phone this is it. Tbh I've not used it yet but I bought this for when out in the field. So no risk of it getting smashed around, get covered in mud and dust. I knew the size of it and the weight before I bought it so wasn't a surprise.
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