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Cardo Scala Rider Qz Motorcycle Bluetooth Hands-free Kit Reviews

Whether you ride your motorcycle for business or pleasure, you need to stay connected at all times. With the Scala Rider Qz from Cardo, you can make and take calls, listen to music and receive sat nav instructions safely.
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 4.6 stars from 9 customers

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Very useful
I have ordered from MobileZap several times. Each time they have been accurate, prompt and informative. This time was for Scala Rider Qz system.
It is very well made. I had no trouble fitting it to my helmet. No problem linking it to my Google Pixel, which I use, not only as a phone but to listen to music and follow maps.
All works well. Sound clarity is excellent. Volume is as high as I need it (and I'm a little hard at hearing + I wear buds.)
Great for the price
I was on a weekend bike trip and wanted something to connect to the satNat and phone ( for music). It was simple to put in the helmet, you have to make sure your posittion the speakers correctly, I found that out after the weekend. They are deffinatly loud enough, I had earplugs in and doing 80mph ( legally) and i had to turn it down. Also make sure the satnav you have has a blue tooth function for microphone as a normal car one wont connect. Even so I listened to music and the sound is great. I used it to call someone and you can hear and talk so all good there for sure. all in all a great bit of kit.
Wrong country charger sent
I ordered the Scala Rider QZ from mobilezap.com.au, when it arrived it contained a UK charger, not the Australian one you would expect from a .com.au website. I emailed them and they did not respond.
it works a treat makes my sat nav so easy to use.clips on the side I used the glue plate.speakers wers arkward to get in place but that's the helmet s fault, not the qz.
Great product
I bought this for my Shark evo one lid. It fits well, works excellent and the audio is great...my wife says she can not tell I am on the bike at all...great service from mobile zap to as I had a shipping issue and they assisted...just an error in communication but they helped
Great product!
For years on my motorbike I felt clever with my music device in a breast pocket connected by wire to earbuds inserted prior to stuffing my head in the bucket. Groped through jackets with goalie hands for the inline volume/phone remote. Now with controls mounted on the helmet easily managed wearing gloves, speakers inside, no wires, I am liberated! Thanks for great service!
Just what I was looking for.
The Cardo Scala Rider Qz has all the functions I wanted in a personal communicator. I wanted to Bluetooth it to my smart phone and be able to send and receive phone calls and occasionally open other apps also, such as voice map directions. It attached easily to my motorcycle helmet and delivered all the performance features that were advertised for it. Ordering was easy and it It arrived promptly. I was especially impressed with how fast it pairs to my smart phone and the volume of the audio. I actually had to reduce the volume when on a phone call! (That was going 65mph down the interstate)
service was great, delivery was quicker that expected so that was a big bonus, plus the new model Scala rider units and far and away superior to the older models, I had one of the first models (a few years back) but these ones have great sound.

Recommend to anyone looking for a blue tooth unit for their helmet.

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