Genuine Samsung Galaxy S4 S Band Fitness Bracelet - Black - Regular


Product part number: EI-HA10NEBEG

Product reference: 38575

Strive towards a healthier lifestyle with this black Samsung S Band. A perfect complement to the Galaxy S4, this regular S Band tracks your daily activities and measures your exercise with the S-Health app.

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Additional information

Tracks and records exercise details

Kick start a healthier and more informed lifestyle with Samsung using the smart and stylish S Band Fitness Bracelet. In conjunction with Samsung's S-Heath 2.0 app and input user data, the S Band will measure exercise details such as recording of steps (for jogging or walking as well as recording calories burned and distance covered.

Encourages exercise using the S-Health 2.0 app

All recorded exercise data (steps, distance, and calories burned) is easily syncronised with Samsung Galaxy S4's S-Health 2.0 app. It requires no additionally processes after set-up and allows real-time access to your information. By showing you how your daily activity is stacking up, the S Band encourages you to get up and go allowing you to make those small changes that can add up to something big.

Monitor your sleep efficiency through the night

Not only does the S-Band track your activity throughout the day but it also allows you to review your sleep efficiency by measuring how much you move during sleep. This allows you to make informed decisions about your sleep, ensuring that you get a good night's rest.

Discreet, stylish and waterproof design

Designed for use in any conditions the S Band's simplistic and discreet design means it will suit any wearer and any outfit. Additionally, the S Band features a 10m waterproof design which mean that it can be worn at all times, in the shower or bath as well as rainy weather conditions.

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