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Reviews for FlexiShield Skin For Samsung Galaxy Nexus - Black

Discontinued  - not available for purchase
Crystal case like protection with the durability of a silicone case for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus in black.
Price: $11.99
Discontinued  - not available for purchase
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Delivery Information
Crystal case like protection with the durability of a silicone case for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus in black.
 4.5 stars from 32 customers

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Nice bit of kit/ fast delivery
I really like this case,it feels capable yet conforms to the Galaxy curved shape. My only gripes with it are that it's a bit awkward finding the right volume rocker and power button ( a light undetectable touch will set them off.) and also the product picture is misleading. The case is actually a brilliant matt white and there is no transparency or Google /Samsung logo on the back. The not a big issue, and the case looks and feels fantastic.
Good Value
Nice enough skin. The shiny black finish wont be to everyones taste but its not bad, just not as sexy as a naked Nexus. Easy to put on and good port/button access. Great value for the price.
very good skin
Arrived very quickly and fits the photo perfectly and easily. Not too tight either so I can take it off quickly for putting phone in the car cradle daily for example. Every button and hole cut out is correctly placed and is big enough for external connectors.Headphone cut out could be a tad bigger but only because of one cable I have. Sits nicely on the desk feels good to hold. Just a shame to put anything on this phone really. I've got the 2000mha extended battery and back and case has no problem with it.
Not quite as described - Better!!!
This cover fits all round my mobile without adding noticeable bulk. It makes it comfortable to hold whilst protecting all edges. There are cutouts for all the connection, mike and headphone ports whilst the on/off switch and volume controls are covered. However it is still easy to work them. Why is it not quite as described? Well it is slightly transparent however to my mind this looks better than the opaque one in the image.
Great cover, fits and protects well
The flexi shield skin for the Galaxy Nexus is a great choice if you are looking for a case to protect your phone from minor drops without adding to the bulk of the phone excessively. I have the black one, and like the look of it a lot also - combined with the black face of the phone it retains the smartphone look, rather than making the phone look like a piece of military hardware!

A particularly nice aspect of the case is that the finish is not rubbery, meaning it is easy to slide in and out of a pocket without being so slippery as to inhibit grip on the phone as you hold it.

This case is a good alternative to the 'barely there' case from CaseMate (I have them both) if you don't mind a little extra bulk. It doesn't have quite the premium feel of the CaseMate, but protects better.

Overall a good buy - I would recommend it to any Galaxy Nexus owner.
Perfect fit
I originally wanted the barely there case, to keep the device thin, but they were out of stock.

I bought one of these instead, as it was similar to one I'd had on my nexus one that had done a decent job protecting it.

The case fits very well, doesn't bulk the phone up too much and offers ample protection.
Smart but needs tweaking
I was unsure if I would like this sort of case of my phone as ive only ever had a sleave, however on arrival I was at first impressed.
Has all the right cut outs in the right places so no complaints there...
However the volume buttons are a little frustraiting, they are easily catched especially in landscape, and just doesnt seem to fit right, seems like they didnt really test the proudct on the phone, strange though as the power button on the other side seems to work ok, but a real pain for me so something for you to consider when buying.
Other than that, looks smart and feels comfortable.
Good cover
Very well made, easy to put on. Does exactly what you want.

It's just like a good woman; Lovely feel, nice to look at, slender, with all the holes in the right places.
overall very good
Ordered this case as it was the only one at the time with a view to upgade when more were available. However its proven to be good little case if a bit cheap looking. Not a fan of the gloss black look which attracts fingerprints but fits the galaxy nexus perfectly and seems to offer good protection. The phone its self feels quite flimsy but with this case I don't feel so nervous getting out of my pocket which I guess is the most important thing! Overall I would recommend this product and is very good value for money.
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