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New LG G5 and Galaxy S7 Cases Leak from Verus

Friday 5th February 2016 by Vane Núñez in Leaks, LG G5, Mobile Accessories.

Both Samsung and LG have already confirmed plans to reveal their flagships later this month at Mobile World Congress, so it won’t be long before we can have the real models at hand. In the meantime continuing rumors and leaks keep on showing up. The latest has arrived this very afternoon by the manufacturer formerly known as Verus.

The latest images we had, have been leaked by VRS DESIGN. This company emphasize stylishness and practicality in high-quality packages and they are leader in the Korean market rapidly increasing its influence worldwide by being a pioneer and trend leader in the cell phone accessories industry especially.

We can see a very attractive range of  different VRS Design LG G5 cases in their website. A precisely designed crystal/steel silver case that offers protection for your phone while still revealing the beauty within. And anther tough models in pale blue and black.

Regarding the latest Samsung model, we can see same VRS Design Samsung Galaxy S7 Cases as LG. We have the Crystal Bumper in shine gold and the High Pro Shield series made with tough dual-layered yet slim material, this hardshell body with a sleek bumper features an attractive two-tone finish.


This brand seems to have very clear who the new models and so we have already those cases on our website where you can pre-order in case you’re sure you will be a proud owner of one of the latest models.

Monitor your dog activity with PitPat

Thursday 4th February 2016 by Vane Núñez in Android, Apple, Mobile Accessories.

A UK technology start-up is flying the British flag for innovation as it unleashes PitPat, a wearable activity monitor for dogs, at the world’s largest tradeshow for consumer technology.

PitPat gives owners a fun and engaging way to ensure that their dog gets the exercise it needs by tracking activity, rest and play. The PitPat device attaches to any dog collar and with its sleek, lightweight and compact design it is set to be the go-to gadget for dogs of any shape, size or breed.

It is robust and waterproof, it will endure even the most active canine activities and sweat or rain won´t damage it at all.

Using Bluetooth technology, this Wearable is a safe and it is a wire-free solution for transmitting information from the accessory to your smartphone.

With this purpouse, the PitPat device needs you to downoad a free iOS and Android app, which allows owners to keep an eye on their dog’s activity levels from the intuitive dashboard. One simple press of the button on the device enables the activity data to be instantly transferred to the PitPat app, where owners see a breakdown of their dog’s walking, running, playing and resting and how this activity compares to other days.

It is very usefull due to the growing number of overweight dogs everywhere and another benefit is being able to find out how a dog behaves when it is not with its owner, such as when it is in kennels or with a walker.

It is available now at MobileFun at a great price so no doubt to check the link for more info an pictures.




Galaxy S7 Edge and Galaxy S7 Plus photos revealed by Rearth

Tuesday 2nd February 2016 by Vane Núñez in Mobile Accessories, Samsung.

Rearth is a USA based company that design and manufacture all of their cell phone cases themselves so that they have full control of quality and reliability. Their cases are quite famous and on our website you can fin a lot of their models for many smarphones. This week this manufacturer is giving a lot to talk, In this ocassion they have added new photos of the Galaxy S7 Edge and Galaxy S7 Plus to their site. Those pictures, which show the phones using their Rearth cases, provide additional confirmation that Samsung are planning to release three flagship phones in the first half of 2016: the S7, S7 Edge and S7 Plus.

Galaxy S7 Edge cases

Their first case photo shows the Galaxy S7 Edge, the 5.5-inch phone with beautiful curved glass on either edge of the screen. We see the button layout hasn’t changed compared to the S6, although the rear camera cutout seems larger than before. That’s apparently to fit a 12-megapixel sensor with larger pixels, which should offer better low-light performance compared to the existing 16-megapixel unit. The Britecell particular camera is expected to be its biggest claim. it will also have an Auto Focus dual pixel. This is a feature with which it was equipped digital SLR camera Canon 2013 and is known as “two eyes”, for his ability to reduce noise and enlivens the colors. It will also be able to focus on objects that are near or far from fast way thanks to an Auto Focus improved. See our range of Galaxy S7 Edge cases.

