BlackBerry Premium 1.8A Micro USB Car Charger for BlackBerry Z10


Product part number: ACC-48181-201

Product reference: 38105

Charge two mobile devices including your BlackBerry Z10 with this premium 1.8A car charger by BlackBerry.

"Best BlackBerry car charger!"
"Car Charger"

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New Zealand

30 May 2014
Best BlackBerry car charger!
Excellent charger, charges twice as fast as my old car charger. Highly recommended for anyone with a Z10, we all know how quick the battery drains......


BlackBerry Z10
31 August 2013
Car Charger
Good quality product and it works a dream with my phone not only that but my wife can charge her phone at the same time which save having different chargers laying about the car. All in all a great little charger at a good price.

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Additional information

1800mA capacity for quick recharging of smartphones

Designed to replenish smartphone batteries quickly and efficiently, this official BlackBerry Micro USB Car Charger transfers an impressive total of 1800mA which can keep most smartphones topped up with battery power even during short journeys.

Works with any micro USB supported device

The BlackBerry Premium Car Charger will also replenish the battery on any micro USB supported device, so its perfect if you change your phones frequently. Not only that, but if you have other devices in the car, such as a sat nav, car kit or Bluetooth headset, it'll easily charge those as well.

BlackBerry Premium 1.8A Micro USB Car Charger for BlackBerry Z10

Charge another USB device simultaneously 

The small and discreet USB car charging adapter is the perfect accessory for charging your phone in the car. Additionally, it also features a USB port for connection of a second device, allowing for simultaneous charging of two devices.

Official accessory designed for the BlackBerry Z10

The BlackBerry Premium Car Charger is a genuine BlackBerry accessory which has been specially designed and created for the BlackBerry Z10. Therefore, you can be sure that it meets the highest of product quality standards and charges the Z10 efficiently.

Technical Specification:

  • Output capacity: 1800mA
  • Input voltage: 12 to 24V DC
  • Cord Length: 213 cm (extended)
  • Charge Protection: Yes

BlackBerry: Z10

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