Spigen SGP Ultra Hybrid for iPhone 5S / 5 - Black


Product part number: SGP10515

Product reference: 42104

Protect your iPhone 5S / 5 with this unique black bumper with air cushioned corners from Spigen SGP.

"Practically Perfect"
"Great Slimline Case"
"Brilliant phone case"

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Richard Preston

iPhone 5S
21 March 2016
Practically Perfect
The case itself appears very robust. It is slightly spongy around the edges so it will clearly offer great protection if it lands on a hard surface. There's a slight lip on the front and back edges, so that protects the screen and back surface from scratches. Covers over the power and volume controls also offer some protection from rain. Hardly adds any bulk to the phone either. Also comes with a screen protector, which was a nice surprise (but maybe I didn't read the description carefully enough). Ordering process was very easy, and it arrived earlier than expected! Couldn't really be better.

Ann Thompson

iphone 5s
27 December 2015
Great Slimline Case
I wanted a case that would protect my phone without detracting from its good looks and this fits the bill. The phone fits perfectly and the overall look is very sleek. Due to its slim design there is not much bumper protection but I also purchased a glass screen protector to deal with this issue.

Mark Wilkinson

iphone 5s
24 June 2015
Brilliant phone case
Fits an iPhone 5s perfectly. The case is tough, thin, understated and does not comprise the iPhones sleek design.

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Additional information

Bumper style allows you to see iPhone 5S / 5's good looks

The bumper style of this iPhone 5S / 5 case means that you are still able to see the majority of your gorgeous Apple iPhone at all times. 

Spigen SGP Ultra Hybrid for iPhone 5C - Grey    Spigen SGP Ultra Hybrid for iPhone 5C - Grey

Advanced Shock Absorption Technology: Air Cushioned 4 corners

The Ultra Hybrid case for the iPhone 5S / 5 offers the ultimate advanced shock absorption technology with it's 4 air cushioned corners the protect your iPhone 5S / 5 even more.

Keeps your phone slim and light

Thanks to the bumper design, your phone won't have added bulk all the way around, helping to keep your iPhone 5S / 5 as slim and light as it was designed to be. 

Easily access all ports, controls & connectors

The case also features cutouts for the ports and features of the iPhone 5S / 5 such as the dock connector and camera. It has raised areas for the volume and home keys to make them easy to press whilst encased.

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