Galaxy S7 Plus cases

The Galaxy S7 Plus is the phablet-sized variant of the phone, with a massive 6-inch display. The photos show a similar overall design to the S7 Edge, with the same button layout and camera, just with a way bigger screen. These photos show the headphone jack and Micro USB port on the bottom of the phone — looks like USB-C here! See our range of Galaxy S7 Plus cases.

We fully expect it to be announced at a press event in Barcelona on 21 February, a day before Mobile World Congress starts. By the moment, we will keep you informed of all leaks and news we received form supliers.

Noke App-Controlled Smart Padlock

Monday 1st February 2016 by Vane Núñez in Mobile Accessories.

Simplicity, functionality and security

From smart security kits to smart lights, we’ve seen all kinds of connected home products this year. This category is growing rapidly, but here is one who has just arrived and get our attention. We are talking about a humble padlock called Noke. This is a padlock which can be locked and unlocked remotely using an app on your smartphone.

The design is simple, this smart lock eliminates the hassle of keys and combinations forever. Noke automatically finds and connects to your Bluetooth 4.0 enabled smartphone. Instead of fumbling for keys, simply walk up to your Noke, press the shackle, and instantly access your possessions

Apart from the normal funtion as a padlock, it has some unique features. You can see where and when your Noke was unlocked. You can view a map of where your Noke has been accessed. Great for tracking items in transit, including your kids. You can also share access with your friends, andif you have multiple Noke locks, you can set a unique name for each padlock in the app, and track them all separately.

The Noke is strong, made of  boron-hardened steel making it incredibly hard, durable and secure thanks to anti-shim technology .

Another amazing feature is the long lasting battery. The Noke’s 2032 coin battery lasts for over a year, thanks to the use of Bluetooth 4.0 low energy transmissions. You’ll be alerted on the Noke app once you need to change the battery, which you can do in seconds without tools or equipment. It is also weather-resistant so can be used indoors or outside. It stands up the toughest enviroments and extreme weather conditions.

Noke is compatible with iPhone 4S and later, Android 4.3+ and even Windows 10, so you can use it with the vast majority of smartphones, tablets and PCs on the market. But even if you are not a smartphone user. You can purchase the optional Bluetooth key fob, to open your Noke exactly the same way you open your car doors

If you like this product and wants more info, you can check it here and even pre-order it if you want.


Samsung Galaxy J3: New mid-range smartphone in USA

Thursday 28th January 2016 by Vane Núñez in Mobile Accessories, Samsung.

Korean manufacturer Samsung has officially launched two weeks ago its latest smartphone in the United States – Samsung Galaxy J3 (SM-J320P). The new smartphone is ranks as a budget smartphone with an attractive price point and a nice design as all Galaxy family.

Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) which is a slightly updated version of the Galaxy J3 that launched in China last fall is sold by Virgin and Boost Mobile at an aprox. price of $179, without a contract. Advertised as “Reliable and Smart” by Samsung, here you are some of its virtues.

Specs & Features:

– 5.0-inch Super AMOLED touchscreen display with HD resolution
– 64-bit Snapdragon 410 MSM8916 quad-core processor
– Adreno 306 GPU
– Android 5.1 Lollipop
– 1.5GB RAM
– 16GB ROM
– Vídeo formats: MP4, M4V, 3GP, 3G2, WMV,ASF,AVI,FLV,MKV, WEBM
– Bluetooth v4.1
– MicroSD slotup to 128 GB
– 8MP (main) (1600×1200, 1280×960, 640×480)
– 5MP (secondary) camera
– Dual-SIM
– 4G LTE
– 2,600mAh removable battery
–Internet Use time: Up to 11h(WIFI) / 9h(3G) / 11h (LTE)

We have our Samsung Galaxy J3 Accessories ready to be full of intersting and usefull products for you. Let us know what do you think of this phone?

First iPhone 6C cases revealed by Rearth USA

Wednesday 27th January 2016 by Vane Núñez in Mobile Accessories.

Rearth Ringke Fusion iPhone 6C Case –

Well-known USA case manufacturer Rearth surprised us today by publishing the first iPhone 6C cases. The listing mentions both possible names of the new rumored device – namely “iPhone 5SE” and “iPhone 6C”. Images are not available, except for one iPhone 6C case that shows a mobile almost exactly the same shape and design as the iPhone 6S – flying in the face of rumours that say the iPhone 6C will be a 4” model.

