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Leather Style Wallet Case for iPhone 5S / 5 - Black Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Keep your iPhone 5S / 5 protected in this stylish, black, leather style wallet case.
  • Mobile Fun ID 36270

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$11.49 inc Tax
 4.6 stars from 32 customers

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Extremely good value and quality
This is the second case I've purchased. Great quality and a well designed product. The quality is very good and I am very please with my purchase. MobileFun have always been efficient and a good company to deal with.
Extremely good value and quality
This is the second case I've purchased. Great quality and a well designed product. The quality is very good and I am very please with my purchase. MobileFun have always been efficient and a good company to deal with.
Excellent product ; just took a little time getting to me
Love the product ; just took a while to receive it.
Will tell others about your site.
As described and value for money
As described and value for money.looks good and nice magnetic clip. Highly recommended.
Excellent cover
Well fitting cover-very good design and excellent quality
More than happy with my phone cover. It's excactly as it was on website. Delivery was really good.
Have ordered before on this site and went like clockwork. Thanks
An excellent case
An excellent case which protects the phone on all fronts. At the moment the case is wearing well.
Outstanding value
A great product at an incredible price. Holds the phone really well and allows access to all connections. Looks better quality than similar products from other companies. Would not hesitate to recommend to anyone with an iPhone 5S.
Great Product
It's neat, It's sweet,
Delivery was a treat.
It's an excellent product
and it's hard to beat.
Great value
A lovelly little case ideal to keep my clumsy wife's phone secure has a magnetic catch and space for cards passes etc. brilliant
love it
the description given matched exactly with the product
I phone 5s case
Great for valve , looks brill , does the job
Great but
This item perfectly protects your phone but when calling or using the phone the case gets in the way. The cover and clip stick out and interrupt usage. When pinned back behind the phone it's great but it is already, after 4 days, wearing on the case. I like the idea and style and feel but think the design/usage needs improving. Difficult to open one handed and definitely cannot put the phone to your ear one handed due to the flappy covers. Sound a bit distorted with cover people find it hard to hear you talking on the phone at times.
Becoming disappointing
Ordered this leather case based on it's appearance and it is nice and durable but certain things are becoming a problem.

Such as the hole where the camera shows through is either in wrong position or slightly too small as a shadow from it shows in all my pictures.

Also the inside of the case on the join has starting to go in hole already which means no doubt shortly I'm going to have to get a new case...not too chuffed
I originally bought the white version of this phone cover. It worked well but got very dirty very quickly.

The stitching also came apart a bit.

I ordered the black one as a replacement. It's great for putting Oyster and a bank card and some cash, which means you don't have to lug your handbag around to carry everything in!
Great phone case
The case is great, I no longer need to carry a wallet as it holds my cards and cash too. Also can use my phone with its connectors whilst the case is attached.
Very nice product, was pleasantly surprised of the quality. It's sometimes hard to tell what you'll get by a photo online. But very nice and now my wife wants one in a different color.
Great quality, great fit, great protection.
As a retained firefighter, I want a case that will keep my phone safe when I discard it in the back of the fire engine. This case, which fits the iPhone 5s perfectly, gives full protection front and back. The magnetic catch also helps to ensure that the case remains closed when in use.

Unlike some other iPhone 5 cases I tried, this one allows full access to the front of the phone so you can make use of the fingerprint sensor and the swipe up control centre. Both of these features are unusable with some cases which enclose the front side of the phone.

I also really like the addition of the card slots and a pocket for notes (money). It's great knowing that I will always have my bank card and some emergency cash as my phone never leaves my side.

All this with a high quality finish and materials. Highly recommended.
Excellent choice
Updating my phone & having recently had a double below the knee amputation, I needed cover which could also provide me with a mini wallet/cover When I saw the item in the latest mailing I found a product that as well as providing a sturdy phone cover also provided me with a two credit/debit card storage & a pocket area that was suitable for holding bank notes. Just the job!
a very practical case
This case came faster than the medication I ordered from Arizona the same day. It came from England. It has a perfect fit for the iphone and a place large enough for 2 cards 2 id's and a couple of receipts, plus my proxy badge for work. I read that one guy burst his seams after a week so I was a bit worried. I didn't keep a lot in my wallet to begin with. No worries the guy must have been over the top with sticking crap in his case.
It had a chemical smell to it at first but that has gone away. I showed my wife (who is english) and she sniffed it, then took a long deep pull from it. It was euphoria for her. apparently that is what the leather shops smell like over there. All and all, I am happy with this purchase.
Nice phone case
I bought this for my husband as his new iphone 5 was getting scratched. He was very pleased with it. Good value too - half the price of the ones in the Apple shop.
Great Case
I bought one of these for myself and my brother-in-law liked it so much I've bought him one for Xmas. This is well made, faux leather (which is great for animal-lovers), holds credit cards, your phone and cash so it is all you need to stick in your pocket and away you go!

Love it!
Good value
The case came quickly it fits easily and the card holder part of the case is really good no more taking phone and wallet just the one item recommended to all iPhone 5 users
Best Case
I've been searching for iPhone 5 case for over a month and this item is just perfect. Excellent quality, looks good, fits phone nicely and protects the phone from stretches. Good buy if you ask me.
Not fit for purpose
What a great idea, just want to hold a few credit card and some cash. Mine lasted about a week, then the seam just comes away. This happened to my last one.
As you put the card in, I guess it rubs against the side, and the seam is so thin, it just can't take a card going in and out. Do the manufacturers not try these things for a few weeks before they put them on sale? You might be lucky with yours, but I can't see it lasting anyone more than a month. I guess you get what you pay for - although the last one I had was £35, did exactly the same.
This case is not only a great looking, great quality case, it also doubles up as a purse, great space saving idea for the handbag.

Love it :-)
This is a reasonably priced wallet protector. Not fancy just practical. Worth the money and recommended.
As you go along the journey of life you gain wisdom. The little gal at the AT&T store said where did you get that case I love it. IN my wisdom years I was proud to say I found it on the internet and she looked at me like WOW Grandma you rock. PS I Love the case Perfect!!!

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