Moshi iVisor Anti Glare Screen Protector for Galaxy Note 2 - Grey


Product part number: 99MO020930

Product reference: 38157

Designed for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, the iVisor AG in grey is the next generation screen protector that has been expertly designed to protect your display while reducing glare and smudging.

"Best screen skin ever"
"Moshi iVisor Anti Glare Screen Protector for Galaxy Note 2"

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Galaxy note 2
27 June 2013
Best screen skin ever
This item has not disappointed.. Perfect fit to the screen, full functionality retained. Does what it says on the tin.. Worth the cost.

John Davis

Galaxy Note 2
17 June 2013
Moshi iVisor Anti Glare Screen Protector for Galaxy Note 2
Hi In my opinion Moshi iVisor Anti-Glare Screen Protectors are the best screen protectors you can get and use, they are 100% bubble free and the easiest to apply, I have used them on my iPhone 4s, iPad 2, and also on my iPad mini and was glad to find you could get them for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. like I said in my opinion these are the BEST and you can get them here at Mobile Fun.


Galaxy Note 2
12 April 2013
After trying several protectors, this is far the best. Easy to put and adjust without any bubbles whatsoever. Phone performance is good and antiglare works well. Took me several attempts to get right without compromises. Excellent.

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Additional information

Patented technology ensures bubble-free installation

The Moshi iVisor AG screen protector affixes to your phone using a residue-free adhesive layer. Because of its rigidity, the cover will not leave air bubbles when applied to your phone. Additionally, because the product is designed specifically for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 it easy to align correctly for simple application and adjustment.

Utilizing Moshi’s own proprietary technology, the iVisor is the only screen protector that is removable and re-usable and can be installed in seconds with absolutely zero bubbles, making it the easiest screen protector to install on the market today.

iVisor can be washed and reapplied repeatedly

Designed to last, iVisor screen protectors can be kept in fantastic condition by cleaning them. Use the included microfiber cloth to wipe any fingerprint smears or smudges from iVisor's front surface. Apply some water to the cloth to remove any stubborn stains and in the rare occasion that the iVisor has lost its grip due to dust or lint buildup, a complete wash with mild detergent is necessary. After a successful wash, iVisor's adhesive border should restore to its original stickiness.

Moshi iVisor Anti Glare Screen Protector for Galaxy Note 2 - Grey

Enhanced scratch protection and smudge resistance

The iVisor AG has been surface treated to provide enhanced scratch protection, fingerprint / smudge protection, and anti-glare properties while still retaining the clarity and vibrancy of your Note 2's display.

Precision tooled to fit the Galaxy Note 2’s screen

Unlike some screen protectors, the Moshi iVisor Anti Glare Screen Protector is designed to accommodate the curved screen of the device and provide a perfect fit, ensuring that the whole of your screen is protected from damage.

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