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Breffo Spiderpodium Flexible Grip Universal Car Holder & Desk Stand Reviews

The Multi Award winning Spiderpodium from Breffo features flexible legs which allow for secure mounting on all platforms, no matter what your mobile device. The Spiderpodium's intuitive design gives you the freedom to keep your smartphone safe in the car
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 4.7 stars from 105 customers

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Excellent quality. Very useful and versatile product.
Have used these at work and was really impressed, so bought a couple more for use at home. A great product!
Good product
From start to finish went smooth and a quick turnaround, good product
Very good product
Easy to fit, secure, flexible, unobtrusive & makes hands free calls much safer. Ingenious but simple design which is quite eye catching as it doesn't look like a phone holder.
Customisable as you want!
I've had a couple of car holders but none have been 'just right' Having a honda Civic, the air vents above the radio are on a 'curved' dashboard, so they've never sat right - but this is perfect as every 'leg' is customisable and bendable to sit where you want.

I record a few videos for my clients as a Personal Trainer, and so this will double as a gorilla grip too, being able to attach onto anything you want = great buy!
Flexibility par excellence
I needed something quick and easy to install and use. The rubber coated legs are easily manipulated. It took me all of 2 minutes to bend and position four legs to fit in my vents. I use a sideways folding case on my phone and the other 4 legs were easily and quickly moulded to fit around case and phone (with the case open and folded back) leaving access for the power cord and secure any sideways movement. The spider's rubber legs hold the phone firmly with a minimum of any movement or vibration. Although the legs penetrate the vents and impede the directional control a little there is still sufficient control of air flow. The best bit - It looks like a creepy big spidery creature crawling up the dashboard (I lost some hard earnt spousal brownie points for that one).
Awesome product
I knew how great this spidey thingy is cause I have one of my own. So when I broke my boyfriend's old ooollddd one, I bought him this as a replacement :) He loves it!
Great car phone holder
After seeing all the reviews for other products this one did the trick. I was able to get it into those small spaces and put the phone on it straight away with no hassle. A few adjustments here and there, now it's perfect.
Found this item to be very useful and brilliant for my Iphone 7
I would like to say that i have found this item to be very useful and brilliant for my Iphone 7
Recently received my Breffo Spiderpodium and love it. Have had quite a few mobile phone holders over the years, none of which I have particular cared for or really liked. This one however is fantastic. It sits neatly in the air vent , is robust, stable and subtle. Phone comfortably sits in it and is easy to get in and out of. Would happily recommend this product to anyone looking for a lo-tech product that looks good and really works.
It works - anywhere
It works - Anywhere
Great, novel solution
Great device. Very lightweight and convenient. Very unobtrusive too; you can hardly see it and it doesn't scream "There's a gadget in the car" to passing thieves.
Works really well. Smaller and less obtrusive than most phone holders
Really works well. Very easy to put in place and easy to adjust to different phones. I prefer having the phone on the air vent, as it is much nearer than when stuck on the window. The Spiderpodium is very unobtrusive too.
I would definitely recommend well worth the money
Wasn't sure if this item was going to be stable enough, but after reading the numerous reviews decided to take the plunge and very glad I did, I always leave my phone in its case and with the Breffo holder this is no problem it grips in the right places and holds the phone steady at all times. I would definitely recommend well worth the money.
Works well
Great product. Works well and easy to use. Excellent in car. No more marks on windscreen - yeah.
Great product. Works exactly how promised. Highly recommended.
Great but perhaps a little creepy
I was looking for a car mount system for the Nexus 5X but there isn't an official one. I had a HTC before which did. However i decided to get something that was more flexible which the Spider Podium is certainly that. It fits anywhere you can poke it's legs and because it has 8 legs there is plenty extra to grip your phone. I personally like it's creepy appearance, like a skinny tarantula, but my partner doesn't. Oh well it's my car and its not like its alive!
Works great so far
I was skeptical it would fit in my air vent and not wobble around but as others around the web have stated, it does the job just right. It holds my iPhone SE perfectly.
Spider holder this is super used a few times now and never moved or fell out as my older one did, (not this make),holds my samsung phone n sat nav with ease,very happy indeed.
Fab Flexi Spider
Bought on a whim..hoping it would do the job..and it's fantastic! Better than sliced bread!
A jointed little miracle that cradles my phone securely, slotted into the air vents of my car.
Climbing the depths of the deepest London potholes, it stays safe!
Bumping over zillions of dead policemen, it stays firmly held!
Even when Google maps took me down a farm track with giant puddles my phone was held securely!
This will now be given to all my friends...birthday and Christmas presents? Sorted!
Who invented this? Brilliant mind, brilliant product.
Thank you.
Best Card Holder Ever!
This is my second Beffo as I have now purchased one for my husband. I love the way you can position it into any car and it holds the phone perfectly in place. Unlike the other car holders which suction and so one the Breffo really does an excellent job and I never have to worry about my mobile moving or falling down as I am driving. Would definitely recommend this is anyone.
This is the one!
