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Discontinued  - not available for purchase
A clear smart cover compatible TPU case for the iPad 2
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Great Buy!
Really nice fitting case & works very well with the apples smart cover. Feels well made & seems like it will last the time.
Excellent next day delivery as well, thanks
Good for the price but don't expect a colour match
Bought this a while back and have just remembered to review it.

The skin itself is tough as nails, fits snugly and doesn't add much weight to the device. In terms of protection it's clearly better than the default aluminium shell.

Smart covers work well enough with the case however the magnets on the smart case don't hold as tightly as there being no case on the device - To be expected when the case wraps over the edge of the device.

The colour match for the blue Cool Bananas and blue smartcase is poor with the smart case being a lovely azure blue but the bananas case being a much darker shade.

Over-all I'm very happy with my purchase although the colours could be a bit closer for my liking.

I also frequently find myself pulling the case off the device if I plan on spending an extended period of time using it as its much much nicer reading without the smart case and cool bananas attached. Thinner and a LOT lighter!
Cooool Bananas
This is neither cold nor a banana, which is probably a good thing as the cold is bad for battery power and bananas are too squishy for protection!
thankfully cool bananas is only the name! I chose clear as couldn't decide on a colour?
i have the black leather smart cover and it fits perfectly with the cb case. It was a little stiff to fit but I left it on top of tumble dryer to soften it up and on it went on a treat. It feels strong and tough gives you a bit more confidence about where to set your lovely new toy and takes nothing away from the looks.
Don't hesitate, just buy it. Fits great and works really well with the smart cover.
Brilliant cover
Was looking for something that would work with the apple smart cover, and this has turned out to be the perfect choice, quite easy to apply and has so far worked brilliantly.
Absolutely brill. Its a perfect fit and goes well with my apple blue front cover. Recommended!
The Cool Bananas Smartshell is designed to work with Apple's clever but fairly useless Smart Cover for the iPad 2. It fits snugly around the iPad, protecting the back, leaving a gap for the magnetic strip of the Smart Cover to attach. There are also holes for the camera, speaker, side switches and headphone socket. It fits tightly (a little too tightly would be my only qualm, as it's quite tricky to get off) and doesn't add any significant bulk, in fact it actually makes the iPad a bit easier to hold.

Alternatively of course you could just not fall for Apple's hyping of the Smart Cover and opt for a case that protects the whole iPad, but should you need something to work in conjunction with the Smart Cover, I'd say this is deal.
Just what I was looking for
I've been hunting for a well made, clear, rear protector that was smart cover compatible.

Saw this and have been eagerly awaiting it's return to stock. Ordered it as soon as it was back in.

This is just what I was after, the material it's made of is is nice and grippy, easy to affix and has accurately placed cutouts.

It's adds very little to the bulk of the iPad and works perfectly with the smart cover. And being transparent it means the stickers I have on the rear can be seen!

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