Belkin Apple Pencil Case and Stand


Product part number: F8J206btGRY

Product reference: 61501

Protect and store your Apple Pencil with extra compartments to carry a pencil tip, charging adapter and cap. The Belkin Apple Pencil Case also features a magnetic fastener, while the whole unit also acts as a stand for your Apple Pencil when not in use.

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Portable protective case for your Apple Pencil

Ensure your Apple Pencil is protected when you are on the move with the stylish Belkin Apple Pencil Case and Stand. Perfect for when you are on the move, the Belkin Apple Pencil Case and Stand is your perfect travel companion as it holds your Apple Pencil and official accessories - ensuring they are protected from scratches, knocks and marks.

Featuring an attractive high-gloss PC exterior with a protective lid and fabric inner-lining, you can be sure your Apple Pencil is kept away from harm.

Belkin Apple Pencil Case and Stand

Stores your Apple Pencil and extra accessories

This portable travel case not only stores the official Apple Pencil, it will also hold a variety of official accessories including:

  • Extra Apple Pencil tip
  • Apple Pencil cap
  • Apple Pencil Lightning charging adapter

This ensures you have not just your Apple Pencil, but additional accessories should you need them and even better - all in one place so you can locate them easily.

Belkin Apple Pencil Case and Stand

Magnetic cover to keep the lid closed

The built-in magnetic cover ensures your Apple Pencil and its accessories remain within the case and that the protective cover won't simply flap open.

Provides a useful stand for your Apple Watch when not in use

When you need a rest from writing or sketching, you can use the case as a handy stand so your Apple Pencil is always there and ready for use when you need it. This also means you should never lose your Apple Pencil again, as you will know exactly where you left it within the stand.


Belkin Apple Pencil Case and Stand

Specifically designed for the official Apple Pencil stylus

As this case and stand is designed specifically for the official Apple Pencil, you can be sure of a perfect fit for your stylus and its accessories.

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