I've gone through a few car mounts in my time but this one has remained the best, still going strong after 2 years and three vehicles. Its flexible design has let me mount my phablet on a vent, on my dash or anywhere else I need it. It has the other benefit of looking like a large spider so you can fling it at the kids if they are acting up in the back seat. Buying a 2nd one for my wife.
Totally satisfied with the product
The item was unfortunately lost in transit, but the staff was quick to arrange a replacement to be delivered. Totally satisfied with the product, too.
flexible. ease of access. Perfect
Versatile & flexible
Versatile & flexible product, non permanent set up means it is easy to install and maneuver. Would recommend.
Fantastic product and service!
I'm very impressed with the spiderpodium. I wanted a car phone holder that was not a suction cup or fixed to air vents (not so keen on hit air blowing on my phone!). This does the job perfectly. I have positioned it inside a horizontal shelf on my dashboard (I have a Toyota echo). Also want to mention great customer service from mobilezap. My initial order did not arrive and they were quick and easy to communicate with and resolve the problem.
Great product
Flexible yet very sturdy, I freaking love this thing, doesn't flex when the phone is on, I have a Galaxy Note edge which is the wides phone out there and this holds it with absolutely no issues, I can hang this anywhere.
So versatile
This is a great phone / device holder. The flexible arms will fold around just about anything a suitable size and it keeps my phone secure while maintaining access to all of the controls.
I just wander about the durability of the 'bending' sections. Only time will tell.
The spiderpodium is everything I had hoped - cheap, light, does not take up a lot of space, is endlessly flexible, and is very useful. It works well as a stand for my iPhone when I am video chatting. To hold the iPhone or my SatNav device when in the car, it can be bent into whatever shape is necessary to slot into the air conditioner grills of all sorts of car rental cars. And it holds the device securely. Best gadget I have purchased in a long time!
Great piece of kit
Bought this as I had tried several other phone holders with no luck. This holder allows you to use it in the car using the air vents, you can mould it in to any positon you want, the phone can be upright or landscape depending on how you want the phone positioning.
Not tried at as desk top holder yet but bought for the car and it ticks all the boxes for that use.
What a great product
What a great product. Holds phone very securely. Great for large/thicker phones.
No sucker!
Very reliable to stay put,no rings on your windscreen,to say that you have gear in your car,.It is a very good product,and near to you, with less sun reflection on you phone ect
Really good quality product
Really good quality product and fits perfectly in the heater / air con vent.
Breffo Phone Holder
The product does what it is supposed to. I thought I could mount it in an accessible spot which would secure the phone, but it may not be too secure on/to the dashboard vents.
Brilliant product
I was searching for a no nonsense mobile holder for my car. The spidey is made of good quality material and holds my giant lumia 1520 in place without any need of removal of my bulky phone case. Would recommend to all.
Great accessory
Quality product. Compact and doesn't stick out much at all in my car...Handy if you have a small compact car with the fans right next to the indicators!! Sturdy and doesn't slip. Definitely recommend.
simple but effective
Great little versatile holder.. bought this to hang from the back of the airplane seat. Very useful as a desk stand.. a car holder. The arms can be bent in a multitude of ways to hold your phone. Best thing of all is.. its flat and compact. Simple brilliance!
This is the best last phone holder ever!!
I have looked at lots of phone holders, And finally they made one easy to use, very light, and relly fun to install. You can shape this how you want. It feels great, very grippy, and fits in the vents or around other items in your car or truck so easy!! I have two trucks, and they have one in each. I love them. Really cool item!! When you buy the best you don't need the rest!!
It Just Works
Great product holds my sony z1 and Sat Nav with no problems, fits onto the fan vent and doesn't damage it like previous holders I've had. If I could describe it, it's made of bendable plastic pipe cleaner like they used to use on Blue Peter when making Tracy Island lol Got it at a great price at the time. Highly recommended. Fast delivery too, Thank You.
Clings like a Spider
This is one of the best mounting solutions I have come across for larger phones (phablets) and GPS units especially if you have a protective case on that unit. It even managed to hold an 8” tablet. It can grip into your vents or be wound around anything protruding from your dash. – Love it.
Great product
Item was exactly as stated, and the delivery was quicker than forecast. Great all round.
great product
perfect solution to keep your phone or sat nav firmly in place, no more suction pads falling off the windscreen as you drive along, this simple device does as it says, delighted with it.
Best phone holder out there
Great phone holder. Flexible and almost out of sight when your phone is locked inside. Doesn't leave any marks on your windscreen like most phone holders do. Great product!
Love it
I have tried various phone holders for my 207 but none of them worked properly, this however is fantastic. It keeps my phone/ tablet secure and at a good eye level when using maps.
When I put up a shelf, it falls down. Everything I fix goes wrong.
I could not believe it. The Spiderpodium came quickly, I shoved it into the air vent and bent it to fit my iphone and that was it.
The display is at the level which is ideal for me and the rubberised 'limbs' fit snuggly and securely. There is no way that my erratic driving can dislodge my valuable phone and that is saying something.
Tell the inventors that they have my gratitude
I spent hours looking for something to hold my satnav or my mobile. Nothing permitted rear access to the satnav until I found the Spider. Added advantage was it frightened my daughter-in-law who hates spiders!!!
desk holder
