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Reviews for Araree Aero Flex Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Protective Case - Black

The Aero Flex from Araree in Black combines comfort, protection and lightweight together to provide all round protection for your Galazy Z-Flip including the hinge as well as the smartphone itself.
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The Aero Flex from Araree in Black combines comfort, protection and lightweight together to provide all round protection for your Galazy Z-Flip including the hinge as well as the smartphone itself.
 4.9 stars from 22 customers

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The first smart phone I've owned. I wanted one as easy to put in my pocket as my current sony ericsson s500i. It isn't and it's quite weighty by comparison,but when folded it's smaller than most other mobile phones, and it seems a good phone.
Excellent protection
The cover is avgreat fit, provides all round protection and good grip.
Nothing honestly it is a great product
OK so far
Doing the job
Great phone case!
The product came just as expected, not too bulky, very easy to attach & maintain. Fortunately haven't dropped the phone w/ case, yet it seems to be protective not gonna test my luck. Love the band that also protects the mid section of the phone when it's closed. This was one of the most affordable options to have the band that wasn't bigger than I wanted. Overall I'm still satisfied with the purchase, & hope to continue to be
Why buy rubbish from Samsung and pay more
After buying a phone cace for my Samsung z flip and falling of every day and paying so much I thought there must be something out there and yes so happy with my item and paid a lot cheaper so sad never looked around well l no where to go
Amazing Quality
Great for the price
best ever
long deliver but amzing product
Very good product!
Thanks for Mobile fun, it was fast delivery. Very good product received.
First class, excellent
This is the best case for the Samsung Z Flip there is.
I could justify that statement, but since this my previous long explanation got thrown away somehow, I won't bother again.
Great service
Product fits perfectly and functions exactly as described. The customer services however is fantastic. The first unit was lost in the mail and they sent the replacement unit no questions asked. Top supplier!
Great case
Just received this case and I am very pleased. The phone is so slick without a case (and even with the case that comes with the phone) that I had to purchase something to protect this high dollar phone. I like the feel of this case, easy to hold and 'somewhat' rubbery so you can hold onto it. Helps with fingerprints, the phone is horrible when it comes to that. As far as the protective sleeve at the bend - when I first put it on it seemed to bunch up somewhat but its an easy fix when opening and now that I have had to 'push' on it occasionally its not doing it anymore - maybe it adjusted itself. Like everyone else, yes it would be nice to have some color choices but for right now just like having something protecting my phone better than just a clip on case. NO, I do not believe if you drop this phone this case will protect the phone...until an Otterbox is made for this I don't see anything working right now, but personally this phone is not made to be mishandled - for the price great care should be taken.
Great buy
It is well made and offers good protection
Very nice telephone case,comfortable.Thank you
I'm really glad I got this!
I have many cases for this phone and this one is the best so far. A good solid fit, feels and looks good, and the hinge protection is an added bonus that's works flawlessly on opening and closing the phone. My only gripe is no lanyard holes so I drilled my own and now can use my wrist or neck lanyard with no worries of dropping it.
Fast shipping and case is perfect stays on and protects the phone would definitely recommend this case.
Great cover
Offers great protection and is slim in size
Flipping great!
I have just received this case for my shiny new z flip 5g ..
I gritted my teeth when I ordered my phone and bought the leather z flip case for £70 so had a case for it when it came .
Now normally I am a big believer in buying the proper cases ,yes I know they are expensive but so are the phones they protect but no matter what I tried with the leather one ,it just kept coming off .
So I bought the Araree aero and for me this case is brilliant ..
1 it stays on the phone
2 it protects the hinge (to a point)
3 its relatively cheap
4 it still charges through the case
5 it adds little bulk to the phone
If you need a case for your z flip I would definitely recommend this one
Still not perfect but getting there !!
this is the 4th case I have purchased for my z flip
1. the original Samsung leather ( keeps coming away off the phone, but nice quality, not much drop protection & no hinge protection at all )
2. The casemate ( very good all around protection, but the little flap that covers the hinge can get s bit annoying as it doesn't hide away when the phone is open)
3. UAG ( I had high hopes for this case but its terrible the case moves on the phone every time you open it & the hinge mechanism gets stuck quite a lot , it also adds quite a lot of bulk, but I suppose that's the point of the protection)
4.Araree Aero ( upto now this is probably the best of all .it offers quite good protection of the phone and the hinge . The flap that covers the hinge folding and out as it should but once or twice it gets stuck so if you put slight pressure with your finger it helps , I keep removing the top off the case as itd usually a bit of fluff or dust that is the cause ) pitty really as this is the only small gripe )
Overall if I was getting a case from new I'd consider both the Casemate & Araree
The casemate is more robust but that little flap that sticks out might be a problem plus it's more money
Araree pretty good protection not the best mind you now and again the hinge mechanism gets stuck
If someone could get it right I'd be a very happy person
But as there's not many cases for this brilliant phone
You pay your money and make your own choice

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