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Goobay USB-C Magnetic Charge and Sync Cable - Black / Silver Reviews

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
With a strong magnetic connector and resilient braided cable, this 1.2m USB-C cable from Goobay is the perfect way to charge and sync your device. This cable offers the ideal blend of security, quality and functionality.
 4.1 stars from 11 customers

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a great idea
as an engineer i sometimes get metal filings attracted to the magnet around the connector so i use bluetac to remove the unwanted particles to ensure that the contact is made effectively.
fast and prompt and as advertised!
Works well. But....
Works fine, but the lead pulls away quite easily. However make putting your phone on charge in the dark easy.
Pretty good
This product does not support quick charge but other than that its great. Magnets are strong enough so your not getting annoyed with disconnections
The best great connector saver
This liitle toy as I call it brill. Many times when normally plugged in its easy to get cable court and drag phone around or drop if in car or on top at home or office this just pulls away everything is safe
Very good product
The only magnetic data/charging cable that works on my Moto G6. I have 4 total and they work great. Price is higher but worth it.
Product works well
A bit expensive but works as advertised. I tried a few other models through Amazon and none would work on my Moto G6. This cable transfers data and fast charges my G6. The connector stays firmly in my phone.
The most important thing to me about this cable is that it does have FAST CHARGE capabilities, that and the fact that its a magnetic break-away are the reasons why I bought it. I would recommend this product!
Really, you'd want to buy this as a pack. Single usb-c end in the device, with 2 or 3 magnetic leads. Otherwise, you go to charge in the car for example, and you need to remove the end.

Aside from that, it's quite disappointing. Magnet isn't strong enough to even hold its own lead weight.
So within a week of using it, I've now reverted back to a normal lead again.

Wouldn't really recommend I'm afraid.
Found my new place to shop
Went from one cable to another elsewhere 3 times, maybe 4, I lost count. None of them worked. They all said they would work but none did. The phone didn't even see them as a charge cable. Then I happened to come along MobileFun on a wild search and saw yet another cable. Should I try it.... I went ahead and did it, ordered one. The day it came I wasn't counting on anything, just another cable to add to my collection. Plugged it in and couldn't believe my eyes. It said charging, I unplugged it real quick, looked at it and plugged it back in and charging lit up. Stunned and happy that I had finally found the cable I wanted. Bookmarked this place for my new main cell part shop.

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