Belkin PowerHouse Sony Xperia Z5 Sync & Charge Dock XL


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Sync and charger your Sony Xperia Z5 with the Belkin PowerHouse Dock XL. Slim, lightweight and stylish, the Belkin PowerHouse XL is discrete enough to take anywhere and fit in with any surrounding.

"Great stand"
"Easy to use and very useful"

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Edmonton, Alberta

Belkin Stand
20 January 2017
Great stand
Ordered the Belkin docking stand for my desk at work. To keep my Sony Xperia Compact all charged up. Great stand, has some weight to it, so it doesn't feel flimsy, and there is no issue with the it being knocked over or having the phone tip it over. Has a dial on the back to adjust how much of the micro-USB end pokes out, so you get a proper fit and level phone. Would totally recommend. The only real issue, was I didn't pay for fast shipping, so it was a little slow in arriving.

Michael Jenkins

15 April 2016
Easy to use and very useful
All the information ℹ needed to know about this was easy to understand before I ordered it which was handy it was exactly what I thought it would be, easy to use and very useful. I am thinking of upgrading already it is so good.

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Additional information

Sync and charge your Sony Xperia Z5

The Belkin PowerHouse Dock XL supports simultaneous syncing and charging of your Xperia Z5, so you can easily transfer files from your computer to your phone or tablet (and vice versa) whilst your device is being charged at the same time. Simply connect the dock to a PC or laptop to begin charging and data synchronisation. Or even connect to a USB mains adapter for super fast charging in the most convenient way possible.

Belkin PowerHouse Sony Xperia Z5 Sync & Charge Dock XL

Stylish painted aluminium finish

The Belkin PowerHouse Dock is small enough to fit on even the messiest desk. It features an extremely elegant painted aluminium finish, while the sleek grey interior completes the look perfectly. Making this dock the perfect accessory for any device or environment. 

Case compatible support

The PowerHouse Dock XL features a large clearance space, so that you can place your phone in the dock with or without a slim case attached and it'll still provide your device with a snug fit. This means that you won't have to sacrifice protection over function when using the dock.

Convenient and clutter free

The sleek, slim and lightweight design makes this dock from Belkin looks great in any environment, be it at work or on your bedside table at home. It conveniently allows you to position your Xperia Z5 for handsfree viewing while it charges, positioning your phone or tablet at the perfect viewing angle. The 6-foot hardwired cable gives you the freedom and flexibility to connect directly to your computer or wall charger, without the need to compromise on the position of the dock itself.

Belkin PowerHouse Sony Xperia Z5 Sync & Charge Dock XL    Belkin PowerHouse Sony Xperia Z5 Sync & Charge Dock XL

Sony: Xperia Z5

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