Rumors say that the iPhone 6C would be a miniature version of the iPhone 6. Think the size of the iPhone 5S with a more powerful processor, Apple Pay, a better camera, and curved edges.

Rumours also abound about the processor; the Apple A8 and M8 is the chip we’ve been talking about all this time, but other rumours have the 6C using the same Apple A9 and M9 chips as the iPhone 6S. It’s also speculated that the iPhone 6C would be available in 16GB and 64 GB variants, which seems likely given that this is the strategy Apple tried with their last range.

It is likely that official presentation will occur in March, perhaps paired with the announcement of a new iPad, so we still have a month to wait before we’ll be sure of the technical specifications, or even the name. However, the appearance of the Rearth case gives us confidence that the style of the 6C won’t be changing much.

Source: iPhone 6C Case, Ringke [AIR] Weightless as Air – via Rearth USA

First LG G5 Cases Launched by Mobile Fun

Monday 25th January 2016 by Vane Núñez in Leaks, LG.

As of January 15, an LG executive has reportedly confirmed that the LG G5 will be coming to MWC 2016 to challenge the Samsung Galaxy S7. The expected announcement date for the handset is February 21 at MWC in Barcelona.

Many rumours has been spread over the past weeks and today we have more fresh content about it. We have seen a set of photos claims to depict a hardware-reference LG G5 unit and we have also received first pictures of Olixar LG G5 cases for this model.

Armoudillo cases are a collection we have for many other smartphone´s models. They will protect your LG G5 from bumps and scrapes . Comprised of an inner TPU case and an outer impact-resistant exoskeleton, the ArmourDillo not only offers sturdy and robust protection, but also a sleek modern styling. Besides there are several colors to choose.

FlexiShield cases are lighter, cheaper and more flexible than ArmourDillo ones. They also prevent scratches and damage from light impacts but adding much less bulk. Flexishields are low price and are easy to install and remove. Made of a unique gel material with a non-slip coating that provides an extra grip when in hand or over a surface.

We will have multiple colour options as in other model but initially you can see frost white and smoke black.


One month ahead of the oficial presentation, we can deduce there will be a double camera setup on the back, just as anticipated as well by various rumors. The main shooter is reported to be a 16MP one, while the secondary one has a resolution of 8MP.

We think we will find a round fingerprint reader, which confirms that the back-mounted buttons might be going out of fashion. It would appear that other rumors of a streamlined metal design are also true. Dimensions will allegedly be 149.4 x 73.9 x 8.2 mm. These make it taller yet narrower than its predecessor.

We are sure we will soon receive more pictures and samples from our providers so keep an eye out on our website. Thanks for reading!


See our best range of LG V10 Cases

Friday 22nd January 2016 by Vane Núñez in LG, Mobile Accessories.

LG V10 was launched last year and it is available in US since october 28. The V10 from LG is a unique phone that not only has a 5.7-inch QHD display, but also an always-on second screen above the main. This special feature provides a way for users to perform quick checks of things, battery or time while the main display is off.

Apart from the good technical features like the Snapdragon 808 SoC, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage (expandable to 2TB), NFC, fingerprint sensor and a 3000mAh removable battery, this model stands out from the crowd with enhanced videography and editing features, superior audio functionality and seamless social sharing. Stainless steel and superior craftsmanship combine to create an unrivaled durability and stunning beauty.

This handset is of course specially dedicated to a premium customer and despite the price, it is selling well in the States, so we woud like to show you here some of our amazing LG V10 Cases:

Obliq Flex Pro LG V10 Case – Black

The Obliq Flex Pro Shell Case is a stylish and ergonomic protective case for the LG V10, that provides impact absorption and fantastic grip. It is a layered TPU and a polycarbonate cover with chamfered edges and a a raised bezel to keep your screen in prstine conditions.

Spigen Liquid Crystal LG V10 Shell Case – Clear

Durable and lightweight, the Spigen Liquid Crystal for the LG V10 offers premium protection in a slim, stylish package. Carefully designed this clear case in clear is form-fitted for a perfect fit, that shows off your phones styling. The Spigen Liquid Crystal case is coated with a non-slip soft feel surface that enhances your grip on your phone. There is also a Urethane coating that prevents discolouration of the cover.

