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Product part number: Sunny Leo Flip

Product reference: 37354

Style up your iPhone 5S / 5 with this stylish, Sunny Leo design leather flip case from Create and Case.

"Very pleased with wallet style case"

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Jennifer Jeffery

6 September 2016
I fell in love with this iPhone case as soon as I saw it. It is very good quality and looks as good as I expected. It was the most expensive phone cover that I have ever bought but I still love it. The only slight problem is that my phone doesn't fit as snugly as in my previous cover and has a tendency to fall out.

Janis Walter

Iphone 5
9 February 2014
Very pleased with wallet style case
The plastic inner case fits the phone securely. The case doesn't close with the magnet closure very well when you have a card and money in the case. But the case feels nice and looks great. I also like that the case can be used as a landscape stand.

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Additional information

Unique, stylish design helps you stand out from the crowd

The Create and Case flip cases help you to stand out from the crowd by combining an individual leather style with unique, retro designs. The Sunny Leo design blends a range of colours in a striking pattern which shows a Lion wearing sunglasses. The design is printed onto the leather using specialist technology which ensures that it looks fantastic from every angle.

A superb blend of protection and style

The case features a magnetic locking mechanism which ensures that the front flap won't constantly fall open and leave your screen exposed. The genuine leather material used all around the case offers great protection against impact damage and scratches and the front flap adds to this by protecting the iPhone 5S / 5's screen, offering all round protection.

Designed specifically for the iPhone 5S / 5

The Create and Case leather flip case is designed specifically for the iPhone 5S / 5 and as a result it offers a perfect fit. It also gives you access to the ports and features without having to remove the case to use the full capabilities of your phone.

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