Kidigi Universal Desktop Charging Dock


Product part number: LC-VUB

Product reference: 37616

Synchronise and charge your Micro USB compatible smartphone with this stylish and case compatible desktop dock which also acts as a multimedia stand from Kidigi.

"Great Universal MUSB Charger"
"Sturdy Product"
"great service"

Most useful customer reviews

Sean G Donnellan

Blackberry Priv & Motorola X Force
10 March 2017
Great Universal MUSB Charger
This is a great little (cheap) charging station. Adjustable and truly universal - the pivoting Micro USB connector enables any device to use this - ideal for guests - even if they have a case/cover. Solid, with good rubber feet, this doesn't move when attaching with one hand. Needs 2 hands to remove (one to hold, one the pull the phone), but it's worth it. Comes with USB cables - what's not to like. We bought 2 by accident, and have kept both.

Stephanie Keeler

Kidigi Universal Charging Dock
5 March 2017
Sturdy Product
The stand is nicely weighted and well designed to keep a phone upright and locked in place. It isn't quite thick enough to fit in my phone whilst in it's wallet case easily - I have to push back both sides to fit it on - but I expected as much and my partner's in an ordinary case works fine.

Dil Yadav
North West

Samsung galaxy
29 July 2015
great service
Exactly what I ordered, what I expected from the product summary, and very quickly.

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Additional information

Syncs and charges your device at the same time

Utilising innovative pass-through technology, this charging dock allows you to connect your Micro USB smartphone to the cradle via a USB connection and simultaneously use the computer port to charge your phone as well as synchronise your data simultaneously. This means that not only can you be sure that your phone is fully charged but that you can quickly and easily back up important data from your phone onto your computer or laptop.

Adjustable Micro USB connector

This dock has an adjustable Micro USB connector that shifts from front to back allowing you to fit your device perfectly.

Kidigi Universal Desktop Charging Dock    Kidigi Universal Desktop Charging Dock

Works with devices with or without a case attached

The Kidigi Desktop Charging Dock sits your Android handset at a comfortable viewing angle. It features a unique tilting connection tip which provides enough room for you to use it with your device with or without a case attached, so you don't need to constantly remove your case from your phone every time you want to dock it.

Stable and secure mounting

The dock includes rubberised feet which help to provides a stable and secure base, free of movement. It will also declutter and make your desk look neater with its high quality finish.


Technical Specifications

  • Net Weight: 100g 
  • Dimension: 70 x 76 x 38 mm
  • INPUT: DC 5V 1000mA
  • OUTPUT: DC 5V 1000mA

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