Spigen Thin Fit Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Case - Black


Product part number: 556CS20029

Product reference: 57757

Durable and lightweight, the Spigen Thin Fit series for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge offers premium protection in a slim, stylish package. Carefully designed the Thin Fit case in smooth black is form-fitted for a perfect fit.

"Slim and Grippy "
"Very Well Suited Case"
"Nice back cover"

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Wellington, New Zealand

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
14 February 2017
Slim and Grippy
Great Quality Case, doesn't provide protection for a drop. But I would prefer a slim case with a good grip, this is what this case exactly provides. Doesn't convert your phone into a pain to carry bulky brick. And also doesn't peel of the screen protector when u put on or take off the case., that's one scare with the S7 Edge.


Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
29 April 2016
Very Well Suited Case
I was concerned that this case would not fit the phone properly due to the awkward nature of the curved screen, but there is no problem at all. The case fits exactly around the metal edging without interfering with the screen or the buttons. It also has a slight degree of flexibility due to the corners being split (don't worry, they're supposed to be!), meaning it is easy to apply and secure at the same time. Unfortunately the phone will not fit into a Samsung Gear VR with this case on, but it's easy to remove so isn't too much of a problem.

M Naveed Anwar Lari

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
21 March 2016
Nice back cover
Very nice back cover and on time delivery.

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Additional information

Protective polycarbonate material

The Spigen Thin Fit is a hard case made of a polycarbonate material. The durable, lightweight and non-toxic qualities of polycarbonate make the Thin Fit a reliable solution for protecting the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge from external impacts. 

Spigen Thin Fit Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Case - Black    Spigen Thin Fit Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Case - Black

Coated with a soft feel non-slip matte surface to improve grip

The Spigen Thin Fit case is coated with a non-slip soft feel surface that enhances your grip on your phone. There is also a Urethane coating that prevents discolouration of the case.

Spigen Thin Fit Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Case - Black    Spigen Thin Fit Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Case - Black

Keeps your phone slim and light

Thanks to the Thin Fit's design, your phone won't have added bulk all the way around, helping to keep your Galaxy S7 Edge as slim and light as it was designed to be. 

Access to ports and features 

The case optimises functionality to all of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge's ports and features. The Thin Fit case features open sections for the charging port, camera, buttons and the headphone jack for easy use.

Designed specifically for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Designed with the phone in mind, this case compliments the features of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge so it looks just as good with the case on as it does off. 

Samsung: Galaxy S7 Edge

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