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Reviews for HTC BA S410 Desire Battery

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Replacement battery for your HTC Desire. Never run out of power again!!
Price: $20.99

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Discontinued  - not available for purchase

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Replacement battery for your HTC Desire. Never run out of power again!!
 4.4 stars from 37 customers

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Mobile batteries
I recently purchased a battery for my HTC Desire from the website. I found the site easy to navigate and the product arrived in a timely fashion
New lease of life !!!
We stopped using the HTC Desire because the battery only lasted about 2 to 3 hours max which was frustrating, but after buying this battery, the phone now has a new lease of life. We can now use the phone for up to 8 to 10 hours before charging. It feels like a brand new phone now !
spare battery
My son was really pleased with this as he now has a spare battery. I read some reviews of mobile fun, so felt confident in ordering from them and they didnt disappoint. Received the day after ordering. Wld definitely recommend this company.
Literally the finest purchase I could have made
I needed a battery that I could put in my HTC Desire phone in order to provide the power that the phone needs to work. I ordered a battery from MobileFun, and it works.

Having now been asked to write a review, I am delighted to say this is quite literally the finest product I could have bought under the circumstances.

Some will say I ought to have tried alternatives, such as a striped sock, a cactus plant or the owner's manual for a Kenwood Chef. But no, I bought an HTC battery to fill the space inside my HTC phone, and frankly I think it's an excellent product for the purpose. It's the right shape and everything.

I honestly think the inventors and designers have a winner here. Given the task of finding something that would power an HTC phone, while fitting neatly into an HTC phone battery slot, they've come up with a brilliant solution: an HTC battery. What will they think of next?

Downside? Well, the colour is a bit dull and it doesn't taste very nice, but then again neither did the last one. But these are irrelevant facts that have no place in a review such as this.

The finest purchase I could have made.
Genuine or just another fake?
Bought this as a spare battery for my HTC Desire. It certainly looks like the real thing ... Just because this isn't as cheap as the other fakes, don't make the same mistake as I did in presuming it is genuine. The battery lasts 12 hours on standby with no WiFi on and screen brightness at minimum. The battery will not charge past 99% and it gets rather hot to touch. Do not waste your money.
Very happy with delivery and new battery my old one kept turning off but now all is well
Really Happy I found Mobilefun
I did a lot of research when I was looking for a new battery for my phone. I read the Android forums hoping to find a link to a recommended site.
When I found mobilefun, I read all the reviews and even followed them on twitter before purchasing from here.

This battery has given my phone a new lease of life, gone are the days where it would show full 'green' power, I send 1 text and the phone would switch off, without any warnings!

I am really happy with my purchase.
Genuine product at last!
This battery is the REAL THING. It came in an extensive, and quite large, sealed HTC packaging. Fits perfectly in my Desire. Charged it up and charge lasted almost 2 days which is significantly longer than the cloned battery I bought before.
Bottom line- this is at least twice the price of a cloned make-believe battery but I still say it is well worth it. My last cloned battery lasted about a year before failing. No reason to believe that this won't last much longer and require less recahrging every day.
Excellent so far
My original battery suddendly reached a point where it would only hold charge for a couple of hours. Battery indicator showed full but then dropped to zero without warning. Struggled to decide on a replacement, as there are so many "genuine" ones out there. This one's not the cheapest but, so far, it's performing better than the original did when new.
A new lease of life for my phone
After about 18 months, my phone's original battery barely lasted a few hours before running out of juice. This product has brought my phone back to life and lasts nearly two days without a problem. It's an original htc accessory and works perfectly.
HTC BA S410 Desire Battery
Product is genuine HTC battery and I am satisfied with the product and the service offered by Very timely and prompt.
HTC BA S410 Desire Battery
Product is genuine HTC battery and I am satisfied with the product and the service offered by Very timely and prompt.
Great battery and original spec
Wanted a battery as good as the original that came with the phone. After a lot of searching and review checking I ordered this battery. I performs just as the original did when new. Far better than some of the batteries with extended capacity which never match the hype. This battery is made for HTC by Formosa Industries as per the original battery. At this price if your old battery is showing its age or you just need a back up when away from a charger for a couple of days I highly recommended this one. You will not regret it.
BA S410 Return and Replacement
After having returned a BS 410 battery for my HTC Desire, the help I got from Mobile Fun was terrific.
A replacement was sent which fitted and worked 100%, so thank you very much.
Genuine HTC battery!
Well, if it's not a genuine HTC battery then it's a damned good copy!

It charges fast and seems to hold it as long or longer than my old one.

And I'm no sodding marketing sock puppet, in case you were wondering. I bought one of these and I'd buy another.
Very Pleased with the battery
I have been using this battery for a number of days and am really pleased with it. It lasts longer than the one I had and makes a perfect back up so I never go out of juice again.
Not Genuine Battery?
Received second battery after first 1 gave problems from the outset. 1st gave around 1/2 expected life + battery icon sometimes would be grey with "!" mark through it. Battery monitor software showed 2nd battery 780mah fully charged in comparison to original battery 1350mah fully charged. Will only buy battery from HTC in future.
Htc Desire battery
Not cheap but at least it was the genuine battery and performs like the original. My original expired and I had a non original spare that was ok as a spare but did not hold enough charge for use as the main battery.
HTC Desire battery BA S410
The majority of batteries on offer from retailers appear to be non-genuine passing off as genuine HTC.
From what I've read genuine HTC batteries have a capacity of around 95% quoted value, whereas non-genuine can be as low as 65% - if they even work properly and last.
This battery isn't the cheapest, but it is genuine. My old genuine battery lasted just over 2 years with a nightly recharge, so the cost per day isn't that great given that my fone now performs as new.
It was out of stock for a while here at mobileFun, but i set an email alert and ordered once back in stock, delivered quickly.
A cheap fake?
I bought this to replace my original battery that seemed to be fading after 2 years of use. However, I've now re-installed the original as this new one lasted little more than half the time of the old one - struggling to last a full day even with moderate use. Don't waste your money...
just what i wanted
Quality product ..
Definitely the real deal
When looking for a new battery for my HTC Desire, I came across a number of suppliers seemingly offering an official battery. Experience, and many of the reviews on those sites, tells me that the batteries are often not the real deal and last nowhere near as long as they should.

This is absolutely not the case with this battery. It is identical to the original and lasts for exactly the same amount of time as the original did when I first got the phone. Well worth the extra money.
Perfect reserve Battery
I needed a second battery because the original (12 months old) was showing signs of aging (bit like me, running down too soon, but that's another story!) Checked reviews of this and liked what I read, and wasn't disappointed. The performance was significantly better than the original, giving better than one day's use with no change to settings - coupled to usual excellent delivery from MobileFun (thanks guys!). Very pleased all round. Incidentally, like many other users I was under the impression that you should run the battery right down before recharging, but apparently not - you get much better life by not waiting.

Hope this helps others as it did me!
Lifetime and daily performance
I don't know if it was caused by having to charge my htc desire overnight every night and the charging being all night that caused my battery to die in 18 months but I really hope I can get better performance and longevity this time round.
Out preforms the previous delivery spec battery
The battery is the real thing delivers what it says plus if you run a recent HTC operating system, seems the combination solves the Desires previously miserable operating life. Needs a few days hard use to get optimum performance, its a decent battery. (Still keep the old battery handy & charged the Desire is a hungry worker!)
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