Official Samsung DeX Station Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus Display Dock


Product part number: EE-MG950BBEGWW

Product reference: 63089

Transform your Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus into a fully-featured, fully customised desktop PC with the DeX Station from Samsung. All the functionality and power of a PC, right from your smartphone.

"Great Product!"
"Best purchase ever"

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S8 Plus
24 April 2017
Great Product!
The Samsung Dex Station is a great little product. It works as promised during the launch. It is much better than the previous attempt with the Note 2 Smart Multimedia Dock (great product too) and feels like a desktop experience. Not for everyone but for some light computing, it works for me. Here is a setup and demo video:


Samsung Galaxy S8+
24 April 2017
Best purchase ever
Brilliant desktop mode. No longer do I need a Windows computer. P.s there are also emulators which run Windows on this directly without the need to remotely connect to another machine.


Galaxy S*+
22 April 2017
Very handy being able to put stuff up on a big screen. I haven't found a fault yet. A whole new way of using your phone.

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Additional information

Experience the power of a desktop PC with your Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus

Your smartphone is an increasingly vital part of your everyday life. As your device becomes capable of doing more and more things, the last thing you want is fragmented work - different documents in different places, scattered across several devices. That's why Samsung has created the DeX Station. Simply plug your Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus into this lightweight, durable dock, connect the DeX Station to a display, then connect a mouse and keyboard (either via USB or Bluetooth) and you're good to go. A full desktop PC experience using your smartphone - this is truly the future.

Samsung DeX Station Display Dock & Wireless Charger

Plug and play - no lengthy setup or software installation

In no time at all, you can be ready to use your Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus as a desktop workstation. All you need to do is connect your phone to the DeX Station, plus any peripherals you might want. You won't need any drivers, extra software or specially tailored hardware - just a monitor, input methods (keyboard / mouse) and whatever apps you need to get some serious work done.

Official Samsung DeX Station Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus Display Dock    

Fully customised desktop environment

If you're worried the DeX Station will just mirror your device's screen, you shouldn't be. Samsung has created a fully customised desktop version of the Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus Android experience, designed to be familiar to anyone who has worked within Windows, Mac OS or even Linux. Make no mistake - this is a fully optimised, ergonomically viable desktop dock which will transform your device into a powerhouse.

    Official Samsung DeX Station Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus Display Dock

Integrated cooling fan ensures no risk of overheating

While your Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus is pulling double duty as a desktop PC, you might be worried that the amount of processing power required might be too much for your phone. Not so - the DeX Station comes with an integrated cooling fan, designed to kick in at higher operating temperatures.

Samsung DeX Station Display Dock & Wireless Charger 

Bluetooth or USB peripherals fully supported

If you've got a favourite USB keyboard or Bluetooth mouse, not to worry - you can carry them right over to the DeX Station and keep using them with your Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus in desktop mode. You can even set up a Bluetooth speaker or pair of headphones, so you can run a music streaming app or listen to a podcast while you work.

Official Samsung DeX Station Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus Display Dock

Stay connected with call and message notifications

Don't worry if you're waiting for that all-important phonecall or WhatsApp group message. Your Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus is still running Android, after all, so you'll stay completely aware of any incoming notifications to your phone thanks to an unobtrusive pop-up window on your desktop.

Official Samsung DeX Station Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus Display Dock

Supports Ethernet for super-fast wired Internet

Your Wi-Fi might be a dream come true - or a nightmare. Either way, the Internet could be vital to your work. DeX Station comes complete with an Ethernet port, so you can plug your S8 / S8 Plus directly into your router and enjoy a high-speed connection for maximum convenience.

Official Samsung DeX Station Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus Display Dock

Compatible with any HDMI-enabled display

As the DeX Station comes complete with an HDMI port, any HDMI display is compatible - including TVs, monitors and more.

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