great product it allows me to charge my phone while I can still see who is trying to contact me, it fits any size phone and it goes anywhere with you it as also been used to hold a sat nav which many desk or car products wont do so to me its a great product and glad I bought one
A Good Idea
As the title suggests, I bought this more out of curiosity than practicality, but as it turns out this is quite a nifty bit of kit. As you can imagine it is not easy to get the arms to fold into the perfect phone-holding position each time, but you will be pleasantly surprised at how well the rubberised arms grip the phone even before you've finished folding the arms into place. I've set my in the air vent grill, and it fits better than any phone holder I have used before, despite not using a clamp to grip the vent - it does not wobble at all.
Strange but good
At first glance on your web pages I just couldn't see how this would work but my engineers brain could see possaibilities so decided to purchase one and all I can say is simple but good fits and holds anywhere well worth buying.
Wicked Piece of Kit
First impressions were not good, "how's that going to do the job? Very quickly changed my mind. So easy to shape and re-shape, just bend the arms and legs into a suitable mount and cradle shape, job done. Hardest part of the operation is choosing where to put it. Mine goes into the air-vent, close to the charging point. No unsightly wires or windscreen intrusion.
Just the thing for holding the phone on any surface.
I should have bought the Spiderpodium a long time ago as it has made it so easy to stand on any surface and find it.It has also made it sound louder when it rings because it is not resting flat on a table or hard surface.
I've had the Breffo Spiderpodium Flexible Grip for use in my car for 1 week now. In my Honda City, without using the windscreen or dash { which isn't too flat anyway }, there was nowhere to place my iPhone to keep it away from the sun but within easy vision of it & the road. Spider is very secure in the side vent using 4 of it's middle legs. The side vent is least affected by the sun. Up hill, down dale, over the Aussie bumps - not a problem. I've placed the bottom legs to support the weight, and the top legs bend over the front of the phone slightly, which prevents it moving forward - so to remove the phone, I just lift it out. Easy. Only time will tell if the heat and sun in our area will affect the holder, but the same would apply to any other accessory. Practical but not pretty, hardly visible - and it works.
It does what I hoped
I use the device to hold my Sat Nav. It is easy to put in place and remove and no tell tale marks on the windscreen. It is positioned in the central air vent holding my Sat Nav just to the top left of the steering wheel. It becomes just another instrument on the panel. Easy to view and no obstruction of the windscreen.
Just what I have been looking for
I have for years been using a 'heavy mat' to support my TomTom, but it continued to frustrate me as it never stuck properly, and the sun always seemed to shine on it too much (honest...even in England). when I saw this product I was quite sceptical, as it looked a bit flimsy. However for such a cheap proce I was willing to take a gamble, However I must say that I am delighted with it. It fits into any size of air vent, and is very flexible. But most importantly for me, it is very sturdy. It is also easy to transfer it from car to car. The final benefit is that I can put it where I want, so can reduce the need to have trailing wires when I am charging the device and/or move it to another side if I have passengers.
The trouble I have always had with phone holders is that they're not wide enough or robust enough for the Note. This is the only one I have found with flexibility and ease of fitting but more important with of grips.
I needed something that will hold my iphone 5 that will include the case. This is great - it is inexpensive, easy to use and does the job.
Present for arachnophobe
Flexible, adablable. Great present for anyone not keen on spiders (acclimatisation).
This spider isn't scary!
I bought 2 spiders. Easy peasy to fit and use. Bend into place like a pipe cleaner. Can hold any of my phones securely on the air vent so that I can take calls, see sat naveand, use voice conmands.. Copes with bumps on Dorset country roads without dropping the phone .unlike otber devices I have used. Best phone holder I have found. Guys at mobile fun were very helpful with my order that arrived very quickly. If you are tired of those plastic holders that dont stick or are hard to adjust this one is a winner for busy gals and guys yhat need sight of thier phone when trabelling.
Perfect for a car phone holder
Just great. Have tried suction ones to hold my Samsung Note 2 but have struggled with them. This is one perfect as it fits in the vents nicely. Only problem if someone is trying to view a video or something in the car - the phone shakes and is not steady. Although the grip is very good, it does not stop the phone from shaking. You do get used to it. Apart from this issue for viewing videos, it is very very good.
phone holder
This is such a flexible device in more ways.than one. will hold all size phones and it is not stuck to the window. even sits on my desk! would definitely recommend this
Great product
Really good idea can be used for all different situations and places :-)
Loving my 'spider'
I bought this as I wanted something not too cumbersome to hold my phone during the night.
I usually just lay it on my bedside table, but was worried I might spill water onto it, during the night
I can bend ' spider' into so many different positions and ways , to hold my Moto, I'm more than happy with what it can do.
I've seen cheaper similar items in a high street store, but it was so fragile looking I decided to go with the best, and glad that I did.....
Just what was wanted
I bought this as a present for someone, who wanted a holder on his desk for his phone. After seeing the one I already had, he indicated that he would like one, and has been very pleased with it.
Love it!
Very cool product and very strong!
It broke as i feared
Was a great product, i could mount phone anywhere and it really griped the phone well, even with minimal contact between the legs and the phone.

