GENx Hybrid Bumper Case for Google Nexus 4 - Blue


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Sleek and durable, the GENx Hybrid Bumper Case in blue is a two-part lightweight case which protects the corners and edges of your Google Nexus 4.

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Hybrid material design protects your phone from knocks and drops

Manufactured from shock absorbing TPU and polycarbonate, this GENx bumper ensures that the sides and corners of your Nexus 4 remain well protected, whilst the polycarbonate ex-skeleton frame helps to provide additional strength and rigidity.

GENx Hybrid Bumper Case for Google Nexus 4    GENx Hybrid Bumper Case for Google Nexus 4

Ergonomic styling provides greater comfort and in addition grip

The unique TPU material of this GENx Bumper Case is styled with smooth contours which make holding your Nexus 4 more comfortable. It also features a textured surface which provides better grip than other bumper cases, minimising the chance of dropping your Nexus 4.    

Allows full use of button controls on the Nexus 4

The GENx Hybrid Bumper Case is designed to be as functional as it stylish. It features raised button controls which provide excellent touch and tactile feedback whilst letting you easily operate the volume controls and lock button of your LG Google Nexus 4.

GENx Hybrid Bumper Case for Google Nexus 4

Slim profile keeps your phone slim and light

Due to the bumper design and slender 4mm thickness, your phone won't have added bulk all the way around, helping to keep your Nexus 4 as slim and lightweight.

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LG Google Nexus 4 GenX Bumper Case Review

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