Rearth Ringke Fusion LG V10 Case – Smoke Black

Protect the back and sides your LG V10 with this incredibly durable and smoke black backed Fusion Case by Ringke. Manufactured from a combination of polycarbonate and rubber. he tough plastic back will save your LG V10 from accidents without adding excess bulk to your device whilst the rubber edging will not only protect against impacts but also make the case easy to fit.

FlexiShield Dot LG V10 Case – Blue

Custom moulded for this model, this FlexiShield Dot case provides a perfect fit and durable protection against damage. It has a non-slip coating to give an extra grip and a dotted surface that prevents those unpleasant looking and uneven air bubbles to appear, as the air is evenly distributed to dozens of tiny air pockets. Available in blue and black.

Verus High Pro Shield Series LG V10 Case 

Cover your LG V10 with this precisely designed high pro shield series case from Verus. It protects your phone from scratches, knocks and drops. Featuring a tough dual-layered hardshell frame construction and a smooth, metallic frame that is tough enough to protect your device, without adding unnecessary bulk. Besides, the Verus High Pro Shield case features state of the art shock absorption through its intuitive Air Space technology, which provides excellent, extra tough protection for your phone.



Many more accessories and cases for this latest LG model are available at our website, so please have a look at it. We are sure you will find a perfect option for you. Thanks for reading!

Best Huawei Honor 5X Cases

Thursday 21st January 2016 by David Byrne in Mobile Accessories.

At CES 2016, the Huwei Honor 5X was officially announced for the US market and is up for pre-order right now, with an expected shipping date of January 31st. This model considered a budget phone due to its affrodable price of $199.99 is however a quite premiumdevice.

The Honor 5X comes with a 1.5GHz octa-core Snapdragon 615 processor, 5.5-inch IPS LCD display with 1920 x 1080 resolution, , 2GB of RAM, 16GB and microSD expansion up to 128GB. It also comes with an impressive 13MP rear camera, 5MP front camera and a a good batery of 3000mAh.

If you are sure you will get one of this, please check our wide range of cases, available to reserve right now.

FlexiShield Huawei Honor 5X Case

Custom moulded for the Huawei Honor 5X, FlexiShield cases provide slim fitting and durable protection against damage. The unique gel material used has a non-slip coating that provides extra grip and no volume at a very affrodable price. It also featurres rised bezel to avoid scratces and dirt touch your display. This model comes in 4 colors so everybody can find a suitable one.


Olixar Huawei Honor 5X Wallet Case

The Olixar Wallet Case in black sticks to the back of your Huawei Honor 5X to provide enclosed protection and can also be used to hold your credit cards. This makes it the perfect case for when you’re popping out to the shops, going out in the evening or even if you just prefer to travel light. It has stand function. The cover simply folds to produce a secure stand to comfortably view your favourite movies or make video calls.

Nillkin Huawei Honor 5X Super Frosted Shield case

This protective gold hard shell case will shield your phone from everyday knocks and drops. Made of a toughened injection moulded plastic, this case absorbs shocks but adds a minimum bulk to your handset. It also has raised bezels to keep screen away from damage when dropped face down. This funtional case is also wvailble in solid black color.

Nillkin Huawei Honor 5X View Case black Sparkle

The Nillkin View Case includes a smart cut-out in the flip, which allows you to view incoming calls as well as check the time at a glance through the front cover – without having to open it all the time. As it covers the back and also the screen, we can say it provides all round protection and avoids all kind of scratches.

It is made in a faux leather material, that is tought and elegant at the same time thanks to a glamorous sparkle finish. It has cut outs for all porst and features so it is always practical and there is no need to be removing the case for charging or taking a picture.

Discover the new Huawei Jewel and Elegant Watches for Android and iOS

Wednesday 20th January 2016 by Vane Núñez in Mobile Accessories, Smartwatch.

Huawei Jewel & Huawei Elegant Smartwatches

During recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Huawei Consumer Business Group (BG) revealed their new Jewel and Elegant versions of their premium smartwatch created in collaboration with Swarovski.

These are two exclusive models clearly oriented to a female audience. The Jewel is all about the bling, with crystals surrounding the face, while the Elegant model opts for a knurled pattern. Featuring 68 1.5mm Swarovski Zirconia gemstones dotted around the rose gold-plated case, the Jewel glistens and shines like nothing else available on the smartwatch market today.  Read more