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Elago M2 Aluminium-Style Universal Smartphone Desk Stand - Rose Gold Reviews

Universally compatible, the M2 Rose Gold Smartphone Stand from Elago makes holding your smartphone easier than ever. The sleek, aluminium body fits in with any surrounding while the perfect hold is ideal for watching films and video calls.
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 4.8 stars from 50 customers

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Quality phone stand
2nd one of these. Good quality and sturdy phone stand. Also works with a case on phone. Very pleased with this item
Love it, looks great next to iMac
Love it, looks great next to iMac
Stand is very similar in shape to the stand of a mac computer.
The finish on the stand is also similar to that of a mac computer.

Love it, looks great THANKYOU
Best Stand
Absolutely fit for purpose. Very sturdy and can be used either in portrait or landscape position. Also, charging leads can be plugged in in both positions. I fairly recently wasted money on another, supposedly, handy stand, which was rubbish, kept collapsing and didn't allow for charging leads... I wish I'd seen this one first.
Good product
Arrived as described. Sturdy and fits larger iPad case perfectly.
Excellant Stand
Excellant Stand for my iPhone the finish is very good, recommend it for anyone. Delivery was also excellant Thank you Mobile Fun
Very happy with product.
I love it.
I love my Elago smartphone desk stand. So much so that I ordered another one for home after I received it. I should have just ordered two in the first place. It is smart, functional, practical and everything it was advertised to be.
This cellphone holder is so sleek in stainless steel. It is sturdy and looks awesome.
Great product - just what "Techies" who have everything else really need and an excellent delivery service as well.
Excellent stand
The desk stand for my phone is exactly what I needed in the office as I don't ever put my phone to my ear unless absolutely necessary. I work alone so privacy is not an issue. I found myself propping my phone up on the highest objects on my desk to have the speaker close to me when taking calls. Sometimes I put the phone upside down so the other party can hear me clearly, but no one has complained about being on speaker, and never suspect it :) As I said its just what I needed. Im using it for my son's fictive calls to his sister in Australia too. The colour matches my phone. Impressed. Thank you
Universal Smart Desk Stand
I order this Universal Desk Stand for my Samsung Galaxy, and received it in a timely manner. It has worked out for me, I keep it on my Night Stand and I can also charge it there at night. It has worked out perfectly for me.
Holds my sons Moto X 2nd Gen like a glove.
It looks nice also on his black desk. Awesome stand!
Just what she wanted
A great looking stand for my daughter's iPhone and in Rose Gold which she loved. It's better than many available as you do not need to take off the case when placing it on the stand or to re-charge it with the stand. Great buy.
Excellent service and delivery was very prompt
Prompt delivery and very happy with the product
Excelent. will last for many different phones.
At last a good looking practical stand that will last for many different models of phone. This is a sensible quality product.
Perfect for me
I ordered the Elago M2 Aluminium-Style Universal Smartphone Desk Stand - Silver. I had looked for weeks for one that could be used both as a stand and for charging my Galaxy S5. None of the charging stands I saw seemed to take into account the water resistant cover on the bottom. All forced the cover back way too far. None of the other stands looked to be as substantial as this one. I can both charge and use my Smartphone without pushing it around all over my desk. The rubber stops on the bottom seem to work well. I keep it on the nightstand to charge my phone overnight as well as use the phone as my wake up alarm. The Stand is well made and quite substantial. Perfect for me. I may order a second one.
An excellent and very stylish product!
I ordered this product because I needed a desk stand for my iPhone that would not look out of place next to my iMac. Well, it turns out it is perfect for more reasons than pure aesthetics! The construction is very solid and well thought out. Non-slip rubber feet in the bottom provide added stability. The stand's matte finish is both pleasing to the eye and practical (it is less slippery and a bare iPhone is less likely to get scratched). In the back, a couple of iMac-like speaker holes provide a means for cable management. The space between the two support arms is exactly the size of the Apple 30-pin connector so while the iPhone is charging, it is even more stable. Not having to remove the iPhone bumper or case every time I charge my iPhone is a relief. In fact, the depth of the support arms is approximately 15mm offering ample room for most normal size cases. Only very thick cases may not be accommodated. The stand's only disadvantage is probably the fact that it is not adjustable although that limitation makes the design simple and elegant. In any case, the angle of view is very comfortable both for desk as well as nightstand use. An excellent and very stylish product!
This works marvellously
i purchased this product for my mum whom is deaf and owns the iPhone 6 plus but while using sign language on face time needed something strong and reliable to hold her phone. This works marvellously for her and is a sturdy piece of kit
Great Product
I just received the Elago M2 phone stand. I am very impressed this with the product. It fits my iphone 6 in an otter case perfectly and is very durable. I also like how it is designed to hold the changing cable. I am happy with this product.
Great product, fits the iPad too
I bought this for my iPhone which is fit perfectly even with a case on. I thought i would try it with my iPad and it fits that too and that has a chunky casemate case in it too so I've bought another stand so i have one for each device. :)
Great stand, solid build!
I needed a solid stand which looked good, was robust, supported my iPhone 6 well. This did all of those things!
Only flaw to this product is more padding is required where the phone stands since it is easy for my iPhone to hit the edges and get scratched. Bonus point, it holds my sony z3 phone as well! Very happy :-)
Great stand!!
Great design, quality and utility!! Everything you would need from a simple yet elegant stand. Search ends here!!! I am very happy to have made this choice and even happier I choose it on MobileFun!!
Amazing Quality
Bought two of these for me andy wife, she have an iphone 6 and I have a Galaxy Note 4 .. the elago stand fots both phones perfectly (even with the S view cover on my note 4) and woth no issues!

The build quality is perfec5, sturdy and has rubber feet .. 100% satisfied with it!

Thanks mobilefun!
Elago M2 Aluminium-Style Universal Smartphone Desk Stand - Silver
Although it states that it's for smartphones, I ordered for my Samsung Tab 4 .07 tablet since it's fairly light. Does the job very well and looks clean and streamlined and keeps the tablet handing for hands-free viewing
Elago M 2
This is an ideal stand for the bigger i-phone 6 plus. Rigid and strong enough to take the phone and to operate it in the stand without falling over. All controls easily used and charging cable held in place via hole at rear of stand. Matches all other Apple equipment, eg trackpad keyboard etc looks the part on the desk with all the other things.
I-phone stand
Well made substantial product. Right for I-phone 6 supports phone at correct viewing angle., while being used or charging.
Very disappointed
The quality isn't good.This stand is not padded and might scratch the iPhone 6! Very disappointed.
Very smart
I bought this as a stand to go on my desk and match my iMac. Although some might see it as a bit expensive it just matches. It doesn't charge but I have a spare cable to use to feed through but I don't actually need to. It's pretty sturdy and stable and the iPhone sits in it nicely. Overall a thumbs up from me.

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