Samsung Galaxy S8 Case leaks

The Samsung Galaxy S8  will be announced in late March, and will go on sale around 21 April but we’re currently witnessing a massive deluge of reports and leaks from accessory makers and manufacturing partners.

We received these heretofore unseen renders  from an unnamed case maker in China and made a video to show you all what we can deduce from it about size, ports, S-Pen etc.

There are other rumors that can not be confirmed by a case, such as whether the S8 will see an iris scanner – the biometric technology launched in the ill-fated Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which allowed users to unlock their phone and authenticate purchases with their eyes.

It is also thought that Galaxy S8 will have a new processor,  Snapdragon 835, which is being built using Samsung’s new 10nm processes.

We will know for sure in 2 months which features will come with the latest Samsung flagship but in the meantime we will gather as much info as possible and prepare our accessories section.