Official Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Qi Wireless Charging Kit - Black


Product part number: EP-WN900EBEGWW

Product reference: 40813

Wirelessly charge your Galaxy Note 3 with ease using this official Samsung Wireless Charging Pad and replacement back cover in black featuring intelligent circuit protection.

"Qi Wireless Charging Kit"
"It's so cool...for my device "

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Matt J Whyte

Samsung Galaxy Note 3
16 October 2013
Qi Wireless Charging Kit
Bought this item from mobile fun and received the excellent service i have become used to Thankyou ! The item itself is very good, it charges the device faultlessly and quickly. My only issue with this kit is that once the supplied replacement back plate is installed there are no phone covers availlable to fit my phone. I think this could have been advertised at point of sale as it is a very big problem for me ! Maybe you could provide some options for me !

Kolayut Sonthimuang

Samsung Galaxy Note 3
15 October 2013
It's so cool...for my device
I order this item. and waited to delivery in long time.. but it's very good when i used, but if Samsung include wireless charge in back cover form factory,it's better for customer.

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Additional information

Official Samsung Galaxy Note 3 S-View Premium Cover Case - Pink

Includes both the wireless charging pad and cover

This official wireless charging kit for the Note 3 includes everything you need to make the Note 3 wireless enabled and charge the phone wirelessly.

Official Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Qi Wireless Charging Kit - Black    Official Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Qi Wireless Charging Kit - Black

Sleek and ultra slim Samsung design

This official Galaxy Note 3 wireless charging pad and cover have been designed to complement the unique product styling of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and as such is the perfect home or office charging solution for your phone. Not only does the charger save tangled cables from cluttering your desk space but the pad actually looks aesthetically pleasing with its smooth contours and clean lines.

Official Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Qi Wireless Charging Kit - Black    Official Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Qi Wireless Charging Kit - Black

Electromagnetic field for wireless charging 

In conjunction with the Note 3 Charging Cover the Samsung Wireless Charging Pad allows your Note 3 to charge wirelessly via electromagnetic field and inductive coupling that send and energy charge from the charging pad to your phone. This makes for a beautiful space saving way to charge your phone at your desk, office or at home.

Features over-charging prevention

The Samsung Wireless Charger's automatic shut off feature prevents your Galaxy Note 3 from continuing to charge once the battery is full, providing a smarter, more efficient charging solution over traditional mains chargers.

Official Samsung accessory

This is an official Samsung product and as so it is made to the highest product quality and safety standards.


Please note: Images used for convenience. This product is black, not white.

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