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Bitmore VR Eye Virtual Reality Universal Headset With Controller

Discover new worlds through your smartphone with the Bitmore VR Eye Virtual Reality Headset. This sturdy, immersive headset comes with an adjustable head strap and a Bluetooth remote control.
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  • Brand Bitmore
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Why Buy?

  • Immerse yourself in VR
  • Fully adjustable lenses
  • Sliding front panel for Augmented Reality
  • Bluetooth remote control included
  • Adjustable and padded for maximum comfort
  • Compatible with virtually all smartphones between 4" to 6.5"
  • Sturdy yet elegant design

Immerse yourself in VR 

Transform any smartphone into a VR device and immerse yourself in high-quality YouTube videos, 3D movies, games and augmented reality apps. The way the headset encompasses your eyes means hardly any external light gets in, creating the perfect dark environment for you to explore virtual worlds or experience sports or films like you were right there in the action.

Bitmore VR Eye Virtual Reality Universal Headset With Controller

Fully adjustable lenses 

The lenses in the VR Eye are adjustable, meaning all eye shapes are accounted for and the dizziness you experience with some VR headsets is not a problem. Two controls located at the top of the headset adjust the focus and positioning of the lenses

Sliding front panel for Augmented Reality

A sliding panel at the front of the VR Eye means you can use your phone's camera while you wear the headset. Great for adding fun filters in camera apps or playing augmented reality(AR) games.

Bitmore VR Eye Virtual Reality Universal Headset With Controller

Bluetooth remote control included

Included with the VR Eye headset is a Bluetooth remote control, perfect for playing games and controlling apps without having to remove your smartphone from the headset.

Bitmore VR Eye Virtual Reality Universal Headset With Controller

Adjustable and padded for maximum comfort 

Wearing a VR headset for a while can be an uncomfortable experience. Not with the VR Eye, though, which features a soft foam cushioning around the eyes and an adjustable head strap for maximum comfort.

Compatible with virtually all smartphones between 4" to 6.5" 

The VR Eye is compatible with any smartphone with a screen between 4" and 6.5", which is the vast majority of smartphones on the market. From the Samsung Galaxy S9 to the iPhone X, there's something for everyone's phone in the VR Eye.

Bitmore VR Eye Virtual Reality Universal Headset With Controller

Sturdy yet elegant design 

The VR Eye features a sturdy, rigid design that means you won't damage it no matter how immersive your VR experience gets. You'll look stylish wearing it, too, thanks to a sleek minimalist aesthetic that emphasises style and function.

Please note: although the vast majority of smartphones are fully equipped for VR, some videos, games and apps may not be supported by your device. Please click here for a quick, easy way to find out if your device is 100% ready for VR.

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