But after a year the legs have started to snap one by one, each leg is basically a rubber pipe cleaner and over time the metal inside suffers from fatigue and snaps.
Ingenious design
Took me a little while to get legs the same all round (to stop my phone looking wonky!) but a good tool. A bit pricey for what it is but it does offer great versatility of uses.
Not as good as it looks but solves problems other
Not as good as it looks, getting the arms to the right position takes a while and there are only a few segments in each arm so it's not as flexible as you might think. However, it's workable and solves problems that other stands can't.
Works a treat
Does exactly what it says it will do, a secure flexible holder that fits anywhere. Thank you.
Very versatile
I have owned this for a couple of weeks, most of the time it sits on my desk as a stand, but I have also used it in the car.
Throw away all the rest!
Great idea & ideal for car, having tried several versions of Clingo etc. Such a simple & neat device that fits tightly & securely in the air vents & grips iPhone including case, safely with the other 4 legs.
Spider Podium Universal Desk Stand
Excellent holder and so versatile - currently holds my Desire firmly in the airvents of my Mondeo so that it can act as a satnav, but has also acted as a stand for my bedside clock (Desire) and video player (Desire) and it has also seen some action holding an iPhone!

Thinking of getting a second one so I don't need to remove it from the car every day :)
Useful gadget.
Needed it for 2 reasons:

Haven't got enough space on my car's dashboard for something which sticks so I use the Spider wrapped around the ashtray. Keeps the phone at steering wheel height without hiding it.

