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Reviews for Ksix Smart Alarm Clock 2 With Qi Fast Charge Wireless Charger - Black

The Smart Alarm Clock 2 from Ksix is the perfect bedside accessory. The slim design displays a clear time without using much space. Never loose power as this clock is built with a Qi Fast Charger & 8 colour mode night light giving you the perfect sleep.
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The Smart Alarm Clock 2 from Ksix is the perfect bedside accessory. The slim design displays a clear time without using much space. Never loose power as this clock is built with a Qi Fast Charger & 8 colour mode night light giving you the perfect sleep.
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What a fined
I purchased this light/clock/charger in a hurry to use in an emergency for a patient to sleep down stairs. What a find! The digital clock adjustable brightness is is amazing. Clear, can be seen across the room. The multi colour light can set for any mood. The charger was just a bonus, but I had to take the phone out of it's case to work well. The instructions were too small print, had to take photo to expand it to read them.
Bedside table
Just the best bedroom clock and phone charger i have bought ????
Clock and tablet wireless charger review
The only fact that was left out of the explain, I didn't know my self was that the charger needed another device( qi wireless charger receiver)to charger the tablet. I'm not up to date on all the tech out there. I'm just like most people out there. I see something I like so I get it. If the advertisement included those facts. I believe it won't effect sales but help with unknowligable customers from feeling like they just got ripped off when they try out the charger for the first time and it fails to work. It has different color lighting options thats if you want can cycle through all the colors on loop. I also like the design of the clock I think it was well made making for a cool and easy way to charge your tablet or phone.
Alarm clock/charger
It was a gift for my son and he is very happy so far so good.
fast charge
fast charge and an alarm clock that has adjustable light levels two
Mobile phone charger with clock & light
Excellent convenient mobile phone charger with clock & light!
I find the clock just a little too bright but perhaps there's a way to tone that down?
Great alarm and charger
This alarm clock is great, looks great and works well.
Has two alarms. Comes in 12h clock, it doesn't tell you you need to press the clock button twice to switch to 24h. I had to contact support to find out.
You will want to cover the small LED that lights up when charging, it can keep you awake at night.
Could do with the buttons having some texture so you can find them in the dark.
Electrical Current Noise
This looked to be exactly what I was after. Upon opening the box I went straight for the instruction manual. It is very vague, not even explaining how to set the time. After plugging it in it made an electrical current noise which I didn't want next to my bed. Another thing is the two dots between the hours and minutes flash off and on. It wouldn't be an issue if the display wasn't so bright. Even on the dullest setting, it still lights up the room at night. It would be better if you could adjust the colour of the display so it wouldn't be so bright. The control/setting buttons on the front are easily bumped then you have to try and work out how to get the setting back to what you wanted. It isn't good accidentally turning the alarm on for 3am when you wanted the only day of the week to sleep in. I did like the different coloured mood light settings. Would make for a nice romantic touch to the bedroom. As I felt it wasn't safe and would be annoying to sleep with the electrical current noise, I contacted Mobile Zap about the fault and they happily refunded my money. Now I need to find something similar to put beside my bed so I can easily put my phone on to charge. It was a great idea as a all in one thing so you don't clutter up beside your bed.
Great, almost Perfect but for one small niggle??
Has a large front display, dimmable, easy enough to set up.
The One tiny thing that annoying is when its charging, The Blue Led at the front flashes continuously, this is quite bright and distracting lighting up the bedroom.(Wife commented on it).
I had to place some black tape over the light to stop this.
Fantastic product!
Great value product which looks amazing. Cannot complain!

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