At home, works like a charm to keep the phone in an up right position to get a better signal, plus I can use the hands free function with the phone close by.

Very stable - both at home and wrapped around the ashtray in the car.

Downside: a bit ugly but I like it!
Very spidery!
Handy little gadget, keeps my Blackberry from wandering! How do they think these things up??
Highly adapatable. Brilliant!
It's so nice to have found a phone holder that isn't only for one make/type of phone.
After playing around with the 'legs' and trying out different configurations, my phone now has a comfy armchair on my desk which allows it to be charged and used (i.e. the screen, buttons and ports are completely clear). Perfect for my HTC Desire HD.
Have had many positive comments on it from other people in the office.
Would definietly recommend 'Boris' the Spider :)
Spider Desk Stand
This is a very cleaver, simple design. I use it in my workshop to hold my Blackberry and I have bought a second for the car Sat nav.
Looks strange when you get it flat but bends into any shape holder
useful in a multiphone house
Holds the phone in its case well but the legs take a little positioning to keep the main keys clear.
Is advertised as a desk stand and it is probably best suited to this as it is a squeeze to fit it in my hondas air vents and falls out of our alfa romeos air vents.
Why have I given it 4 stars then? 'Cause it is funky, works with various phone models and despite it being fiddle to get just right, once you have got it set up to your liking it does its job well.
The Spider does it all
Time and again I had problems in finding a location to prop up my phone in a Vertical or Horizontal position to take a self-timing picture, or record a long video. Now with the 'Spider' all those problems have evaporated away.
Scared of Spiders but love this
What a great idea, looked at loads of holders and ordered this one, holds my phone really well.

I use multiple cars and this fits all of them, leaves no marks and also makes a great desk stand.

So much better than the windscreen suction mount type of holder, the rubber texture on this is really grippy.
It's just what you need....
If you change your phone as often as I do then, like me you are forever buying different car mounts. If you have a decent protective case on your phone like me, then non of the brand specific mounts fit, your phone is simply too big. The Spider Pod solves these problems with ease because it just adapts to the size and shape of what ever phone you have. Up to 8 flexible legs form the shape of a phone cradle, and the remaining ones (in my case) hook inside the air vents. Take the phone out, bend the arms and put the satnav in instead. Genius!
A word of caution - tell your partner you are putting it in the car before they get in, it looks like a VERY big spider hanging there, and they might just think it's real, and scream a little :-)
Just what I needed
An excellent product. I was easily able to position the arms to make a stable desktop holder that is a perfect fit for my mobile. Whenever I next upgrade my phone, I can be happy that this holder will be adaptable to whatever size I need.
Otterbox Defender case
I got an iphone4 inside a Otterbox defender case, and its kinda hard to find a decent car holder for such a large case. I have navigon running, and the spider in my air blower/vent on my dashboard, and it works a treat. Most of all, I can use it, and doesn't leave any ring marks on the wind-shield. I have to get use to looking "downwards" for the screen, rather than to the centre of the wind-shield where my GPS unit normally be.
Spider Podium
A great little bit of kit, bends easily and keeps it's shape but a little on the bulky side to give it 5 out of 5. Ideal for travel purposes like using it with a phone on aeroplane.
A very versatile and cleaver holder
The Spider Podium just looked like what I have been after for months to hold my phone in my car without suction or screws. My first trial was a huge success, my phone was held securely to the airvent, no movement and exactly where I needed it.

The added benefit, is I will even be able to use it on my bike, or as a tripod to use the phone camera.

This is better than anything else I have seen to date.
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